207 F Street Suite A
Tuesday - Friday: 10 am - 5 pm
Saturday - 11 am- 7 pm
Sunday: 1 pm - 5 pm
(530) 756-1106
Facebook page
Ms. Maza Webb
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit card, Davis Dollars

The Luxury Out House Company is a store that sells "all natural" soaps, lotions, body oil, scrubs, bath products, and the like. All of the bath products are made by the owner. They also sell bathrobes, lingerie, candles, and bath accessories. Gift sets are available. Apparently, however, no actual outhouses are sold.

Their mission: "Educating the world about chemicals in the products they use daily. To provide all natural bath and body products, that are safe, and free from harmful chemicals and preservatives."

This business accepts Davis Dollars community currency.


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2010-02-03 18:16:57   A nice store with a good selection of different bath products. The employee was kind and very helpful, and also gave us samples to try. Looks like a nice place to buy bath gifts, and the prices are a little expensive, but not too bad. The scientist in me does giggle that they keep pushing that their products are "chemical-free", which is not true in the strictest sense, but seems to colloquially mean that they only use natural, non-laboratory made ingredients. All in all, a nice little shop. —RachelPeters

2010-02-03 19:33:32   I am not a huge fan of the name of this location. I cannot imagine going to a place called The Luxury Out House and thinking that the result will bethat I will smell better. Their products could be awesome, I dunno, but the name is not a selling point. —rfrazier

This was left from the same computer that, less than half an hour later, created and used the luxuryouthouse account to add the logo.

2010-02-16 12:21:36   This place is so cute and I loooove their natural products! The are so friendly and genuine and even offered to let my friend sell her Cookie Lee jewelry in their store for no charge to her. —Kristin

That's kind of interesting. I work with Kristin and this is a legit comment. she does not work for this company. — EricaMacGregor

2010-02-19 12:27:24   I've known about this store for some time and I must say that everyone I've taken there on a personal 'field trip' has been very impressed with the variety and the overall product. I'll be definitely going there often; and I come from Sac for it. —Blacstar

2010-02-21 18:41:51   Went by here today with a friend who was looking to get cutesy bath stuff. They were closed with a note saying there was a family emergency. =\ —WilliamLewis

2010-02-23 13:56:45   At EricaMacGregor... Kristin used my computer to leave a comment... She helps out with a lady named Rachel. They sell cookie lee products in our store. They're offering $10.00 off at this time so... If you would like to come support a local cookie lee lady, please stop by. Thank you... ( just a clarification) —tommieW

2010-02-23 14:30:30   God is good, god is great,and he will keep those of negativity at bay... ;-D by the way...thank you for your comments. My mother works very hard,making everything from scratch, to share with the city of Davis. Thank you for the Welcoming arms... We truly appreciate all of you. ;-D —tommieW

2010-02-23 18:41:20   I went here once and got very nice service, the man there let me know that they "have a small men's section". He showed me some scented aftershave and oils. They also carry a limited selection of lingerie. —DagonJones

2010-02-24 13:25:23   Hey, I just wanted to let the people at Luxury Out House Company know that I did not leave that post from earlier. Somehow someone must have hacked my account. I'm sorry that this occurred. I wasn't even aware of your business before this, but, from viewing this wiki page, it looks really nice! I have a weakness for bath products (especially natural ones) and will have to visit your store. It looks like a great concept. To the person who left the nasty comment: get your own account and don't waste your time and others by leaving unhelpful comments on the wiki pages of small businesses. We want more diverse businesses in Davis. Sadly, there have been too many empty storefronts in our town in the last few years. —Pooka

2010-02-24 15:25:35   This is a great little store. I dont understand the negative comments at all. So far i have used there lavender oatmeal, honey soap and my face looks amazing and the frangance from the soap is addicting i cant stop washing my body with it it smells so good and it leaves my bathroom smelling wonderful. I also have purchased one of there soy candles and the fragrance from the candle is amazing as well its wonderful. The owner of the store makes all the products herself literally. Im eager to try the lotions and bath products as well as anything else the store sells. Im going there next week to buy about 5 more soaps for me and my friends and im also going to use there products as gifts at my baby shower. I LOVE this place. —norcalchick

2010-02-26 17:07:54   I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this new store. Their products are AMAZING. Period. All in all between my boyfriend and myself we have spent around a thousand dollars there since December, little by little, because it keeps us going back. We use the scrubs (which I think they should be famous for), the oils, the candles (also a signature and staple in our home now), soaps for him, bath salts for me, and so on... I have about 6 or 7 of their lingerie items (fabulous) and my boyfriend LOVES his comfy bath robe from there. We both are amazed at how this family makes everything right in their kitchen over the stove like good ol' fashioned home cookin'. :) It's about time Davis has a store that makes you feel pampered and sexy. It's by far my favorite store here in town... If you are going there for the first time, I recommend the "Brown Sugar Scrub." I can't tell you how amazing it makes your skin look and feel. I love the other scents too, but have never found anything quite like this one! :) Oh, and their candles smell better than partylite, at 1/2 the price. You know their stuff is great when you find out your ten yr. old has been stealing your lavender scrub in the shower. (Oh no she di'int!) —MeredithBettencourt

2010-04-03 23:13:51   I picked up a set of "travel size" soaps as a gift — it seems like a great way to get a sampling of some of the handmade soaps. Everything in here is scrumptious; there were candles that made me hungry and a sugar scrub that left me with deliciously happy hands. The owner is very friendly without being pushy. My purchase was beautifully gift wrapped. You get the feeling that she goes above and beyond for her customers. I'll definitely be back for more gifts and maybe i'll spoil myself one of these days. —MichellePalmer

2010-05-08 11:28:27   I just stopped in to talk to the owner (an extremely nice woman), and left with a wonderful mother's day gift! Cute shop with friendly staff. I know I'll be back! —Davidlm