The subject of this entry no longer exists in Davis or is a former version of something that came afterwards.All information here is for historical reference only.

The Acorn Project teams up UC Davis students with children living in under-resourced areas for mentoring relationships.

Once a week, mentors carpool from CA House to two churches in Sacramento and carry out a program they have created for the children. Each quarter culminates with a field trip designed by the mentors.

From Acorn:

"The Acorn Mentoring Project began in 1996 as a partnership between CA House and Oak Park United Methodist Church in Sacramento. The project was designed to bring UC Davis students together with young people in an under-resourced neighborhood in Sacramento for mentoring relationships. CA House provided the project organization and arrangements for course credit, and the church provided a place to meet and a group of young people to mentor. Over the years, Acorn Project has evolved to include two sites that host mentors and young people each week: Wesley United Methodist Church in the Colonial Heights neighborhood, and Oak Park United Methodist Church.

"Typical Tuesday mentoring sessions involve ice-breakers, an opening circle meeting, a snack and conversations with designated young people, crafts, sports games, homework help, and a closing circle. Each quarter mentors also design a field trip or event for the young peoples's enrichment and enjoyment. Mentees range in age from 5 to 15 years old."

Course Credit Available

The Acorn Mentoring Project is considered a group independent study project and course credit is available through the UCD Human and Community Development Department by registering for CRD 198. Acorn is generally available for 2 units, although special arrangements can be made to do additional research for additional units.

To earn credit, mentors write about their activities— recording their reflections, analysis, and insights. All mentors also participate in a seminar on Thursdays for reflecting on and planning the mentoring experience.

The initial required commitment for the Acorn Project is for one quarter. However, many students find the project so rewarding that they repeat the course for additional credit or continue to mentor purely as volunteers.

For information about or to sign up with the Acorn Project, contact Greg McGonigle at the CA House @ 530-753-2000.