In 2013, The Mac Paramedic changed the name of his business to White Wave Digital offering expanded services, while retaining a focus on Apple devices. The text below is for historical purposes only — click on the link of the new business for current information.
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[email protected]
Larry Dieterich
Mid 1990s
Payment Method(s)
Cash or check

The Mac Paramedic is now called White Wave Digital

The Mac Paramedic serves both homes and businesses. They offer on-site service and support (including new setups, purchase advice, printer problems, computer repair, etc.), primarily for Macs and Unix machines, and reluctantly for Windows machines. They also offer networking services, such as networking setup and troubleshooting.

The owner is Certified by Apple Computer as a support technician and technical coordinator.


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2009-06-24 22:04:11   Very professional work done to get my macbook back up and running, not to mention in the span of about 2 days. He points out any problems [in your presence] associated with the computer in question and gives you an idea of what he will do, then gets to work. Upfront and honest, no bull, especially with logistics. Pricing is very reasonable and he works efficiently.

I would easily recommend going to the Mac Paramedic over an Apple Store due to his availability and [extremely] flexible work hours. In short, this IS the person to take your mac to when you have problems or perhaps questions.

Thanks Larry!! —ecj

2009-10-08 11:06:23   I've met Larry, and I think he is awesome. I would send any problem with an Apple I couldn't fix myself to him without hesitation. —NickSchmalenberger

2009-10-11 19:49:10   Larry has been helping me set-up, upgrade, troubleshoot, connect to DSL, fix my MacIntosh computers since 2001. He promptly responds to e-mails/phone calls and is usually available within 24-48 hours to work on the computer. He is EXTREMELY competent and well-versed in his computer knowledge. He is my "one stop shop" answer to all MacIntosh related matters! It's great to have a good doctor . . . a good auto mechanic . . . and a good computer technician! —cregross

2009-10-23 20:40:02   Efficient, friendly, reasonably priced, and best of all, effective. It really was a pleasure to work with Larry, who returned my call right away, met me at home the next morning despite a busy schedule, and had my Macbook up and running within 24 hours. And the "paramedic" title is completely apt; he assessed my computer's vitals with the mark of a pro. If I have any problems again with my Mac, my consolation will be working with Larry again! —cwbeebe

2010-09-03 01:08:15   Mac Paramedic, is the place to go for apple assistance in Davis. Larry understands all the new stuff coming out, and can explain how they work, not just with apple also with PC as well. As more and more of us pc users purchase ipod's and ipad's it is complex how they connect, and when problems happen it is wonderful to be able to get assistance from a respected business in Davis. I appreciate all your help with my ipod/ pc interactions, I would be lost without your assistance. jamie —Jamie523

2010-11-17 10:48:32   Larry Dietrich has helped me several times with my Macbook and has been able to do this very soon after I called for help. He can fix anything! and he manages to do it without making you feel stupid. This is a big plus. Larry is extremely honest and helpful. I would never go anywhere else with my Mac problems. Thank you Larry for helping me enjoy and learn about my computer! —AnneSyer

2010-12-17 13:33:31   I would highly recommend Larry for any of your Mac repair needs. Right from the get-go, when I spoke to him on the phone he was very accommodating, offering to either make a house call or for me to come to his workshop. He was able to calmly diagnose the problem with my laptop, and his pricing is very reasonable.

The nearest Mac store is in Arden Fair, Sacramento and it's usually overrun with people. Larry was able to see me in Davis the same day I contacted him, and so I avoided the inconvenience of the commute to Sac and waiting in a crowded store. I will definitely be calling him the next time I have a problem with my Mac, and you should do the same! —SoniaFerrandiz

2011-03-03 13:41:53   Larry came over to our house and then found and fixed our Mac problem in about 2 minutes. I highly recommend him! —TeresaKing

2011-04-05 14:17:09   Recently my Mac Workbook started clicking at start up and showing only a gray screen with a folder and question mark blinking in the middle. Uh oh. I consulted Davis Wiki and found the Mac Paramedic. I called him late on a Saturday morning. He made an appointment to come to my house and diagnose the problem for the middle of that afternoon. The news was bad - new hard drive needed. He took the computer, replaced the hard drive, and recovered my data, and had the computer back to me by that same evening. Wow! Great service, reasonable rates. He has a lot of parts at his shop so in many cases you can get even complex jobs back very quickly. Most highly recommended. —Dora5

2011-05-04 09:20:13   I highly recommend The Mac Paramedic! After accidentally downloading a fake antivirus software on my MacBook Pro I called Larry. He had heard of the virus, and was able to guide me through each step to get rid of it right over the phone. I expected to spend the day dealing with this problem but Larry was able to help me in just a few minutes without even leaving my home. Thank you so much Larry!


2013-01-09 13:32:14   I highly recommend Larry. He is active on the listserv for the Davis Mac Users Group. Last weekend he replied within two hours to my voicemail, and he solved the problem with my iMac over the phone in under 15 minutes. I would use his services again. —SylviaWright