John Lichter demonstrating the TreeRadar Unit which utilizes ground penetrating radar to map decay and roots.

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John M. Lichter, M.S.
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Tree Associates are arborists who provide expert opinion regarding landscape trees. They provide a wide range of tree services concerning tree preservation, appraisal and management to a diverse clientele. Their services include tree surveys, tree risk and root damage evaluation, tree health assessment, tree preservation plans, tree appraisal, expert witness testimony and forensic expert services. Their clientele include insurance companies and adjusters, attorneys, governmental agencies, developers, landscape architects, homeowners associations and homeowners.

Territory served

Bike-path Appraisal

A bike path is proposed to be built on the property of an apartment complex in Davis, California. I worked with a real estate appraiser to provide an appraisal of the value of the trees and other landscaping which would need to be removed to construct the project.

Analysis of Soil Problems that Inhibit Tree Growth

Tree Associates was hired by Tom to examine a redwood tree that was growing poorly on Morro Bay Avenue in west Davis. John Lichter examined the soil profile and collected soil samples for chemical analysis. High soil salinity, soil density and poor drainage were negatively impacting tree performance. Tree Associates worked with Tom to develop an effective strategy for improved growth of the redwood tree and to enable addditional conifer trees to be planted on the property.

Loss of foliage in redwood trees

Jessica was concerned about the loss of foliage, canopy thinning, and loss of canopy density in her redwood trees on Almond Lane in Davis, CA. After examining the trees and soil, Tree Associates determined that the soil was not receiving ample irrigation and recommended that she increase the irrigation run times. Tree Associates also collected samples to submit to pathologists at the California Department of Food and Agriculture Plant Pest Diagnostics Lab to test for the possibility of disease in the trees.

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2013-08-29 21:18:56   I hired John Lichter of Tree Associates to evaluate a large English Laurel in my yard that had been losing leaves. He did a careful examination of the tree and found it to be basically healthy, but made several specific suggestions about the irrigation and trimming of the tree. While he was on site, he evaluated several other trees in the yard and offered suggestions about their care. I found John to be thorough, very knowledgeable, conscientious, honest, and articulate. I would definitely hire him again. —AnneJackson