This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Tecate Grill was a Mexican restaurant at 425 2nd Street. Previously Chico's Tacos. A larger taqueria-style place on the corner of 2nd & D that was busted for serving liquor to minors, lost their liquor license, and soon went belly up. Early supporter of the Aggie Pack. The location is now a financial services place.

Tecate grill closed abruptly in January of 2001 as the franchise owner, Brett Cochran, came upon hard financial times. Mr. Cochran closed three (Davis, East Sacramento, Roseville) of his four locations (Folsom remained open). Later that month, Chico's International of Temecula announced that they would be reopening these locations later in the year. Tecate Grill reopened in the summer of 2001, but the opening was short-lived.


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Anyone know exactly when this place closed? I remember going here in 2003.PhilipNeustrom * "Late 2003 I believe..." —DavidGrundler * "Doors were locked by June '03, later a note appeared that said it would re-open in a month, the month came and went, the plants dried up, cobwebs covered everything, then they demolished the Mexican murals and put in a law office :P (I moved here in May 2003, I had visited Tecate Grill regularly when I lived in Folsom and came here for to use the library. I looked forward to many happy evenings of salsa-tasting and black bean tacos, but alas my timing was a little too late)." —TedBuehler