This is the Wiki BBQ plate.

Here we will tell the stories of the plate; who you are, how you received it, what you did with it, and who did you give it to... the legend of the plate begins...

It started as a simple gift from someone to CraigBrozinsky. It was then passed down to MichelleAccurso to do whatever she wished with it. She decided it would be a wiki plate, passed around from deserving Wikivangelists to the next. She passed it onto JohnDudek & AlexNorris.

I inherited the plate after the October BBQ. We sat at Ciocolat and Craig came to pick up his plate, and decided he didn't want it and gave it to me. It sat in my trunk for quite some time, silently sat with groceries, luggage, clothing, dead bodies, and all the other strange things I found to stick in my trunk. Then one day, while hanging out with my underage homies I decided that they should have the plate, for they have more potential to take the plate to great heights... -MichelleAccurso

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