This is a series of comments moved from the entry about The Graduate. Because they relate to a single incident and are extremely lengthy, they have been moved from the main entry in order to prevent them from overwhelming the reviews and comments by other people about their experiences at The Graduate.


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2008-02-06 15:41:46   Me and 3 friends had an awful experience when they wouldn't let one of my friends in because he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt! To go along with the dick-y bouncer poster, they totally got belligerent when we argued, said my friend was obviously too drunk (which he wasn't) and that now that we'd pissed them off, they weren't going to let any of us in! I'd like to point out that our group consisted of five minorities and 1 white guy, just because they seemed pretty racist and also didn't let some other black guy in.

My friend pointed out that their business has been pretty awful lately, so it didn't make sense to keep us out. At this point the bouncer got completely beserkly belligerent, followed us to our car, and tried to pick a fight. When I kept my friends from rising to his bait, he threatened to call the cops!

Needless to say, I will NEVER be back to the grad ever again, and I encourage all reasonable Wiki users to do the same. Their bartenders have been awful and mean both times I went there this year, and I suspect their drinks are watered down.

I'd also encourage any of you living near the grad to freely call noise complaints in, it'll make the old geek smile =) —davisGeek

2008-02-09 14:11:05   So I have been waiting for a entry about what happened a week or so ago, and as I expected the obviously wronged individual came through and did as expected. 1st I am the bouncer that is a raciest,jerk who would not let your friend in, remember it was your friend who was not let in you guys started to cuss and act like immature people, not us. Remember we deal with people like you everyday we know what to say, and how to act. And remember that it was your friend who was walking away giving us the finger, and it was you who was using all of those colorful metaphors, see we can not use words like that. And when we went to supposedly "pick a fight" it was the fact that we had people in our parking lot who were verbally abusive and could cause more problems later on. And really if your friend had just removed his sweat shirt he would have been let in. You white guy was the one who walked over to my guys and started cussing at us, you guys walked away giving me the finger, and you were the ones who were drunk. Don't deny it I see and deal with drunks everyday. But if you want to come back and talk like men, I invite you to bring back you figure happy friend, I don't mind, I loved the conversation before like to have it again. So to wrap it all up, you were the ones who brought on the awful time. Also the black guys who did not get "let in" they did not want to pay cover, do not tell the story if you do not have all the facts. look forward to seeing you again. [****Andy cleverly deleted the phrase "YES I AM CALLING YOU OUT"****]see you Wednesday. —andys13a29

2008-02-09 16:01:07   I can't believe that semi-illiterate bouncer is posting such lies! For the record, my friend was told he couldn't come in even if he didn't remove the sweatshirt, he lives down the street and even offered to take it off. As for the rest of your lies, I'm not surprised that you're taking the position that you were acting as per your training and as was reasonable. The fact is your conduct that night was completely uncalled for, and if your manager had seen it, you'd be fired. If we didn't all have more to live for than a shitty bouncer's job, your ass would've been fucking grass as well. As it was, the cooler heads in MY PARTY did the right thing in the face of THE BOUNCER's PROVOCATION! Its one thing to keep someone out of a bar, its another to come up to their car and try to start a fight.

As for the rest of what 'Andy' said — doesn't it seem like he basically wants us to come down there just to fight? Doesn't it seem like he's just itching to prove what a man he is in light of the very true and valid comments my friends made about his personal ancestry, hygiene, and lack of intelligence?

Do you want to go to a bar with someone like this working there?

Oh, and they water down their 'Long Island Iced Teas' - just watch them make it, they start out by putting a healthy shot of water from the mixer spout. So buddy, I wouldn't come down to your bar for two reasons: #1 My friend Henry Flores handles my labor disputes, I wouldn't know a sawed-off pool cue from a chair leg when it comes to these matters #2 Its far easier to simply tell the truth about The Grad and hit you in the wallet. #3 It's far more fun for you to realize that I may show up any given night right around when you're getting off work and without your 6 buddies around! cheers —davisGeek

2008-02-11 14:56:07   Hmm read the comments by Andy and Davisgeek. Sounds like you both need to relax — but whats wrong with sweatshirts? Wasn't aware that the grad had a dress code! Was your friend wearing some sort of ghetto FUBU gangbanger deal? And Andy - dude, you're acting like a badass, but my 2 cents is that you're basically asking these guys to wait for you by your car one night. Just cuz someone is an anonymous wiki troll doesn't mean they're not psychotic and/or violent! —pizzapieGuy

2008-02-15 17:34:59   Andy (the dicky bouncer) posted the following on my user page, just want all you readers to see it and judge for yourselves:

2008-02-10 21:52:37 SO geek, just to let you know everything that was said and done is on video, yes we cover our asses. Now when I said come on down and talk like men I meant I would show you the video so you could hear what was said and done. oops forgot to tell you that sorry. Also what is a chapter 11 lawyer going to do? I am guessing that you are a law student, and not a very good one at that, see you threatened me with a meeting with you after work. I got your pitcher from the video, how is your career gonna be with a police record, and yes we do press charges. I laugh at you on how quick you to respond to what I wrote, kinda look like a ass. you are a though guy behind a computer and I can see that with all of your postings. I do not need to make threat, but you do and now your "promising" career with a chance of jail time, and expulsion is at risk. you rock see you Wednesday. —andys13a29 —davisGeek

2008-02-15 17:49:53   DAVISGEEK'S RESPONSE 1. Check andys13a29's edit history. He deleted the phrase "YES I AM CALLING YOU OUT" from his prior comment. 2. He now seeks to threaten me with a lawsuit for my wiki posts, saying that somehow I threatened him and the videotape he claims to have shows this. Andy, I'm calling your bluff. Make my day, sue me. I knew you were too much of a chicken to be a man. All that video will do is get you fired. I hope you weren't lying about and that you DO try something as stupid as pressing charges - I could use the extra dough because: 3. In California, someone who files a malicious and fraudulent lawsuit can be countersued, and so can their employer, thus 4. The only people who will need a chapter 11 (bankruptcy) lawyer are the owners of the Grad. So get your facts straight before you enter a shit fight with a handful of mud. —davisGeek

2008-02-28 08:24:13   Dear visitors

I have been going to the Davis Graduate for the last six or seven years. In years past it has always been my favorite bar. However, an unfortunate incident happened there recently which has signaled to me that this formerly great establishment no longer deserves my patronage.

As you have read in the heated arguments between davisGeek and andys13a29, a near fight broke out between bouncers at the Davis Graduate and UCD King Hall Law students. As I am quite sure that both were inebriated, I will provide my own perspective as an eyewitness.

A group of about seven students arrived at the grad on a wednesday night. The group was split between four men and three ladies. Three of us went to go pay cover and enter while the rest went to withdraw money from an ATM.

One of the three, a law student (as you may have surmised), was wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Upon standing in line, the bouncer - not andys13a29 - told him that there were no hooded sweatshirts allowed. This student - I will call him hoody - tried to speak to the bouncer and ask him if he could take his sweatshirt off and come back. However, the door to the grad was open and it was loud, and he couldn't hear the bouncer.

AT this point, one of the other bouncers asked me if Hoody was my friend. I said yes, he was, and that in fact he was a UCD student and only lived a block away so he could go home and drop his sweatshirt off.

Right then, the bouncer that has identified himself as andys13a29 came out and asked what the problem was. Hoody, wanting to be understood over the loud noise, leaned in close to andys13a29 to speak to him. Right then, andys13a29 essentially flipped out. He started shouting at Hoody to "step back," and when Hoody asked what the problem was, andys13a29 said that Hoody was obviously drunk and now could not come into the bar even if he took his sweatshirt off.

It was at this point that the rest of us came to Hoody's side and tried to discuss the issue with andys13a29. I offered to have Hoody go home and take his sweatshirt off, but andys13a29 refused. At that point, we were all suspecting that andys13a29's actions were motivated not by a desire to keep "unwanted" elements out, but by prejudicial - or even racist - feelings towards Hoody. Outraged by this bouncer's behavior, I commented that the bar has been doing so poorly lately that I wasn't aware business was good enough for them to turn away good people at the door because of a sweatshirt.

andys13a29 was infuriated by my comments and said we all had to leave immediately. Completely stunned by being refused at the door of a bar I'd been going to for many years, we walked away. Yes, at some point someone flipped andys13a29 off.

** Here is where the story gets worse, and clearly shows andys13a29's hostile intentions. The group of seven of us - again boys and girls, mostly dressed up in sweaters, slacks, preppie work clothes), etc., stood in the parking lot where out cars were parked trying to figure out what to do. There was no consensus, but we didn't want to go home. We were definitely planning on leaving without any further trouble, despite what andys13a29 says he has "on pitcher" (sic).

After about five minutes, andys13a29 and two other bouncers approached us in the parking lot and said we had to leave immediately. I told him we were leaving, just trying to figure out where to go. He said that we were trespassing (even though the Graduate is not the only open business in that parking lot) and if he didn't leave right then he's call the cops. We tried to reason with andys13a29 and explain that we've got seven people and multiple cars, and we just wanted to decide where we're going. AT that point andys13a29 and his friends became more belligerent and I felt physically threatened by them. These three bouncers together easily outweighed the seven of us, and we took the threat seriously.

At that point one of the three began writing down license plate numbers and used his cell phone to dial the police. Their actions had the intended purpose, of course, and we left immediately thereafter.

The moral of this story is this: do not go to the Davis Grad. The bouncers do not like UCD students (have you noticed that they don't have the great 10-4-1 college nights they used to, and replaced it with things like country night? seems like they want to discourage student attendance). Their dress code of "no hooded sweatshirts" is absurd given that this was a chilly January night. If people wanted to be forced to dress up nice to go out at night, they'd go to a nice place in Sac - not an aging sports bar in Davis.

I'm sorry Davis Graduate, but you made a mistake in turning away decent students at the door. I get that you want to keep out "unwanted" elements, but your bouncers are doing the opposite - letting in unwanted elements and keeping out the students. I will never go to the Davis Graduate again.

**edit: One other important note. Not only did andys13a29 tell Hoody that he couldn't come in even if he took that sweatshirt off, he told Hoody and the rest of us we could never come back to the Grad. Ever.

All over a sweatshirt!


2008-02-28 10:40:43   So after reading about this whole Graduate incident...(Hoody-Man and what not.) I am quite ashamed of the establishment. I have many fond memories of the Grad from my time as a student...all the way up to when I was there last picnic day visiting the campus, and drinking some long island ice teas with my friends. Old Times=Good Times. The incident last week involved a good friend of mine, who was with the group of students that was not let in due to "sub-par" dress-code...Anyone who figures my friend...and his colleagues, are rabble-rousers, is greatly off-kilter. Yes that's right, I said off-kilter punks! Andy the Cheesesteak has severely brought the Grad's reputation down...and apparently it's been pretty low lately.

I know and love numerous other food and beverage establishments, and when I visit my old university town I'll be going there. Sorry to say this but, Andy the should think real hard about how being a bouncer gets you nowhere in life. —NorthCaroliniaAggieAlumni

2008-04-02 15:48:14   What is going on in some of the Davis bars these days? How the hell are places like The Grad and Little Prague getting away with, literally, harassing their customers? —CurlyGirl26

2008-04-22 19:30:18   just thought i'd add...a few months ago a couple friends and i came here. we were a bit drunk, true, but not disorderly, disrespectful, or obnoxious. in a nutshell, the bouncers saw us laughing it up, having a good time, etc...and told the guys (me and another friend) we couldnt come in. i started asking why, and the situation started getting tense when they became unresponsive and unwilling to cooperate. anyway, we ended up yelling at each other, and i told one of the guys to f*** off and started walking away. Then...i looked back and one of the dudes was following me. I sped up...he started chasing me! I broke into a full sprint! He finally caught me and pushed me into a car. I pushed him off, then saw that 4 or 5 more bouncers had my friend tackled to the ground with his face in the cement, hands behind his back. Turns out he ran off after me yelling "what the hell stop chasing my friend!" and the other bouncers took him to the ground. After this, we bounced, with about 10 bouncers walking after us down the street. I flagged down a cop and explained the situation...unfortunately, though, since we were all a bit tipsy, they didn't listen to us, and luckily let us go home. My friend was bleeding all over after being tackled. —boristheblade

2008-06-23 11:25:54   Wow! so many negative comments regarding a certain staff member of the Grad. Get a life! While you're at it, come check out Salsa Night...great bouncers, great music, great fun! —DjNehad

2008-07-28 21:27:52   We do have lives, that's why we don't come here anymore! Little Prague kicks The Grad's ass on so many levels. Instead of a miserable night at The Grad, go to Little Prague and have the weird but cool russian bartender chick make you a specialty drink. She made me the best margarita of my life on St. Paddy's day, and because she added 6 limes to make it 'green' it was like half off. —davisGeek

2008-08-11 15:58:12   hey the bouncers at the grad are great!!!! just don't piss them off. They have a job just like everybody else. I was a bouncer in Norfolk, Va, for a few years and I can tell you it is hard work. As for andy maybe he was having a bad day, or maybe he had just delt with another problem inside the bar(you know that there are more people inside and not just you geek). So give them a break! and geek come back the bouncer probably will not remember you and have a great time I know I do when I go there.I am sure if you do say something the bouncer's will not even care. To everybody else the staff is great and not just a bunch of meat heads who want to fight. Most of them are probably students considering it is a college town. The bar is great 40 some drinks on tap, great happy hour,hot bartenders, and a mechanical bull! This place has it all. —thecoolguy
  • Coolguy, you should know exactly whether or not Andy remembers Geek. You also should know what other problems Andy might have dealt with that night, because you have the same IP address as him, and so are in all likelihood a sockpuppet of his.—JoePomidor


at what address, and why? —AidanGilGage

2008-10-16 18:12:02   Guys,guys...arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. You may win, but you'll still be retarded. —ExFactor

2010-01-26 21:08:31   to the last comment: by 5 minutes of typing we can easily cost the grad $10 in lost business simply by telling the truth. Show me how I can make $120 an hour running in the special olympics and i'll be there tomorrow! —davisGeek

2010-05-28 12:53:19   Can't say I've ever had a problem at the Grad. Been watching NBA playoffs/MLB playoffs there for quite some time. Also enjoyed Salsa night with no problems. Keep a cool head and things will be good, I suppose. —joneric