You've worked hard, or maybe you haven't, but there it is — a little bundle of 12 point Times New Roman double spaced exactly to the page limit joy. It's spell checked, grammar checked, and maybe even proofread. Your name, student ID, and section number are written clearly on the front page. Every copied portion is perfectly cited — but you know it will be suspected, upon first glance, of plagiarism because there's no way on earth they expected somebody to write such a great paper. But what do they know anyway? — The characters in the play were entirely flawed and in completely new ways. The data was insufficient for the expected and historical grounded findings. The proof depended upon something equivalent to the Axiom of Choice and nobody's going to trust the establishment after reading this freaking beauty of a paper. You smile as you walk toward class, seeing your classmates frantically waiting in line at the Print Station. You drop your paper off and wink at the TA. As you leave you hear a lone voice, far off in the hallway:

HEY — does anybody have a stapler?