Meeting Times
Wednesdays at 7:00PM
Technocultural Studies Building (Old Art Annex)
2011 Winter quarter

The Technocultural Studies Club is a collection of students and community members that collaboratively work on extracurricular projects, workshops, and discussions of emerging trends in TCS. The club also seeks to expand the presence of Technocultural Studies on campus.


Past member projects have included a surveillance manequin and a PirateBox wireless file sharing server. The TCS club coordinated the Cinema and Technocultural Studies end of the year department party in spring 2012.


Meetings in Spring 2012 were held Wednesdays at 7:00pm in the Art Annex. Dates and times for Fall '12 will be announced early in the UC Davis academic quarter. The most up to date calendar can be found on the club's website.


TCS Club also hosts semi-regular workshops on a variety of technocultural topics. If you would like to teach a workshop through the TCS club, contact Tim Kerbavaz.

Potential Workshop Topics

Final Cut Pro Workshop: Tips to speed up your editing. Social Media Design Workshop 2.0: Share social media tips and tricks, along with established best practices. Profile portraits session + workshops on designing layouts and avatars. Build an LED bike light workshop Router Hacking / OpenWRT / Pirateboxes