216 F Street, Box #150, Davis, CA 95616
[email protected]

The Yolo Crow is a quarterly literary magazine that publishes Yolo County writers, sharing the magic.

They provide perspectives on Yolo County with cross-sections of literature, prismatic visions on the people and places that characterize the mileau. Anyone who writes in Yolo County can submit to The Yolo Crow. They accept poetry, short fiction and creative non-fiction of all genres.

Outside of the university, there are very few opportunities for writers and readers to interact in this community1. The Yolo Crow strives to reach out to all people in this county across the boundaries of cities and demographics, categories and genres.

Copies of The Yolo Crow can be found at The Avid Reader and Newsbeat in Davis, and at Jerry Cloutier's Used Books in Woodland.


1. The Avid Reader Book Club is one notable opportunity, as is the free poetry workshop series than runs each winter-spring at Cache Creek Nature Preserve west of Woodland