These are comments for Thai Bistro left in 2006. You can find more recent reviews on the entry.

2006-01-08 01:33:41   The only downside to this place is that on a pleasant night you usually have to listen to a barrage of 80s soft rock hits waifting in fron the Baskin Robbins next door. Apparently BR likes to blast music from the golden age of BR, before anyone knew what B&J tasted like. One pleasant evening my wife and I were serenaded by a scratched CD playing Billy Ocean's "Carribean Queen" (Kari-BEWN queen, as Billy says). After about 20 minutes of Billy, I finally went into BR and asked them to turn it off. The poor 17-year-old staff didn't know how to get into the locked stereo cabinet. Apparently the owner doesn't like anyone turning off his soft rock. I don't know why though, the Thai Bistro folks don't challenge this assault on their ambience. Otherwise, the place is great—my favorite restaurant in Davis, and one of the ONLY spots where I can count on consistently good service. —MatthewPearson

2006-01-08 11:58:45   their pad thai isnt that good —PatrickSing

2006-01-08 13:58:45   i agree. the pad thai's not sweet enough and the chicken isn't good. —ApolloStumpy

2006-02-21 14:37:32   I had the Pad Thai at lunchtime. The tofu had gone sour! Are the noodles supposed to be nearly translucent? There wasn't half an egg in the dish, but at least there was plenty of chicken in it. The slice of orange was really random. My colleagues said that the curry was good, but it didn't fill them up. The service was good, the servers attentive. However, I wouldn't go back unless someone else was paying. —JennaChan

2006-03-15 07:08:26   This is a good restaurant. the servers are attentive, the food comes quick, and it fills you up. It's not too expensive either. :) —WaylandLee

2006-04-16 00:11:30   got takeout tonight. it was ready by the time i got there (10 minutes?), and they were really nice on the phone and when i got there. the siamese rolls are pretty tasty, but you only get three. i want to eat the pad j (an eggplant dish) forever. so good. my favorite thai place in davis. —JennSuzuki

2006-05-08 18:30:46   Davis is blessed with some good Thai restaurants. I think Thai Bistro has the best food, but the atmosphere is lacking. The chairs and tables are uncomfortable and crammed together. Plus the space is very noisy. Not the best place to go to relax with friends. Sophia's has a better ambiance. —PeteBasofin

2006-06-25 04:40:35   I love that Davis is blessed with great Thai food. The pad thai is good if you want something a little different from the usual pad thai. To-go orders are super fast too! They must have a vat of stuff sitting back there because it was ready to be picked up in 5 minutes! —DatNguyen

2006-11-10 21:11:47   Good green papaya salad and their Gang combination (with pumpkin and scallops) rocks. I would take a shower in their thai iced tea if I could. It would be a cathartic experience. —ErwinSena

2006-11-15 13:28:38   The setting may not be as romantic as Sophia's, but the food and service are far superior. —AaronDarling

2006-12-13 21:38:55   I'm a big thai curry fan and this place does not have any. The food here was average, and I will most likely not return. This in my opinion is the worst thai restaurant I have tried (only Thai2k to still try). —JohnHumperdinkle

  • Are you sure there's no curry? Last time I went, I had some and it was delicious — JR
  • I will have to try it before passing any more judgment, thanks for the info! —JohnHumperdinkle

2006-12-20 23:16:33   This place is a good choice if you come to order just one dish that you really like. I tried to expand my horizons and ordered different items the few times I've been here, and they all tasted the same. It's like they threw together noodles, veggies, and whatever meat you want with the same sauce and serve it. —ThucNghiNguyen

2006-12-21 09:09:02   Best Thai place in town. The menu offers a variety not readily available at the other Thai places (Thai 2k is a relatively close 2nd). My favorites: Panang Nuer and Gai Lemon Grass. —AlvinTsao