Courtesy of Anthony Tadina Tercero South seen from the Parking Lot to the south of the residence halls. Opened in fall 2005, Tercero South is a $26 million dollar facility; the first class to live there was the incoming freshman class of 2009 during the 2005-2006 school year. Buildings 1 and 2 are now named Patricia

Kearney Hall and Robert Laben Hall, respectively.

During the 2006-2007 academic year, because of the largest incoming freshmen class in Davis history, 388 rooms in Segundo North and Tercero South were converted from double occupancy rooms (two people per room) to triple occupancy rooms (three people per room). (Source)

For 2007-2008 about half of Tercero South is tripled. Everyone in a triple elected to be. All triples are fully furnished with 3 wardrobes.

Phase I Construction

The final colors - 6/1/2005 Tercero South being built - 2/23/2005 Tercero South being built - 4/19/2005

The Tercero South Residence Halls were built on the site of the former Tercero IM Field. The construction was easily noticed by residents in the nearby Tercero B Building. Upon completion, Tercero South became the most fragrant of all UCD residence halls due to its close proximity to cows.

The new buildings were completed by September 2005. They hold 400 students in double occupancy clusters similar to the "infills" at Segundo North. The buildings are equipped with elevators and stairs to allow easy access to to each of the four stories in each building. Each floor consists of 7 clusters along with its own lounge located next to the resident advisor's room. Each cluster has a shared bathroom to match that particular group of rooms. Laundry facilities and cooking facilities are located on the ground floor.

Phase II Construction

See also Tercero South Phase II

Phase Three Construction

Beginning in March 2012, the Pierce Hall and Thille Hall were demolished to make way for seven new buildings. Demolition began in March 2012 and finished in June 2012. Construction began in in July 2012 and was completed in August of 2014. Construction details are available here. The new halls opened for students for the first time in September of 2014 for the class of 2018. A list of the new halls is available on the UCD Housing History page. The new residence halls include Pine Hall, Oak Hall, Currant Hall, Live Oak Hall, Sequoia Hall, Mahogany Hall, and Hawthorn Hall.

Phase Four Construction

Tercero phase four used the space formerly occupied by Leech Hall and added three new residence hall buildings (Redwood Hall, Cottonwood Hall, and Madrone Hall), along with a new communal building, Olive Hall. Construction details for this phase are available here. An article from The Aggie on the new residence halls and some details on the construction is available here.


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I walked around these dorms at the beginning of the quarter and they seem huge. The hallways are much wider and the rooms seem more spacious. The freshmen are living pretty here. BenWebber