The Effulgence of Biorhythmic Iceburgs in Lake Spafford is a project inspired by Kai. Recalling the numerous occasions when Lake Spafford got cold enough to float icebergs, we begin our wait for that to occur again.

Iceberg lettuce floating in Lake Spafford does not count as an iceberg. And obviously, any proper iceberg comes with penguins. While ducks appear very similar to penguins to all but the most distinguished biologists, the consensus is that they are different species.

Day 1 — April 13th 2007

Day 1 of the wait.

The wait begins.

Research will have to be conducted to determine when the last time Lake Spafford froze. Was it 1986? We will have to be ready to calculate Kai's biorhythms so that the iceberg can be shaped appropriately. Three layers of ice with the proper curve frozen together and refloated as an iceberg should do. The last time the ice was almost 3/4 of an inch thick, which should work. Early morning light should be best for the photograph.

Day 2680 — August 18th 2014

Still no sightings of icebergs.

Have you spotted an iceberg?

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The best freeze I remember was 90/91, but I never saw Spafford then. 86 was flooding. —EdHenn

Iceberg with lone penguin. Artist rendition of what we should be looking for... -MattJurach

2007-07-04 15:02:42   I will ask my parents if they can recall something of this nature —StevenDaubert

2008-08-16 15:46:05   Perhaps we should look for large, sinking, unsinkable ships. Icebergs are attracted to them. —IDoNotExist