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The Princeton Review is a test preparation company that, incidentally, has no affiliation whatsoever with Princeton University. They offer preparation for just about any standardized test you can think of, from the PSAT to the USMLE. They started out with SAT tutoring and that still represents the bulk of their business. If you go check out the test preparation section of Borders or the public library, you can't miss their books. Additionally, they offer college matching services, scholarship searches, career selection help, and college admissions advising.

Their services don't come cheap. A classroom SAT prep course will put you back about $1000 and a small group prep class $1500. One-on-one tutoring SAT tutoring ranges from $2300 to $6900, depending on your package. Preparation packages for graduate and professional school standardized tests are even more expensive.


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2007-07-31 08:06:29   I think there GRE book i got from borders was pretty good. But i would not take a class, thats just too much money for me. —MattHh

2011-08-08 16:52:33   The MCAT course really sucked. DO NOT TAKE unless you want to fail —the