This page is for discussing the contents of The Ramble Apartments.

Kind of a whitewash by jmcleod. Reaching out to the person now.—PeteB

I received a reply from the Manager via email-I've requested they participate in this discussion. Reply is below.

We have taken over the wiki from the owner/management standpoint. We have not deleted any negative comments and will not do so, West Village wants to be transparent and open with any resident here. We are making the edits based upon inaccuracies and incorrect information posted during our build out phases. Thanks for contacting us. J. D. McLeod | Senior Community ManagerThe Ramble, Viridian, & Solstice Apartments at West Village



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2013-04-30 19:16:25   Before any discussion begins, it's important that all parties understand the contents of the Welcome to the wiki/Business owner and Multiple Points of View pages. In particular, there needs to be an understanding that the page can be edited by anyone (no one "takes over" a page), and that subjective opinions contrary to those of management may appear anywhere on the page. —CovertProfessor

2013-05-01 15:15:18   JD has written me another note requesting in-person discussion only. It is included below. I have again referred him here. —PeteB

(Email received from JD McLeod): I would like to discuss the options in person if that would be alright. I don’t see any of the other apartment pages around Davis that look like ours in the detail and things that seem to be incorrect. Would you be willing to meet in person and take a look at the property. You can see how the information portrayed on the wiki stacks up. Thanks for taking the time.

2013-05-01 15:24:27   JD McLeod, please understand that this is a collaboratively edited wiki, edited by members of the Davis community (including yourself). That means that no one person is in charge. Also, we are not fact checkers; we are just trying to represent the different points of view held by different Davis citizens. It is better for you to engage in the wiki process by talking with all of the editors. One way to begin is by identifying the items you think are incorrect and saying why they are incorrect. This is the page where you would do that. —CovertProfessor

2014-02-23 18:41:55   I have been a Ramble resident for a year and a half now. I could not be more unhappy. I have had two illegal tenants living in my apartment since September 2013 and it is now February 2014. What has Ramble management done? Nothing but talk. No action. No evictions. I will not renew my lease. I will not encourage people to live here. The exact opposite in fact. Do not live here. The Ramble experience has been an extremely disappointing one for me. The ethical/moral thing for Ramble to do would be to allow me to break my lease. Instead, I am forced to live with illegal, disrespectful, and disgusting tenants. Thanks. —HilTool

2014-02-24 00:03:05   HilTool, how were you forced to live with illegal tenants? How did they come to live at your apartment in the first place? —MichelleNguyen

2014-04-16 15:07:34   The facilities here are good from my experience although parking is a REAL problem. There are enough spaces for 75% of the complex and everyone else is left to figure it out. Your only option is to pay for an on campus day AND night pass ($330 per quarter) or get on the wait list and hope someone moves out during the year. This is absolutely insane considering every other complex offers free parking, or helps you get a residential permit with the city. It is extremely inconvenient to live here without a car. —DaRobinson