24321 County Road 96
Operated by
Yolo Community Care Continuum
The Farmhouse
Yolo Community Care Continuum

The Farmhouse is a nonprofit home to long-term residential treatment and pre-vocational programs for mental health patients referred from acute psychiatric facilities, state hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities in the region. All residents take part in the maintenance of the house, preparation of meals, and a variety of activities. Residents in the pre-vocational program also take part in the care of farm animals, the garden, and general running of the farm. Once residents have completed their personal development goals, they transition into a living situation within the community.

The site consists of a five-bedroom house, two barns, two pastures, and a large garden situated on ten acres approximately seven miles northwest of Davis. The Farmhouse is a part of the Yolo Community Care Continuum and it coordinates with the Yolo County Department of Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Services.

On Saturday, April 30, 2011, a few dozen volunteers from Mormon Helping Hands helped with a large cleanup, removing weeds, planting flowers and shrubs, paving the driveway, and so on. Other work sites that benefited from the volunteer day include Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School, Mace Ranch Community Park Habitat Area, and Arroyo Park.