Dre, Jack, Ern and Rob in the Arboretum Usually considered a juvenile activity, many refuse to grow out of it. The tree climbing population of Davis mostly consists of stranded rock climbers, bored students, drunks, and children. Though Davis may not have much in terms of rock formations to climb, it makes up for it by providing a plethora of opportunities for buildering and tree climbing. There is even a group on Facebook and an international society dedicated to the activity.

Be warned, tree climbing is dangerous, and can tear up your forearms pretty badly with some nasty cuts. So be sure to consider this before taking part in the glorious sport of tree climbing.

Popular Spots

Even though Woodland brands itself as the "City of Trees", there are plenty of spots to climb up.

  • The Arboretum features many trees, none of which are exceptionally tall.
  • The courtyards of Tercero feature many attractive trees, some are quite tricky. (See below)
  • The Redwood trees in the Big Kids Park offer quite a vista. Only climb if you understand the proper techniques of climbing Redwoods.


  • In winter of 2004, some members of Hammarskjold House in Tercero held a tree climbing challenge. Jey S. Pandian won. Images shown below from the madness.

Jey, the champion, with Abby and Oluwaseun Other participants