The Herman J. Phaff Culture Collection for Yeast and Yeast-Like Microorganisms


Once upon a time, a UC Davis professor, Herman J. Phaff traveled to the far reaches of the earth collecting yeast.

The Phaff Yeast Culture Collection consists of over 6400 yeast strains, including over 400 different species. Yeasts were isolated from a variety of food and environmental sources, and include wine, brewing, baking, food spoilage, and a variety of environmental strains. Yeasts originated from every continent and several tropical islands. Strains are utilized by Phaff collection personnel in research of yeast taxonomy and identification. In addition, strains are distributed to a variety of researchers, including biotechnology companies, governmental agencies, academic researchers, and other culture collections. Recent applications utilizing strains from the Phaff collection include antioxidants, nutriceuticals, food-grade pigments, enzymes, biological control of plant pathogens, and starter cultures for wine, beer and bread.

Further information about the collection, including a searchable strain catalog and online ordering system, are available online at, or contact curator Kyria Boundy-Mills by email at [email protected]. (source)