The UC Davis Show is a sitcom whose pilot was filmed in 2008. It is the creation of Tom Dotan ([email protected]) and John King and grew out of a creative writing class project in spring 2007.


  • Cone: Tom Dotan
  • Maya: Becca Backer
  • Jeremy: Joeseph A Ferreira
  • P-Parse: Aaron ?
  • Girl at Party: Golda Criddle
  • Gracie: Rose Threflall
  • TA: Poison


Pilot Episode

Introduces the major characters for the series: Robert Cone, a disaffected history major in his last two months of undergraduate college. Jeremy Kantor, his roomate, an earnest psychology double major who is contemplating switching to O-chem. Maya Shinzaki is a junior bio major, and former girlfriend of Cone. Preston Parson (P-Parse) is a student whose years at Davis are apocryphal but remains the town hedonist/poet laureate (rumors persist that he is based on Rob Roy, though none of the creators will confirm). At the episode's beginning Cone is bothered by an aggresively inspirational TA, Jeremy having walked into the wrong class decides to switch to a Chemsitry major, Maya is burned out at the quarter's beginning after overachieving on a paper, and Preston throws a party. Maya and Cone discuss their troubles, with Cone's caustic tone eventually making Maya leave. Jeremy is a bit overwhelmed by the prereqs needed to become a Chem major. They all convene at P-Parse's party, Jeremy asks around if anyone knows about Chem classes and has an indepth discussion with a very drunk girl. Cone apologizes to Maya and realizes that he will have to figure things out slowly. There is no hugging!


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