Tha Thug Bungalow. Artist's Rendition. Hidden deep within the recesses of Fountain Circle, it has been a sanctuary for the lonely confederation of asshats know as thugs. These include, but are not limited to TimJarratt, PatrickVisperas, ZacMorris, and Christian 'Eight-Ball' Alvarez.

Famous Guests: Local celebrity TravisGrathwell occupied teh Zach's room in summer '05. PhilipNeustrom once spent the night in the Zaction Nook. Lamar Heystek has been known to frequent sausage fests held at tha Bungalow. Azfer "Skeet Skeet Skeetball" Hussein has been oft-seen lurking the premises.

"Do you know a place where I can find some thugs?"

"Do you know where sausages hang out?"

officially DISBANDED: September 1, 2005 - "The Fall of the House of Thug"