Mailing Address
Memorial Union, 4th Floor, SPAC Box No: 202
University of California Davis
One Shields Avenue

The Tai Chi Club at UC Davis is known to its members as "The Club", and is commonly also known by the abreviation "TAICHI@UCDavis", visible on all its fliers on Campus. They are an official graduate and undergraduate student SPAC Organization.

The purpose of The Club is to provide opportunities for the study and practice of Tai Chi (T'ai-Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan)) in all its different aspects and forms, — including the T'ai-Chi Ruler and other related Ch'i Kung (Qigong) exercises, the traditional and modern Short and Long solo Form(s), the doubles interactive T'ui Shou (Tuishou) Join/Push Hands Forms and play, San Shou Sparring/Free Hands, and also the traditional short weapons (T'ai-Chi (Taiji) Dao Broadsword/Sabre and the T'ai-Chi (Taiji) Jian/Khim double edged straight Sword) and long weapons (T'ai-Chi (Taiji) Gan Staff/Pole) & other T'ai-Chi (Taiji) related practices.

If a person is new to this discipline, he or she may complement club practices with formal classes. Club Members are always willing and eager to assist anyone seriously interested in learning. Also high level instruction in all aspects of this art is available through Daniel Quincy Sifu, who teaches extensively at the UC Davis Campus, and also in Sacramento, California. Classes are available on the UC Davis campus informally through The Club at the times indicated above, and also more formally through the Experimental College, and sometimes also through the ARC Martial Arts Program.

At the present The TAI CHI Club at UC Davis only requires that a person be interested in the practice and play of Tai Chi (T'ai-Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan)) to become a member. UC Davis graduate and undergraduate Students, Alumni, UC Davis Staff and Faculty, and Davis Community all are welcome. At the present approximately 90% of the membership is comprised of UC Davis students.

Practice Times & On-Campus Practice Locations

The practice schedule changes with each quarter to accommodate the participants. Please see the official club website for the current schedule.

The Tai Chi Club at UC Davis now has practice sessions in the other internal boxing styles of Xingyiquan and Baguazhang being offered by "Daniel Pfister". See the club practice times page for details

Traditional Tournament Competition & Sport Play

Members can compete in National and International level Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Modern WuShu Competitions and Sport Play. However, participation in competition is not required.

Social Gatherings & Outreach in the Community

The Club organizes regular social gatherings, pic-nics, "video nights" and does outreach into the Davis and Greater Sacramento Communities to promote Tai Chi (T'ai-Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan) practices, to younger people as well to the general public. The Club is interested in providing instruction for young people in schools, and for young adults in general. For example, while the solo Forms practices are excellent discipline for young teens, the interactive doubles play provides a useful, physically grounded metaphor for conflict resolution and disciplined, appropriate behavior in older teens and young adults.


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