The Vice Chancellor's Award of Merit was established in 1996 to recognize and honor finalists in the Margarita Robinson Awards process.

The selection criteria for this award are:

  • Awarded for superior leadership experience and skills in organized student groups and activities
  • Must be in at least their 2nd year at UCD at the time of application; achieve junior status by the end of Winter quarter 2008, and not be graduating before Fall quarter 2008
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 overall and not be on academic probation at end of Fall quarter 2007
  • Previous recipients of the Margarita Robinson Student Leadership Award and/or the Vice Chancellor's Award of Merit are not eligible for this award

Winners are honored with a commemorative gift.

This award is one of five Student Recognition Awards that UC Davis gives out.

Winners: 2008- Molly Bechtel, Lindsay Hoffman, Amanda Peterson