Mr. Peter Hamilton:

Despite the recognition that you are currently slated to continue as editor in chief of The California Aggie for the next 15 days, you conduct in recent months has led to our overwhelming sentiment of "no confidence" in your leadership. We no longer feel that you are capable of determining the best interests of The Aggie and its readership. In order for you to respectfully step down from your tenure as editor-in-chief, we believe that it is imperative that you meet the following demands by 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 17, 2007.

First, the desk editor overseeing the section where plagiarism takes place should meet the same fate as the writer accused of committing the act. If you so determine that former Senior Staff Writer Eddie Lee has no place in The Aggie, then you should proceed by asking Campus Editor Talia Kennedy for an immediate resignation.

Second, we believe that we can no longer stand behind any format of training you devise for the future staff of editors. Not only was Mr. Lee's training unfair and illogical, but the fashion in which it was designed and implemented has left many on the staff to suspect that ulterior motives were involved — namely, Ms. Kennedy's most recent interest in ascending to the position of editor in chief for the 2007-2008 production year.

Third, it is crucial that you address any and all accusation leveled against you and Ms. Kennedy in regard to unnecessary expenses incurred while attending the 2007 California College Media Association awards banquet. Extraneous spending of this nature is an insult to our institution and is tantamount to embezzlement.

The general atmosphere you have fostered in 25 Lower Freeborn is divisive and unprofessional. In particular, your secretive relationship with Ms. Kennedy, regardless of its nature, has detrimentally affected the comfort level of many staff members in approaching both you and Ms. Kennedy in regard to work-related concerns and grievances. Your behavior would sure not be tolerated in a professional work environment — an atmosphere you have claimed on numerous occasions to emulate. Your actions have clearly demonstrated that you are no longer interested in considering the collective opinion or the overall well-being of the newspaper. We as a staff feel that the current situation can only be ameliorated by your prompt resignation and adherence to the above demands.

If you choose to ignore our collective request, we will then have no other recourse but to plead our case to the UC Davis Campus Media Board and recommend termination of your employment as editor in chief of The Aggie.

As you said in your own words: Let your "actions serve as a lesson to us all, and as a reminder that our integrity is something we must continue to strive to uphold," through every staff, every writer, every editor.

Sincerely, Concerned members of The California Aggie staff

The following people support the call for the resignation of Peter Hamilton by 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 17, 2007. We believe it is in the best interest of The California Aggie newspaper and its readers, and we are not comfortable under his leadership.

Kati Johnson Office Manager Elisa Hough Copy Reader Henry Dao Asst. Design Director Andrew Leonard Staff Photographer Jackson Yan Sports Staff Writer Jennifer Wolf Science Writer Lizeth Cazares City Writer Melanie Glover Arts Editor Kacey Coburn Copy Chief Carmen Lau Asst. Copy Chief Geoff Johnson City Staff Writer Jayne Wilson Arts Staff Writer Teresa Pham City Writer Nicole L. Browner Arts Staff Writer Timothy Jue City Staff Writer Colleen Belcher Night Editor Richard Procter Campus Writer Michael Steinwand Science Editor Patrick McCartney Campus Writer Ivan Ilagan Sports Staff Writer Maia Bradley Science Writer Eric Lin Photography Editor Mia Szmuch Business Manager Caitlin Kelly-Sneed Copy Reader Ongie Chin Layout Artist Bo Hee Kim Campus Staff Writer Jonas Mari Layout Artist/Copy Reader/Science Writer/Former Editor Michael Gehlken Sports Writer Adam Loberstein Sports Writer Peter Ng Sports Editor Leigh Balfour Layout Artist