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The Computer Genius is a computer repair company that provides 24 hour, 7 day a week service for any computer problem. They were rated the "Number One best computer tech service" by the Yolo-Solano Computer Users Group.

They are experts dealing with: networks; any software; internet access; virus & trojan horse removal; all hardware, PCs, Macintoshes; Windows, DOS, Linux, Unix. They claim to be able to install or fix any device.

Website design

They also create, design and maintain websites at a flat rate of $65 per half hour.

As of 2009-10, they are (like several other local computer repair businesses) operating without a business license or a state license to perform computer repairs.


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2007-05-12 22:28:05   joey is so helpful, and doesn't not overcharge by any means. he provides immediate and free phone support, as well as house calls. he has saved one of my computers, and is working one another as I type. please call joey the genius!! he comes highly recommended!! —computerimpaired

2007-09-01 21:47:49   A true Mensch. I called in desperation on a Friday night vanquished by the flim-flammers at AT&T DSL service, and Joseph talked me down and talked me through it (helping me with real tech support that was immediately effective while on the phone) for about 30 minutes, refusing to accept payment for the help he gave me. The help resulted in my being able to get the internet up "in spite of" the tech service at AT&T which of course is why I can write this. I honestly was moved by the gentle straightforward and genuinely helpful conversation he had with me on the spot. I will use "thecomputergenuis" in all circumstances where I need tech help and can't do it myself. I am writing this review in both gratitude and to make others aware of his unique personable service in a field filled with con artists. —Kwicksotic

2007-09-21 00:37:07   Oh my God, this guy is amazing. He came over right away, recovered my data and got my computer working again. He explained everything he was doing and taught me how to fix the problem myself if it ever happened again. I don't know anything about computers so I've used tech support services a lot, and Joseph is the best one I've ever dealt with. I'm so glad he's in Davis! Highly recommended! (And I probably shouldn't say this, but I thought computer guys were all geeks but he is really cute and funny. If I didn't already have a boyfriend, I'd try to date him!) —AlisonLamenoise

2007-10-05 20:24:55   Update on Computer Genius...this time my 'puter crashed, ostensibly gone forever, all my family photos etc... Joseph came right over after a brief chat on the phone. Not only did he back up all my data onto his own portable storage device, but he diagnosed and fixed the problem. As Alison said (above) explaining everything he was doing, giving me brief tutorials where needed and endorsing a personally held view of doing business that reflects the best of what one might want from a community oriented and truly ethical business person. I don't know about you, but given how little I understand about computers I need someone who is trustworthy and non-judgmental about providing helpful thorough service without over charging or manipulating for more money. Add to that the fact that he specifically states he is "on-call" 24/7 for his clients and I don't think you could ask for a better provider of this kind of service. —Kwicksotic

2007-12-10 14:34:01   He was kind of late, but the fact that he comes to you is great and he really is a genius. Was in and out real quick and told me what I should do to fix my computer myself (cheaper than paying him to do it). Definitely going to call him for help again and would pay him to come out and help again without a second thought. —GrantSchoon

2008-09-06 10:53:55   He seems affiliated with veteran and rotary groups, also his site is 'coded to work in internet explorer only.. for security reasons', this confuses me greatly. Joey the genius also promises that you can has a connection speed that is 375% your current celerity (three and three quarters faster, reference website at this date). Mm I would just wish people who commented here posted more of their other experiences in Davis, but then again, maybe they don't use computers much. —DavidPoole

2008-09-06 10:59:15   The set of all things referencing the Yolo-Solano Computer Users Group can be found here.. and on Genius Joey's website, shenanigans? —DavidPoole

  • If he has a history as long as he claims, it could be a group that was active in the early 80s or such and has never been noted on the web. User Groups used to be much more active before all computers arrived in a box ready to plug in. Plenty of hobby and special interest groups I was involved in before the web existed have never wound up getting mentioned, and some were pretty large. He has kind of the right vibe to be that kind of computer repair guy. —jw

2008-09-06 14:45:11   Wait, I'm confused. You have award-winning website designers, yet your site is the most amateur site I've ever visited, and is coded for Microsoft Internet Explorer for "security reasons?" Woah woah woah.... my mind just got blown. That doesn't sound like a computer genius to me. —TimJ

2009-03-20 11:29:44   Woa! Anyone who believes Internet Explorer is safe is not as competent as I thought. I would most likely have used his services had I not seen the site... Ew! —Marius

2009-07-30 21:21:32   I called this guy and got a voicemail message that said his mailbox was full. I emailed him and he did not respond after two weeks. Does anyone know if he is still in business? —ZachStednick

2009-12-05 07:32:51   2009: he's a nice guy, but reckless! Charges WAY too much, isn't THAT helpful, works WAY too fast, so as not to waste your money, but isn't really high quality. Loses his temper, curses, insults you, but in a light friendly way. I don't buy it. —skywords

2011-09-17 15:36:32   Website design?? O.o -> http://thecomputergeniusonline.comScottMiller