The California Jewish Review

The California Jewish Review (CJR for short) was the current publication that was more or less representative of the Jewish community at U.C. Davis. It is now defunct. Previously, this was Jewish Quarterly.


CJR had no explicitly stated mission statement inside the magazine. However, it did aim to publish articles that have a current and fresh perspective on national, international and occasionally local issues. As a rule, CJR staffers attempted (sometimes unsuccessfully) to avoid discussing or publishing articles that had an exhausted topic (i.e. conflicts with Israel/Palestine, "Is Britney Spears Jewish?" etcetera). Campus issues were generally avoided unless they were thought to be relevant enough for readers to pick up the magazine.


The California Jewish Review receives money from various donors. In the past, the list has included: The Israeli Peace Initiative Hillel House Temple Or Rishon Club Finance Council


At one point Elaine Siegel was the managing editor.