106 West Main Street, Woodland, CA
Phone, Hours
Mon-Sat: 9am-8pm, Sun 10am-6pm
Discount Days (as of 8/2008)
%50 all day:Mon,Wed,Thurs,Sun
%50 after 1pm:Sat
%30 before 1pm:Sat
%50 with receipt from previous day:Tues,Friday

Thrift Store Outlet is by far the largest thrift store in Woodland. It is located in the same plaza as Chubby's; you won't have a problem finding it. It is hard to miss the neon paint on the window. TONS of great clothes, cheap prices, killer boomboxes and lots of random junk. There are sales every day according to different colored tags put on the clothes. It's a nice little surprise when you don't pay attention to them. In addition, there is a 30-50% discount every day of the week according to the schedule listed above. If you were given an all expenses paid trip to just one thrift store, you better choose this one. In addition, the Outlet also has candy machines located near the entrance. Candy may or may not be second hand.

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Known by some as "The Stank" due to its unique smell. —ScottBiggart (10/2005)

I wouldn't call this place the Stank...it smells OK. I would recommend going here on a Saturday (for 30% off) and now they've started this thing where if you make a purchase on Saturday, you can bring in your receipt that Sunday and get 50% off. Also, they've got many 50% off sales on Mondays...this coming Aug 28th is one. I just really like this store, and although you certainly can't go here with high expectations, I've found some cool stuff including (surprisingly) a vintage sequined dress. I personally like to have a chile relleno at Super Burrito (and tacos) around the corner on Court street-across the street from the Baskin Robbins before embarking on a shopping trip here, as it can be exhausting. The cheapest and bitchin-est resale store around, by far.

I thought that the 50% off day is Thursday! Perhaps someone can verify, but I think I went last week and it was Thursday! —ArianeMetz

2008-08-23 16:46:06   I called to store to clear up the discount confusions. See top. —watson

2009-12-13 10:07:13   This place is excellent, aside from having a shitload of clothes they have a great furniture section as well. This last summer I got a sweet double manual and pedals organ half off for 20 bucks. The store rocks.


2010-01-10 09:38:00   I love this thrift shop and visit it regularly. Yesterday I bought 10 articles of clothing for 13 bucks. Most of what I bought were designer labels. I also have found new clothing with the tags still attached. I love their selection of jeans since some look as if they have never been worn. It is by far the cheapest thrift stores around. Their prices beat out yard sales on days that they offer 50% off. I would recommend this shop to any serious bargain hunters. AWESOME!!! —LauraSelover

2010-07-02 22:21:31   Graduate Group in Ecology staple for costumes. It's my favorite thrift store in the area. —elsie22

2010-07-11 06:59:30   I used to live in Woodland for years and this one was closest to my place on Lincoln. I love this thrift store because I can find the most awesome stuff (wait, why does everyone care about what brand it is, is this a Davis thing?), I found some goth platform shoes that I couldn't resist, they were $2. Outrageous deals. —Mogitha

2010-09-14 17:40:58   Awesome thrift store! It has a bigger selection than any of the ones in Davis, and the drive here is much less of a hassle than getting to a Sacramento thrift store. —DanaSullivan

2011-01-16 13:13:17   while the place does have quite a large selection, good luck finding anything worth buying. every time i go there i always leave empty handed. they do have great prices though. —ChillMurray

2011-09-03 16:27:28   Best thrift store i've ever been to for clothes. I'm not sure why everything is a % off all the time, but i'm not complaining! I get kids clothes here at 50% off all the time, most items $0.50 - $1.50, in great condition and name brands. I seriously can't handle some of the deals i've gotten. I hesitate to even post that here,... if it becomes too popular then other people will snatch up all the deals LOL. No but really, great thrift store. —JeannineHenderson