Tres Hermanas, NOW OPEN!

Type of food
805 2nd Street
At the corner of H Street alley (between G Street and Amtrak)

11AM - 9PM Mon-Thur, 11AM -10PM Fri, 9AM - 10PM Sat, 9AM - 8PM Sun
Viewable Here

Tres Hermanas is a Mexican restaurant that fills the glaring need for a legitimate sit-down Mexican restaurant, a void left since the departure of La Esperanza. They also have a popular location located in Midtown Sacramento.

Want to avoid trouble while eating and/or drinking here? Check out the Bar Taboos page before entering.

The location was the former home of Pasta?.

Notice Of Ownership Change

Happy Hour $3 Draft pints $4 Classic House Margarita $4 Tropical Margaritas (strawberry, mango, raspberry, or peach) $5 Coco-Rita $3 House wine $1 Street tacos

Happy Hour is 7 days a week from 3-6 pm.

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2010-08-03 11:47:47   So, can't wait for this to open. Love the restaurant in Sac. —LokiAbbi

2010-08-03 19:04:35   I am so excited! I have not been to the one in Sac. But I have been waiting for ever for a Mexican place in Davis. I will usually go to Maria's in Dixon. La Esparanza in my opinion was not so great, and Agave is something a little different that an affordable sit down Mexican restaurant. I am happy to hear that it is good LokiAbbi. —Sherri

2010-08-03 20:08:36   This is my favorite Mexican restaurant, bar none! We go to the one in Sac on a weekly basis. Killer margaritas, amazing carnitas, and a great friendly atmosphere. Davis will be thrilled to have a fabulous dine in Mexican restaurant again, I promise! —Davidlm

2010-08-03 23:07:08   The one in Sac is great! I hope the Davis location lives up to their reputation. —jsogul

2010-08-06 12:15:08   When is it supposed to open? I love good sit down mexican restaurants or taquerias like they have in the bay. For a California city, Davis could do better in Mexican food so I am excited for this place to open. Tacos and Beer is good too and Guads is passable for now (haven't been to Aguave). —BryceH

  • They hope to open in about 4 or 5 weeks.—Davidlm

2010-08-07 17:02:33   This is a great step up. Pasta? was not a great place, and there are plenty of Italian places in Davis - Davis really needs a good sit down Mexian place, and the other two Tres locations are great, so I anticipate this one will be as well. —rfrazier

  • Don't get me wrong, I'm happy about TH coming in and not shedding any tears over Pasta?'s departure — but plenty of Italian places? We have two: one upscale and one "regular" that some people seem to like (not me). —CovertProfessor
    • Agreed. There's actually more Mexican than Italian in Davis already. But Tres will be way better than Pasta. —jsogul

2010-09-20 09:01:57   I've been by here twice (friday 9/17/10 and sunday 9/19/10) and confirmed that they plan on opening this morning. I'll be there for lunch! This is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Sac. They have amazing carnitas, margaritas, and i love there enchiladas (mole and green). —elliottPollard

2010-09-23 16:44:08   Oh Boy! Today I drove by today to see if they had opened yet, like i have been doing every couple of days. (Yes, I am anxious) and they were serving lunch. I met the owner Sergio. He was very nice. I sat at the bar and because I had a dental appt in an hour and wasn't driving. I had a margarita. It was very good not to sweet and priced very reasonably. ( Top shelf $7.50 I think)I got some food to go for later. The chicken enchilada with a Mole sauce and a Chile Relleno. It came with soup, rice, beans and chips. It was delicious! I had never been to the Sac. locations. I didn't know what to expect. I just knew we have not had a real sit down Mexican food place in Davis as long as I have been here (10 years). I love Mexican food!!

Well worth the wait! —ashleyinthemist BTW I wonder can someone make them a page?

  • This is the page for their restaurant — people just need to start filling it in with info that they know. People like you, who have been there. :-) —CovertProfessor
    • I guess what I meant is to have it on the list under Mexican. I am not sure how. Thanks:)
      • Ah! Ok. I've added the name of the restaurant to the Mexican (Latin American) restaurant page. If you can fill out any of the information, please do! —CovertProfessor

2010-09-23 22:44:45   As I said in an earlier post, this is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Sacramento. I will now say my favorite restaurant period. We stopped by the new Davis location for lunch on Tuesday, on our way out of town. Sergio, the manager whom we've know for years from the Sacramento location, is in charge in Davis, and it is just as fabulous as their original location! We shared a taco plate; crispy chicken for me, soft shrimp for my partner. Excellent as always! Salad or soup accompany the combos (I highly recommend the house cilantro dressing), along with beans and rice, and THE BEST chips and salsa for the table! I will be here once a week, if I can get in! —Davidlm

2010-09-25 19:52:01   Drove by tonight and it was packed! Looking forward to trying them out. Hopefully they live up to the hype. —103

2010-09-26 11:00:31   First visit (to the Davis location) this morning for breakfast, and what a great addition to downtown. Enjoyed the huevos con carnitas, while Kara was quite satisfied with the huevos con chorizo. We look forward to returning for dinner soon. —ScottLay

2010-09-26 20:09:02   Good food, but wait until the dust settles before going for a weekend dinner. We ate there last night and the service was super slow; we waited an hour and a half for our food. Three other tables got up and left without eating during that time. Some of the reasons were that they had one wait staff person for the ~15 tables outside, the chefs were behind, and the restaurant ran out of some of the food options. HOWEVER, I really think that this was just growing pains from having just opened and that they will work it out. —davisdebbie

2010-09-26 20:21:30   Just went with our two kids tonight. The food was excellent - we had chicken enchiladas verde, chile relleno, and tacos. Would love some more outside tables, which were in high demand. As other people said, the service was slow, but they've only been open a week and they're probably just working out their system. The manager made a point of stopping by and apologizing for the wait and asking if we needed anything. We'll definitely be back. —kristineg

2010-09-27 10:56:00   I love the Sacramento location, and have really been looking forward to having Tres Hermanas here in Davis. Was planning on a birthday dinner there on Sunday night, and arrived just before 8 only to find that they close at 8 and were no longer seating. How disappointing! I realize it is a Sunday night, but to close for dinner at 8?!? 9 seems more reasonable, especially in a college town. I hope these are just temporary hours as the restaurant gets up and running. To close for dinner at 8 seems ridiculous. Still, I am really looking forward to eating there soon. —EmilyTho

2010-09-29 23:51:38   Great restaurant! Davis has been waiting for a restaurant like this for a long time. The service was slow for a few days because they were working out all the kinks, but now they have most of their problems figured out. —NicholasMarin

2010-09-30 19:21:05   I have always heard that the restaurant in Sacramento was so good. Well my husband and I went there for dinner tonight and we won't be going back. The food was so un-appetizing that I could hardly touched it. I had an enchilada, rice, black beans & a chile rellenos- most of the meal was to full of fat, the chile was stuffed with cheese but the breading nothing but mush. The black beans, served in a small cup, were almost black bean soup with not much taste. I can not see how people can look at that plate and then eat it. I will take Dos Coyotes anytime! —carolharting

2010-10-01 10:48:05   We picked up a menu and thought it was pretty expensive, I personally love Ernesto's in Sacto, very well priced, excellent food, great drinks (Only downside is - you guess it - it's in Sacto). Here, it's basically $11-$13 for everything, even the vegetarian stuff. Whatever, I'll give it a try, but I am skeptical. Bottom line for me is that Pasta is gone, happy about that. PS: If the restaurant/anyone else has time to merge the menu into 1 file, it would make it much easier to read, probably increase business because ppl in davis are lazy. PSS: This building is cursed. —GarrettGallegos

2010-10-01 11:12:24   I would if I was more computer savy but, will someone put this restaurant under the Mexican food category? Thanks! —ashleyinthemist

2010-10-05 10:53:00   Had a great dinner with the family. Yes, it is more expensive then the local taquerias....but it is definitely a step up in quality of menu choices. I had the mole and it was great. The portions are large, so I feel the prices were actually less because I had two meals from one order. The free chips and salsa are fantastic. My son had the carnitas plate and loved it. We did not have an issue with waiting for service at all. I definitely will be back. —LokiAbbi

2010-10-08 22:14:23   Can't say the Chimichunga was anything but tiny. Great margaritas, okay food. They also have a couple Mexican microbrews. —ArmyDecoy

2010-10-09 18:02:16   We have been twice already. Great food, excellent service! Food is well-priced with a nice selection. Great atmosphere. Sangria was excellent. A welcome addition to the Davis dining scene. —stodd84

2010-10-09 18:08:27   Food is expensive. $10-13 for most dishes and the portions are SMALL. The taste was okay—not horrible, but not worth the amount I paid. Service was OK. We went on a Saturday around noon. Despite more than half the tables being empty and about 5-6 waitresses it still took a long time to get our orders taken, a long time to get our food, a long time to get a water refill. —lunelectronique

2010-10-11 12:52:28   Had a great meal on Saturday night. Cadillac Margarita was well worth the $10 price tag. Verde sauce on the enchiladas (and other dishes as well) was tangy with just a tiny bit of heat - could use more heat in my opinion, but I like spicy food. Some at our table thought the green sauce was plenty spicy. Gringos. Whatev.

Service was excellent. Food was very good. Very glad that I don't have to drive to Vince's in Woodland or El Novillero in Sacramento to get a sit-down Mexican dinner. Nice addition to the Davis scene. I still miss Casa Hernandez on Olive Drive from back in the 80's, but this is much nicer and certainly more refined.

Kids menu is a nice feature. Tequila selection has a nice broad cross-section of labels. I would broaden the beer selection, but that may just be me. Sol or Pacifico would be a nice addition.

Nice place. I'll definitely be back.


2010-10-11 18:20:58   I must admit I was really looking forward to having this restaurant in Davis. Having been to one in Sac which was fabulous, wouldn't it be great to have one here? We were horribly disappointed. We were a party of four and we arrived about 5:30 on a Saturday night. The patio was empty with the exception of one couple at a table who were finishing their meal. We requested a table outside. We were told that all of the tables were reserved and we would need to wait 45 minutes! This is BAD business. We ate inside, and by the time we left over an hour later, there were STILL empty tables outside. The service was dredful. It took twenty minutes to ORDER cocktails. Once we were given our drinks, the waitress was again no where to be found. We were never given silverware—our salads came with forks, but once those were removed we had nothing for our entrees. We requested those but again had to wait. Having been in the restaurant business for ten years (which is how I put myself through college) I have certain expectations AND I also tend to be somewhat more patient at times about some things. One thing that I hate, however, is to see food "auctioned off." When a server comes out with food and needs to ask "Who had the carnitas?" when there are only four people at the table—its bad. But the SAME thing happened to the couple who sitting next to us. She had to ASK which of the TWO of them had the salad and which of them had the fajitas—now that's RIDICULOUS! My husband's tortillas were brought in a dirty basket, which had old, brown. dried guacamole on the side. The server should have noticed this before she brought it out. The food was so-so. The cilantro cream salad dressing was wonderful—but was lost on lettuce which was soaking wet. Overall we found things very bland. Seasonings were practically nonexistant. I had the ceviche tostada. It was a bit mushy and again, flavorless. I know we were there fairly early in the evening but already I can see that this restaurant attracts a very different clientele than did Pasta?, the restaurant which was here previously. Most customers were families with very young children, and in a manner typical of too many parents in our city, some were aloud to scream and roam around freely. I was going to go back and try one more time before leaving a poor review, but our experience was terrible from the moment we entered, and didn't improve in the least over the course of our meal. I believe these problems are a reflection of management, and NOT just part of working the kinks out of a new restaurant. Perhaps I'll go again some day, and if my experience is different, I'll certainly edit this review.


2010-10-11 22:47:50   It is so interesting how two people can go to a restaurant on the same day and have such opposite experiences. I was also there on Saturday afternoon. I had a wonderful meal with excellent service! I have been to Tres Hermanas 3 or 4 times since they opened and always a great experience. —Sherri

2010-10-11 22:59:45   My husband Pete and I ate here for the third time on Friday, when we closed after the Artabout. Even though it was packed, which says something just a few weeks after they've opened, we had great service, and incredible food as always. As to slow service, really people, they've been open less than a month! They were not expecting to be this busy so quickly, and they are having trouble training a new staff for the entire restaurant! Let's give them some time to work out the kinks already! LOL. —Davidlm

  • and I don't see how they can be blamed for bad parenting, by the way...

2010-10-12 23:39:43   Stopped in for a family meal. Two teens, two parents—Everyone really enjoyed their meal. The service was good and the food was authentic. Nice job for being open just a short while. —ThomasCorcoran

2010-10-13 15:32:43   I went in a week ago and the food was a bit better than at the other Mexican restaurants here in Davis. The Carne Asada was not truly "asada" as it is in most places down in Central or Southern California, but that's also true for the other Mexican places in Davis as well. [Carne asada should be grilled, not boiled and then grilled as I'm told the process is like at many places.] Trust me, there is a difference. Their prices are what will keep me away for the rest of the quarter. As a student, I don't have $14 for a plate that I know SHOULD cost less. But i guess this is a "sit down restaurant", seeming to cater more to other Davis residents that are not students on smaller budgets. Even then, I've been to other Mexican "sit down restaurants" in the Central Valley and LA where the prices are half of what I paid for.

Also, according to their menu, they charge a $2 to split a plate and I forgot the amount for the gratuity for groups of 6 or more. See ya next quarter! —Thatonedude

2010-10-16 16:19:11   Mmm... I went in a couple days after they opened, and had what may have been the best chicken chimichanga I've ever had in my life. Absolutely marvellous. Went again after they'd been open a week, and things were MUCH busier. Still not bad compared to most places I've eaten. Most seating is four or six to a table, so if you're showing up with a large group, you may need to wait longer or call ahead. —Flynn

2010-10-16 17:34:42   Glad you are here though not as good as the midtown location — yet! —creepergirl

2010-10-16 18:27:48   Went to dinner Friday night at 8. The place was absolutely packed! Pasta? never had half the crowd. Waited about 10 minutes for a table outside and ordered a beer in the meanwhile at the bar — they've got Sudwerks Hefe Weisen, Boone, and about 6 other beers on tap. Once we got seated, the service was actually rather prompt considering how busy they were. Now.. the food. The chips were great, possibly made fresh, and the salsa was great as well, and I'm not usually big on salsa. The salad was so-so, but whatever, Mexican places aren't known for their salads. I got the carne asada & chicken mole combo dinner for $14; the portion was _just right_. I was relatively hungry and was filled up, but didn't get in danger of overeating. If you are a big guy or really big appetite though, you could be disappointed. On the other hand, the price is absolutely perfect for what you get. As for flavor, the carne asade was good, but not particularly special (its a simple dish after all). The chicken mole though was a delight; the chicken was fried to crispiness under the sauce, and they used sesame seeds which gave the mole a fantastic flavor; for this dish, I wish I had enough to overeat! All in all, one of the best restaurants I've been to in Davis with great flavor and price. —AndrewPotter

2010-10-19 09:01:01   I went here for the second time last Saturday with a group of 4. We were lucky to get a table right away because it was totally packed! The service was great. We are those people that eat multiple baskets of chips and several things of salsa, and they were so quick we basically had a never ending supply, even though there was a full house. I got a margarita, and just like the one in Sac, they are perfectly strong and delicious. One of my favorite things about tres is that there food is always very temperature hot, which is not always the case at some Mexican restaurants that I've been to before. I had the carnitas and that pork tamale, and both were prefect. I normally get a verde enchilada and a mole enchilada (which are some of the best i've ever had) but wanted to try something new, and I was very happy with my decision. There prices are a little high compared to other Mexican places in davis, but I don't think that there food is overpriced. Their portions are very large, and I almost always have leftovers unless I'm specifically fasting for a huge feast. ha. Overall I think that this is my new favorite place to eat in Davis, and will be back here as much as I can. —elliottPollard

2010-10-25 15:27:59   My husband and I ate dinner at the bar. I am usually not a fan of margaritas, because they are too sweet for my taste. But their margaritas were very fresh and not too sweet. Chips and salsa were delicious and addicting. I had the vegetarian fajitas, and loved it! I love, love, love Mexican food and it is great to finally have a nice Mexican restaurant in Davis. We had a great dining experience here. They have a lot of vegetarian options, which is hard to find. I can't wait to go back and try another great vegetarian meal! —Kristina86

2010-11-10 20:52:44   Like others, I was really excited that we're finally getting a sit-down Mexican restaurant here in Davis. Like others, I'd also been to the Tres Hermanas in downtown Sac. Sadly, my experience here was not as good. My friend, my brother, my wife, and myself all went to Tres Hermanas last night and we all agreed that it tasted "weird." Not bad, per se (none of us gagged), but certainly not good and not something I'd spend $12 on again. My wife complained that the vegetarian tamale had a strange "milky" taste to it and surprisingly few vegetables—just lots of corn masa. So I guess it's Paco's in Woodland still for us (or Taquieria Davis for something local). :( —RobertM525

2010-11-13 14:07:17   I will never eat here again. I am still pissed about how much I paid for horrible enchiladas. I went there today for lunch with my friend. We BOTH ordered enchiladas, two for 10.99, which is expensive in the first place. For mine, I got cheese and beef, and for hers, she got both beef. She paid the 10.99. I had to pay 11.99 because I got MIXED. Meaning that my cheese enchilada cost a 1.00 more than her beef. Does that make any freakin' sense to you? So, total for my check, I paid 15 bucks for one plate of enchiladas, because I included a 2.00 tip. I only had water, but they gave my friend diet coke when she asked for just a regular coke. VERY expensive mexican food. And so not worth it in flavor, which tastes horrible. Last night I had dos coyotes- 3 meals for 20 bucks. Again, I will never go here again. Sorry. —JamieParker

2010-11-16 21:03:27   Went there for lunch - food was okay, but too expensive for a Davis lunch place. Most items are $11 or $12. They don't have an a la carte menu, which they really need - Davis lunch folks expect to be able to eat for ~$6 or $7 I think. The fish tacos had very little flavor, even after adding the salsa that came with the chips. Needs some good sauce on it or more flavorful fish or something. Chile verdes my friend had was good. —RudyGramage

2010-11-16 21:04:12   The sign I saw for happy hour was 3-6, not 3-5 like the wiki says... —RudyGramage

2010-11-16 21:36:33   Just finished another great dinner at Tres Hermanas. The food is always the most flavorful I get anywhere. There were a few bumps with service when they first opened, but it's been smooth recently. I love the house dressing on the salad that is included with every entree. The tortillas are the best you can find — always hot and fresh. The food is extremely flavorful is clearly made with fresh ingredients. GREAT margaritas and other drinks. I'm definitely a fan. —pnowlen

2010-11-19 20:28:02   The customer service sucks!! They dont refill drinks or check up on you at all. They take 15 or 20 minutes just to take your order. I will never go here again. The food was nothing special and is way over priced. —mdub

2010-11-20 17:02:29   This place is amazing. went with my fraternity last night. About 20 of us with our dates and they got us our food in like 5 minutes. i walked less than a block before I realized I forgot my keys and by they time i got back, the place was wiped clean. They are INSANELY efficient and the food is DELICIOUS!!!!! Great Mexican food and I'm from San Diego, so that's saying something. All my mexican friends agreed as well. Trust me, just go there!!! —MattCorey

2010-11-26 20:42:12   Went tonight to Tres Hermanas. I was hesitant after so many poor reviews, but I figured it deserved a fair shot. My party was seated immediately and promptly provided with water and chips. The waitress came and got our order reasonably quick. Our food came out blazing fast. Hot and fresh. Everything was delicious. Not too expensive, either. Three of us plus alcohol was only $30. Definitely a good place to go for Mexican food. —JessH

2010-11-28 08:26:39   Our family/friends have gone here a couple times this month and we really like the food; it does seem expensive for the size of the portions. For example, the dinner salads are amazingly meager(I know, that's not why we are there), and the chimichanga was the smallest ever seen. We want leftovers for tomorrow! Contrary to previous post of 3 for $30, the other day our 4 dinners and 1 beer & tip(no other drinks)was $60. Seating is to communal for our liking— be nice to have a bit more privacy when with your group —RichardL

2010-12-05 09:57:39   My son and I went here last night. The food was fantastic. We stared off with margaritas at the bar since there were no tables ready. They said it would be about 15 minutes. We waited maybe 5 minutes and our table was ready. Re: the margaritas: we have had better.

My son ordered a second called drink margarita rather than the house tequila and that margarita was MUCH better. We next had the bean dip as an appetizer. Quickly served - hot, yummy and fresh. I ordered the fish taco plate with a house salad, my son ordered a pork tamale and pork tacos with the soup. EACH item was hot, fresh, authentic, and delicious. We will definitely go again. It is nice to have a sit down Mexican place in town. Sorry to say it isn't as good as Zocalo's in Sacramento though. got

I almost forgot. The chips and salsa were immediately served - great kick to the salsa, chips were warm and crispy - not greasy. —PeriSiepman

2011-01-07 22:06:00   I went here tonight with my two friends for the first time. We were going there to celebrate a bonus and we were excited to try a new, fun place. We got there at about 8:45 on a friday night, so things were starting to slow down a little bit. We got our drinks food right away, but as soon as the waitress dropped our food off, she never came back to the table, not even to fill our very small water glasses. We were sitting towards the front in a booth and our server was sitting on one of the bar tables eating, talking to coworkers, and rolling silverware—not once looking over at us. After we were done with our meals, we had to flag down another server to ask for water. He was very attentive and asked us how we were doing and then reminded our "server" that she still had a table. Even after coming to the table to give us a box and our somewhat expensive check, she never asked my boyfriend if he wanted a second eight dollar margarita (which he did and never received.) I realize it's a Friday night and she probably wanted to go out and party, but this place doesn't close until ten—we were out the door by 9:30 and when we left, she was sitting in the exact same spot she was in since we arrived. We felt rushed the entire time and wished we had driven out of Davis for our celebration. The food was good, but the service was HORRIBLE. My party and I all agreed that we have gotten better service at Applebee's. It really put a damper on our evening out. —CourtneyMullarkey

2011-01-08 09:14:18   My family and I visited for New Years Eve. The service was attentive, the food was excellent and we loved the ambiance. The only problem we had was we felt a bit rushed to get out the door. We were being handed our check not even half way into our meal and the male server kept returning to collect it like we were about to blow the joint. The place wasn't even that busy. It was actually a disappointing end to what was otherwise a fantastic meal. We will most definitely visit again eventually, but if that happens again, it will most likely be the last return visit. —BrianPakpour

2011-01-23 15:48:50   READ THIS! DO NOT GO HERE! One of the staff members swiped my moms brand new iphone after we had just finished eating lunch there last week. It was one of four staff members there including the manager. They turned off the phone in the middle of me calling it so we didnt know which one it was. The next day the person had nerve to play scrabble against my sister! So DO NOT EAT HERE!-there food isnt even that good-its bland and its expensive. Go to El Mariachi, its nearby, cheaper and tastes better. —mindybacharach

2011-01-25 10:29:42   I have been here several times. Always good food and service. I have a hard time believing that the wait staff stole a phone. They have all been professional in my experience. The food here is different then the other mexican food places, so you can't really compare it to El Mariachi. The atmosphere and selection of menu items are a step up from the taquerias. So, yes it is more expensive. But, in my opinion, it is worth it. I like El Mariachi too, but when I want a nicer sit down meal, I will choose Tres everytime. —LokiAbbi

2011-02-06 18:29:23   Serious concerns about the veracity of the stolen iPhone accusation by an unregistered user. Should it stay? —ScottLay

2011-02-07 17:24:57   I would like to confirm the experience of another writer on Davis Wiki. I was the person whose iphone was stolen. I walked into the restaurant with a phone (I received a call during lunch) and left without a phone. It was around 1 pm when we were leaving and the restaurant was quiet. We (a party of 4) were in the last booth. It would have been difficult for another patron to reach across a booth and steal the phone as we left.I was sitting in the corner. As we left the restaurant, I began to reach for my keys and realized that my phone was missing. I went back to our table, fully expecting the phone to be sitting on the table in the hands of one of the servers. The table was completely cleared and there was no phone to be had. I searched under the table, in the booth crevices and still no phone. I had the others in my party search my purse, no phone. I did not make it to my car before realizing that the phone was missing so I know it was not in the car. One of the employees suggested calling the phone, we did. It rang once, and then was immediately turned off. After that, the phone went straight to the message machine. As you reflect, another oddity was that the server only filled my ice tea glass half full. Have you ever been to a restaurant where they only fill you up half way? I believe she was trying to get us to leave. This restaurant was recommended to us and we went in good faith. I left a healthy tip only to have leave much lighter than anticipated. The staff refused to ask their people. They said no one took the phone. I did not call the police. In retrospect, I should have stood my ground and phoned the police. I was with my elderly mother who had a Dr. appt. and a Davis student who needed to get to class. In my frustration and anger, I just left. We were not rude but did tell them that someone in their establishment is a thief. That is the story. There are 4 witnesses. I tell everyone I know to be careful before entering this establishment. I am not a current Davis resident but have 2 children who have been or are students and I am a UCD alumni. —Sherylbacharach

2011-02-07 18:22:19   The food is really tasty! The people working there have always been very nice and helpful as well. I don't know about the stolen iPhone, I try to keep an eye on my phone and other valuables at all times no matter where I am. It's Davis CA, not the Garden of Eden. —CurtisPerea

2011-02-08 21:59:57   TWO THUMBS UP! Just went to their first tequila tasting and it was an all-around fantastic evening. The owner (Sergio) is great - super personable and even served our table! Chile Colorado was simply sublime. The margarita with Gran Centenario Rosangel was easily the best margarita I've had. You simply CANNOT beat the price ($25) for a flight of 6 fine tequilas (and the knowledge to boot), dinner, and a margarita (with an expensive tequila, no less!). This was their first tequila and they plan to have more (every 1st or 2nd Tuesday of the month).

Yeah, there's a lot of negative reviews from November but they had literally JUST opened and were trying to get their feet on the ground and hit Davis with a fantastic menu and great service. Sergio said they had been having trouble with their waitstaff so that may explain your issues (to all you people who had your phones stolen).

They have fantastic happy hour specials mentioned above and those $4 margaritas would be SO worth it. I think we may have convinced Sergio's wife to bring sopapillas to Davis!

We will DEFINITELY be returning to Tres Hermanas for some great food, good service, and delicious drinks :-) —MichelleChinoraks

2011-03-03 13:46:03   Went here for dinner for the first time last night, and I am definitely going back. The food was delicious and the service was great. I was honestly impressed with how prompt the wait staff was with our food and drinks. Loved the vegetarian options. —septemberain

2011-03-14 20:45:42   1st of all. Mindy Bacharach Really?? I mean Really?? You have no evidence about the staff taking the cell phone! Do you know how irresponsible it to accuse someone without evidence! I have had many meals there and the staff was wonderful. The food is always hot fresh and delicious! Please where is your PROOF! —Sherri

2011-03-14 21:40:31   I went here awhile back and enjoyed myself quite a bit. I expected small portions, given some of the comments here, but my dish was not at *all* small, in fact it was quite large. The fajitas were really tasty, maybe the best I've ever had. The mole was very so-so, though (is there a good place in Davis for mole?). Waitstaff was nice, decor was nice. Definitely a nice sit down Mexican meal experience. —CovertProfessor

2011-03-24 17:14:11   True it's a bit expensive for Mexican food which usually tends to be more affordable. I loved their vegetarian fajitas, so so good! The beans are delish, the rice a little dry but with good flavor, and the carnitas are very yummy. The kids can't wait to go there again. Margaritas are good but too small for the price. Wish this place was less expensive so I could dine there more frequently. —YogiJen

2011-03-25 10:56:48   Love this place! The carnitas and margaritas are phenomenal! I've been here twice and will definitely be back. Can't wait until the weather is warmer and I'll be drinking margaritas on the patio! —Dreas

2011-04-15 22:04:14   Food was really great. The service was great (which is pretty rare in Davis). But the reason I'm posting here is to compliment our busser.

I left a pair of expensive sunglasses on the table when I left. Our busser chased me down waaaaaaay over into the parking lot to return them to me. Thanks, man. —GordonCaulkins

2011-04-22 13:04:41   Went to Tres Hermanas for lunch today. The chips were fresh but a little greasy. The salsa was good. I ordered the chicken chimichanga lunch special with soup. The soup came out very hot and had a very good taste to it. The chimichanga was tasty as well as the rice and beans. Service was good, with little wait for soup and lunch. I will eat here again. —scevec

2011-05-05 23:56:08   I still haven't eaten here, but my wife and I dropped by tonight for Cinco de Mayo for a couple hours with a vet school crowd and had a good time. The bouncers and bar tenders were extremely friendly, the margarita pours were pretty generous (although not cheap), and the atmosphere was nice. They turned off the music for quite a while before a live band got going, which was weird (no iPod?), but we had a great time hanging out. There was a pretty good crowd—it was lively, but not unpleasantly crowded. —TomGarberson

2011-05-06 20:00:56   I have eaten here several times throughout the past year and the experience has been enjoyable. Promt service, delicious food, what else could one ask for? However, I went there last night on Cinco de Mayo to watch my friend's band perform and my experience was mixed. The positive: after I stepped out to make a phone call, the bouncer did let me back in through the side door so I didn't have to wait in the massive line. The negative: the bartender, without warning, was charging $6.50 for the drink "specials" that were advertised as being $4. Ok, fine, it's Cinco de Mayo, drinks are going to be more expensive, I have no problem with that. However, if you are going to increase your prices, TAKE DOWN THE SIGN that advertises the normal price in huge letters at the bar. The surprise 40% price increase was pretty dickish if you ask me. —MikkoSolomon

2011-05-22 15:33:46   If you are an artist, musician, or DJ...DO NOT BOOK YOURSELVES HERE! They will charge for their bouncers that let everyone in for free (so you don't even get your cover fee) and claim that they didn't make any $$$ so they don't have to pay you what you deserve. This happened to my friends, its not worth your time to entertain for this shady business. —TracyR

2011-06-17 13:26:00   We really like the Carnitas here. Though the menu doesn't offer carnitas in all the items, you can request that they substitute it. Didn't really care for any of the beef dishes, but the carnitas and chicken have been great every time. First couple times we came here we ended up spending over $30 for two people which is a bit expensive for us, especially for mexican, but we've found a way to get our order down to $21 by getting 3 cripsy tacos a la carte( $3.00 each and they're way better than the soft tacos((substitute carnitas obviously)) and the Enchilada combo with the mole sauce and house cilantro salad ($11, substitute carnitas obviously). It comes with chips and salsa and is lot more food than two people should eat. —MikeyCrews

2011-06-18 22:03:54   Horrible. Noisy. Bad food. Bad service. OMG - the salad looked like someone's leftovers. —Plodder

2011-06-22 12:11:13   I have always loved this place! Never a bad experience. —ashleyinthemist

2011-06-24 15:56:15   Delicious. Their mole is the best I've ever had. We have eaten here many times with lots of different sized groups and the service has been good every time. —MelissaMelissa

2011-07-11 00:19:11   Worst Mexican food I've ever had...and I don't say that lightly. Any promising flavors were bland and/or overpowered by...well...not-so-good flavors. Still looking for a good sit-down Mexican place around here... —MusicGuy

2011-07-11 06:41:08   It isn't cheap, but if you're looking for really fantastic Mexican food, often with a twist, check out Zocalo in Midtown Sacramento. It's upscale and often has modern twists on the food, so if you're looking for pure traditional food, it's not for you. But it is excellent.TomGarberson

  • Curious as to why the poster added this comment; how does it contribute to Tres Hermanas? Why not add your input to the actual entry for the other restaurant? —AlexShenko
    • Because when people are complaining that there's no good sitdown Mexican in Davis, or that TH doesn't provide what they're looking for, a good alternative seems relevant. —TomGarberson
  • My office is two blocks from Zocalo, and I had lunch there yesterday. I like Zocalo, but I also think that Tres Hermanas is pretty darn good, and a welcome addition to Davis. I've had several things, usually before jumping on a train—salad, carnitas, even breakfast—and have never been disappointed. I love our taquieras (particularly Taquiera Davis and El Mariachi), but Tres Hermanas serves a different purpose. I travel to Mexico at least once a year, have eaten in amazing Mexican towns like Oaxaca and Merida, appreciate the diversity of Tres Hermanas's food, and I haven't found their food particularly lacking for a NorCal establishment. —ScottLay

2011-07-14 10:23:26   O.K so I posted here recently about never having a bad experience at TH. Last night I did. The chicken enchiladas with Mole was so greasy I just could not eat it. There were puddles of grease. When the waitress came by I told her. She said she would tell the manager. He never came by. So After waiting forever I finally just left. I did not expect him give me the world I just thought he could at least hear what I had to say. Especially since I am a regular customer. —ashleyinthemist

2011-07-15 23:24:11   I finally had dinner here tonight for the first time. I've been for happy hour before and found the staff friendly, the drinks just fine.

Dinner pros: the fajitas are very tasty. Dinner cons: almost everything else. The soup of the day, arroz con pollo, had very little flavor and, oddly enough, no rice (if anyone's not familiar, arroz is rice). Instead of rice, it had vermicelli. It just wasn't any good. The salsa and chips they brought out were decent. Nothing particularly noteworthy. Probably the weirdest thing about the meal is that they only brought two tortillas at a time for the fajitas. They bring out this great big basket... with two smallish folded tortillas. I'm all in favor of fresh tortillas and whatnot, but two? Seriously? It's basically a big empty basket. I had to ask for more, and it took at least 10 minutes to get—you guessed it—two more tortillas in a whole new big basket. Service was slow and a little strange. I'm guessing our server was new because she seemed a bit awkward. One of the bussers came and asked if I was done while I was in the process of taking a bite. My fork was literally in my mouth, and there was still food on my plate. We also had to wait quite a while for water refills (very small glasses).

That said, the fajitas were tasty. The prices were significantly higher than most of the Mexican in Davis, but not all that much higher than a Chevy's or something along those lines. Fajitas were $13, and the enchiladas both of my friends got were $12 each (one got chicken with mole and liked it a lot, the other got cheese with red sauce and liked it pretty well).

All in all, I'm a little bit iffy about going back there. If everything had been as good as the fajitas, I'd be more forgiving about the bad service and the somewhat high prices. Given that the soup was worse than what you'd get from a can and the salsa was quite dull, I'd call the food quality inconsistent at best. That said, if I'm out with a group and people want to go, I won't object to getting some more tasty chicken fajitas. I'll probably stick to salad instead of the crappy soup, though. —TomGarberson

2011-07-27 16:25:43   I have eaten here twice now. First time was mediocre, at best. That was a couple months ago, so today the girlfriend and I decided to give it another go. Our first indication should have been that there was no one there to greet us. After a minute or two the bartender came over and seated us and brought us menus and water. After deciding, and waiting another 5 or 6 minutes, the bartender again noticed we were not being helped and came from across the restaurant and took our order. A few minutes later the waitress finally appeared and brought us chips and salsa, which she practically threw on the table before walking off. Never even made eye contact, and seemed highly irrated that she had to bring us chips. Food took some time to make despite a completely empty building. The pulled pork taco was terrible, no flavor at all. As was the chicken tacos my girlfriend got. The pork slices taco was decent, but still pretty bland. We never saw the waitress again, and the bartender took care of us the rest of the time we were there. After we left, we didn't even make it the 5 minute journey home before my girlfriend was feeling sick. When we got home 5 or 6 minutes after leaving, she ran straight to the bathroom and puked everything back up. Even after puking, she still feels sick. I don't feel terribly great myself, but I don't think I am going to puke. I give Tres Hermanas a 1 out of 5. If not for the observant bartender, we would have gotten up and left. Avoid this place at all costs, there are much better places to eat in Davis. —angrychair

  • sorry you had a bad experience there. While I am not affiliated in any way with the restaurant, I do know the woman you are referring to and we both shared a death of a mutaul friend who was found this morning in his apartment... probably explains the poor service. Might want to visit them again another time just to be fair. — Wes-P

2011-08-02 10:14:22   I've been to the Tres in Sac many times, and I really enjoy their food. The location in Davis just isn't up to those standards, for some reason. I've found the service inattentive and the food hasn't been as good. Obviously there are different people involved in a new location, but I'm not sure why it's so hard to make the same food at both places. I hope they get it straightened out, but at the moment I'lll eat at other places in Davis and save Tres for when I'm in Sac. —MattCzarnowski

2011-08-12 12:03:32   it's bunk

that is all you need to know

also my mexican buddy said the asada was a) bland and b)tasteless and c) unzesty and d) "really chewy" and e) effing skirt steak for $13 fajitas plate

guac was alright but 7 dollar large bowl was small. Bean dip was good but the dish wasn't deep.

oh and auto %18 gratuity for parties of five. Services was IMHO %10 tip max —StevenDaubert

2011-08-26 01:40:57   If you enjoy rubbing shoulders with the douchebaggery of davis then this is the bar for you. —AB

2011-09-18 20:05:02   Went for dinner Sunday night at 7, and for the first time I've seen it Tres wasn't packed to the gills (though I haven't been here in a couple months). I've been here many times since my first visit that caused me to give it a raving review for the food, but ever since that first time the food has never been amazing—rather its fallen to "Okay" standards. Usually what beckons me back is the chips and salsa, although this is a gamble. Sometimes the salsa is mild, other times it burns fiercely. But when its hot it is also delicious. All in all I still think its a good value, but it is unlikely it will blow your socks off. —AndrewPotter

2011-10-18 17:56:43   completely disappointed after my visit (literally visit) the other night. i was craving mexican food one night and checked out their hours of operation to see that they were open until ten. i get there and after waiting for someone to attend me. the waiter looked at me in a weird way and asked if i needed help. i mean hellooo i want to be seated, what else would i want? so he tells me that they are closed. i then told them if they closed at ten and then some other guy (seemed like a guy with manager type position) tells me that they were getting ready for an event that night. what kind of business turns down a hungry customer? completely unreliable for your craving needs. i will not be going back there. —jennypadilla

2011-11-21 17:16:29   I got TWO iphones stolen at Tres. This is not a coincidence!!! Do not bring your iphone to tres! —davisRezzz

2011-12-13 14:05:58   HAPPY HOUR! The happy hour tacos are incredibly good. At $1 each they are also a great deal. Little street tacos with very good meat, the tortillas were a little oily one time I went, but I kinda like them like that. Drink specials are pretty standard ($3 specialty pints), several very good brews on tap. —DagonJones

2011-12-16 17:08:55   this place sucks donkey balls! worst service ever! go there on a non busy time or day and they still take forever to server you food, your drinks or even take your damn order! —JeffA

2012-02-11 13:26:30   I have had friends who went to Tres and had fairly good comments about the place, so I decided to check it out with my roommate and a few of our friends. My roomie and our friends went ahead first because I still had work at Sac to finish up. When I got back and got ready, my roomie left Tres to pick me up, and when we came back, a big bouncer guy with dark hair (probably the biggest of the ones we saw outside just for clarification as to which one) wouldn't let us in!! Even when my roommate showed her stamp of her hand she got earlier and I showed my ID (I am over 21!) they wouldn't give me a stamp, ACCUSED us of lying, ACCUSED us of having "left and changed our clothes", and even had the GALLS to say "I wasn't born yesterday".

We were speechless!! We have NEVER been treated so badly by any other bar in Davis! In another story from the very same night, one of our friends who is also Hispanic (like my roommate) was harassed INSIDE the place, being asked questions such as "how did you get in?" She was so confused and angry she met up with us outside, told us of what happened, and we concluded the guys inside must have thought she was my roommate! Are they RACIST?? Do we look like every other Asian and Hispanic in the area, much less the WORLD?? We are NEVER going back to this place again due to the horrible way we were treated by racist people who couldn't tell us apart from one girl to the next and who still accused us of lying!!! —SomeOneAndNoOne

2012-05-06 20:25:45   After reading the reviews regarding this place, I decided to try the food out with my family. We arrived at about 5:40pmish, so the place wasn't really busy at the moment. We were warmly greeted and seated promptly.We were given ice water and the salsa + chips (which tasted pretty good. Spicy, but not overly spicy). When we looked over the menu, a waiter with a jovial face came and asked us if we wanted anything to drink. We politely declined and said water is all we needed. Almost immediately, the waiter lost the happy greeting face and curtly told us that he will be back to service us again after we have decided on our food to order. In the end, my family and I ordered from the combinaciones 2,8, and 11 (ordering Carnitas and Carne Asada), with starters being a soup and two salads, one with the house sauce and the other being ranch. During the ordering, it was very noticeable that the waiter was impatient (irritated?), and simply wanted to service any other table than ours. When the soup and salad came, the soup turned out fine, but the sauce for the salads tasted quite bland, and was very watery-like. For instance, the ranch sauce had no viscosity to it, and when you pick up a piece of lettuce, the sauce will drip off the lettuce, and onto your plate. When our entrees arrived, everything looked great. However, we found that the food didn't have much taste to it at all. Most of the food didn't seemed to have been seasoned nor cooked very well - the grilled sirloin for order 8 was rather burnt, the fried pork (carnitas) definitely did not have a citrus flavor to it, but tasted bland. Pretty much, the food was tasteless. Maybe it was just my family and I, but we didn't really get "wow"ed or comment on how good the food was cooked. Furthermore, given as to how our waiter treated us, we didn't feel too happy after the meal. Summation: 1 = poor, 3 = ok, 5 = Great Taste: 2.5 Service: 2 (Just because we didn't want any alcoholic drinks, I don't think we should be treated differently from the other tables that did order drinks.) Price: About slightly more than average. We ended up with each person coming up to $15-16 for their meal. The decorations and design of the place looks nice, but the food absolutely needs some work. Lastly, I absolutely do not think I will go there again until I see consecutive reviews about them having great food again or how they have improved. —AWai

2012-05-28 18:37:01   Ate here with my girlfriend earlier today. The place was empty, yet the service was terrible. Didn't bring chips or water for at least 5 minutes after we were sat. Didn't ask us if we wanted any drinks until he finally came back maybe 10 minutes after leaving us with the menus. The food was prepared quickly, but was on par with the service. The chips were stale, the carnitas tacos I ordered were incredibly dry. My girlfriend didn't have many complaints about her dinner plate until we got home. She is in the bathroom throwing up as I type this. My stomach hurts as well but I don't think I will throw up. I would avoid this place, Dos Coyotes is about the only decent mexican food in Davis. 1 out 5 stars on Tres Hermanas. More like Muy Enferma. —angrychair

  • You left a similar review about a year ago (July 2011). Almost the exact same in some parts! She got sick, but you managed to not hurl ;) "After we left, we didn't even make it the 5 minute journey home before my girlfriend was feeling sick. When we got home 5 or 6 minutes after leaving, she ran straight to the bathroom and puked everything back up. Even after puking, she still feels sick. I don't feel terribly great myself, but I don't think I am going to puke. I give Tres Hermanas a 1 out of 5. If not for the observant bartender, we would have gotten up and left. Avoid this place at all costs, there are much better places to eat in Davis." If you think you genuinely became sick, I'd recommend you contact the county. (You may just have a sensitive stomach...can't handle Mexican spices maybe? Your other review of a taqueria also had you throwing up... Perhaps you should see a doctor instead.)

2012-06-08 12:43:07   Went here last night for dancing. I was very excited as I had a couple of friends with me from out of town. We waited in line for an hour and realized the line was barely moving. There were A LOT of people who had cut in front of us and the security seemed to do nothing about it. When we finally got to the front he started accusing us of "moving forward." He kept asking us "why are you guys moving forward I'm not letting you in..." Instead of politely asking us to step back he kept on repeating the same thing over and over and giving us a lot of attitude for no reason. We tried explaining to him that the people behind us kept on pushing us so we kept falling forward. Instead of telling everyone to not push and take a step back he kept on yelling at us. Finally my friends got upset and told him that we are not trying to move forward we are getting pushed and he wouldn't believe us and told us that if we don't stop he would put up the railing and not let anyone else in. It was ridiculous because he had to be about 6'5" and could easily see over the whole crowd and see that everyone was pushing and shoving and cutting yet he did not do anything about it. He also let in half of my friends and stopped the other half from coming in, WHILE letting two other girls in who cut in front of us RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS EYES. After all this happened we also heard him say that he was only going to let in 2 more people and they had to be 2 good looking girls. By this point my friends and I were very upset and couldn't believe he was discriminating people based on their looks. I've noticed other comments about the bouncers being very rude to the customers and I'm pretty sure it is the same bouncer doing this over and over. It was a very embarrassing night for me, the restaurant itself, and even the City of Davis. I can't imagine what my out of town friends must think of the people of Davis. I brag all the time about how nice everyone here is and this one experience completely ruined that for me. That one bouncer has ruined my perception of the type of people that work and run and this restaurant. Won't be going back here. again. Ketmoree is A LOT BETTER for dancing... highly recommended. —S.S.

Two or more of the following comments comefrom the same IP address and may be the same person.

2012-06-08 18:35:34   Spoke to the manager about an issue we had with the bouncer there last night and I could not believe how rude he was! He told me that the people cutting us were "regulars" when I have been going there for every single weekend for OVER A MONTH. I told them to read their reviews on daviswiki and he flat out told me he does not care what people think and told me to go somewhere else. All I tried telling him how rude the bouncer was, that he kept accusing us of "moving forward" when we clearly being pushed and also felt he was being racist. But the manager wanted nothing to do with it, told me he was "busy" and cut the phone. DONT GO THERE!!!!


2012-06-08 19:17:53   6/8/2012 Went here to dance last night hoping for a fun night with my friends. Here's no happened:

Decided to go since they have no cover.

Bouncers were unable to maintain control of the line. (There were plenty of obvious cutters)

Bouncers lack decent customer service and have obvious ego issues. Treated customers like trash.

A bouncer threw someone out very aggressively, and the guy ran into people waiting in line trying to get in.

If they treated us like that in person, I cannot imagine what they do to our food and drinks.

My 2 cents: Stay away from this place —steven278

2012-06-24 06:24:36   Straight up rudeness!!!! My wife and some friends were at the Davis Music Fest last night and stopped at tres for a few drinks. We had a total of 4 house margaritas between my wife and I. When we were about to leave iasked for our portion of the check which came to $30. I left a $10 tip at the table and went inside to pay the tab with my card. I put no tip on the ticket and when our server, who was also the manager apparently, saw that he rudely said to me, "thanks for the tip!". I told him that he was extremely rude and that I would not be returning as well as telling my friends to not eat here! He just shrugged me off! I mean who does this? I gave him a $10 tip on a $30 ticket! Do not go here, after reading the other posts here it is very apparent to me that this place needs to be boycotted by the community so that the owners and management realize that you can't treat people in this community this way and stay in buisness. I will never go back here! —smileygladhands

2012-06-24 15:03:01   To back up S.S. and steven278, I had a similar experience regarding bouncers/line control. They also do seem to let "regulars" in faster than other people or let them cut. —Babhari

2012-10-07 17:54:41   Our family of four went for the first time on a Saturday evening. We received friendly, attentive service. We loved the salsa, especially our children, ages 2 and 6. It was spicy but not overly so. I enjoyed the carnitas, our 6 year-old enjoyed the child's enchilada plate, and the boys enjoyed a burrito combination plate. We never wanted for a thing. Our chips and salsa were immediately refilled, our food arrived hot and timely, and we left with empty plates and happy tummies. Prior to finishing my dish, I plotted the next visit. It's comfort food in a relaxing environment. What more could an exhausted mother ask for (except a trip to the spa, a gorgeous hotel, blue ocean......)? I thought the quality of the food was very good, flavors married well and was overall delicious. —MrsC

2012-11-05 00:45:15   BEST PLACE TO DANCE! ! All these people BITCHIN about it not crackin CLEARLY went in a crowd of TWO. ANYWHERE you go, its your CREW that makes it happen.

THERE'S a reason why the night club has a LONG ASS LINE . SO GO EARLY. .

Don't like it?!THEN WALK ACROSS the street to shitty OUR HOUSE or walk down the block to miley cyrus bullshit music Ketmoree. <3 TRES <3 —Macco

2012-11-19 17:00:37   this is a pretty fun bar in davis. i've never eaten there but have been to the night club plenty of times. they have a decent variety of music being played there and a big dancing area. most of the time it's packed and there is no cover either. and as much as i have enjoyed this place in the past 2 years, i recently had an experience that made me dawn upon a lot of things about tres, and after reading a couple other reviews we can conclude that the people that work there are morally corrupt. i don't know about the food servers since i've never eaten there (according to several other reviews the same can be said about them), but the evening staff is seriously sick in the head. because after going there for a while and experiencing it myself, there are some very disturbing patterns that are emerging about "team tres" that i would like to share with everyone, just so you are aware of their existence: they enjoy watching people get absolutely drunk beyond their imagination, they watch countless people get sick out front and laugh at them for being too drunk after selling them loaded coronas (3 of those will take an average person to oblivion), the bouncers promote aggressive behavior by being overly rude to anyone that questions them especially when other people cut in line and you have to wait, they treat their clients like ignorant children (and yes, you do get special treatment from the bouncers as a regular or if you have really big tits), the inside staff allows other people with the same sick mindset to go in there to prey on innocent drunken girls, the bouncers act like they have some sort of overlord entitlement over their clients because they wear a tshirt that says "team tres" and this somehow makes them superior to say whatever BS they want to avoid conflict after ENCOURAGING outrageous behavior to create conflict in the first place (ie allowing people to cut in line), while most bouncers will turn away people for being too drunk "team tres" will allow anyone in (even if they are falling over blacked out already), they don't really care if something bad happens to you so they will sell you as many drinks as your credit card can buy, and if something bad does happen to you they will side with the person that caused the bad thing while you are left lying in the bushes for the cops to pick you up. these are just some general trends i have noticed at tres by observing this bar over time, and there are lots of other specific examples that prove all this. also, i understand that this can be said about pretty much any bar, but i have definitely not seen such a massive degree of immorality anywhere else in davis (ok maybe at ket mo ree but i don't ever go there for that sole reason). and i'm not trying to deter anyone from going because yes, tres is a pretty fun bar if you are responsible and don't get too drunk, but a lot of people can agree that tres is the place everyone goes to black out. it's the bar college kids go to after drinking themselves into oblivion before going out, only to buy more drinks when they get there on their parents unlimited credit card. and it's also the place a lot of creepy guys go to to prey on drunk girls (there are other bars with more creepers, tres isn't the worst). and after seeing how rudely the bouncers treated my friend the other night (who has been there many times as well), i realized that this type of stuff probably happens every night and to a lot more people than myself. i agree with the fact that most drunk people do act like ignorant children and should be more responsible, but that doesn't allow the staff to make fun of them after promoting a state of complete oblivion. hopefully now you have a perspective of the type of place tres is and can make your own wise decision whether you want to continue going there or not. i'm definitely not going back there anymore because this is seriously disturbing to me and there are plenty of other bars in davis with a much more positive atmosphere. so you can go party there as much as you like, but just know that this is a sick, morally corrupt bar. ok rant over thanks for reading :) —MariaSav

2012-11-20 13:02:23   Never had anything but good experiences here. We visit occasionally for dinner as a family. I wouldn't say the service is out of this world, but it's fair. The food is excellent and the prices are very fair. Definitely a better dining experience than Pasta?, which previously inhabited this spot. —BrianPakpour

2012-12-20 12:34:43   decent food, atrocious customer service —NorteMansion

2013-03-23 19:03:55   I've been here many times (at least 30), and I've never had anything but excellent service. Their happy hour specials are what really get me—the carne asada street tacos are AMAZING, and the margaritas are yummy (and not skimpy on the booze). I've never come for the bar/dancing, so I can't comment on that. But the non-happy hour specials are also delicious—I'd say around the same prices as Dos Coyotes. And seriously, when the weather's nice, I could eat the street tacos five times a week. —zombiek

2013-07-21 15:08:15   Boycott Tres Hermanas in Davis ,ca. The owner is an insensitive homophobic asshole, who allows his employees to call customers Bitches. The owner had the nerve to call me a" dyke bitch" when he thought i had left, and to get my" ugly face" out of there. This was all because a girl got punched in the face and i stood up for her when she tried to get ice for her swollen face. The owner of Tres hermanas wouldnt allow her to grab some ice, and when she pleaded with them the employee called her a bitch. I over heard the convo and stepped in. The employee wouldnt give up his name and when i asked to speak with his manager the owner came out. Right away he was very defensive and flat out told me that his employee can call anyone anything. Thats when he started calling me names. The owner flat out said that she probably deserved being called a bitch anyway. I spoke with an officer also, but due to it being a non-violent situation there was not much i could do other than report them. Tres Hermanas will be investigated.The owner has already been reported to the City of Davis for reveiw ,along with many reports from witnesses to the Better Business Bureau. No one deserves to be treated the way they treated us. On top of this, heads up to my gay community! Tres Hermanos is not Gay friendly! Don't waste another dime in this horrible place! The owner needs to get with the times or pack it up already. —SarahClark88

2013-07-22 10:00:24   Do NOT support this location. The owner of the store yells derogatory terms at women, and allows the staff to make homophobic remarks to their guests. The food is Mediocre at best, and not even close to the quality of the store in sacramento. all in all, its like most of the restaurants that have opened in the past in this location. Poor customer service, coupled with bad food, bad pricing, loud obnoxious atmosphere, and unintelligent sexist staff. Thumbs down.


DO NOT listen to only one commenter. I've eaten here plenty of times, have a registered account and highly suspect the last two comments as disgruntled employees, competitors, or people who got drunk and kicked out. —ScottLay

I posted here back in July. I find it rude that you would just assume that im lying than maybe telling the truth. I never worked here, I don't own my own business seeing as im only 25 and a student and best of all I wasn't drunk or kicked out. I even spoke with an officer that night to discuss the incident. Don't you think if I was drunk I would of got a drunk in public?? Why would I go out of my day to explain how Homophobic and Horrible this place is? You think I had a fun time being mistreated... I came here to warn people of the possibility of being treated like me and that poor girl. Maybe you should open your eyes too. My family owns Ken's Bike and Ski here in town, and coming from a family who also does business in davis, Tres hermanas is a disgrace. Food is ok, but not worth the trouble at night. I hope for the sake of davis,ca this place goes under or gets new ownership ASAP. —SarahClark88

Ms. Clark I am in complete agreement with you. The manager/owner and the team tres along with wait staff and table bussers are the rudest most out of control individuals there are in Davis. The Yolo DA and the court judges agree. This restaurant should have it's "club" privileges revoked. I do not understand why the PD does not arrest the bouncers because they have clearly crossed the line. Wake up Davis PD, wake up Davis City Council, wake up Yolo County, if you let these neanderthals continue to behave they way they have for the last four years you are going to end up with far more problems than you did with the UC Davis football teams free-for-all at University Village. Remember those days?

  • I don't pretend to know the truth of what was said. I've only eaten here a couple of times and had reasonable experiences each time. However, I note that these are not the first complaints about employee attitudes to appear on this page (e.g., a couple of commenters before these two most recent ones felt they were subject to racist treatment). —CovertProfessor

2014-02-04 21:38:14   this place is pretty good and they have excellent horchata...since I am not a fan of very spicy food I probably will not go here again since most of their food is too spicy for me —monicalazur

2014-10-18 23:49:06   This place is pretty good, it's a little pricey, but you get a lot of food. I like the fajitas a lot, comes with chips and a salad. They have frozen margaritas too, which is SO HARD TO FIND. Delicious. —MGreen

2015-05-04 19:07:54   I really enjoy Tres. What makes this place special to me is the management and the service. Now, I come there to eat and have a marg. Not late at night during the "club scene". My friends and I have always been treated so well. I feel at home there! —Sherri

2017-09-12 19:05:29   We hosted a rehearsal dinner for 40 here last Saturday night and these folks did a fabulous job of taking care of us. The food was fresh and delicious and the service spot on. Raina was extremely helpful in guiding me through the process of selecting the menu and the set-up, schedule, etc. She patiently answered all of my nervous mother-of-the-groom questions over the course of multiple phone calls, making the process of arranging the evening ever so smooth. She even welcomed my request to bring in our own simple dessert of the bride's favorite cookies. We asked to be seated indoors due to the heat, and were given plenty of space. Family had room to mill around and visit prior to dining, and play table swap as they made the rounds to get to know each other. At Raina's recommendation, we had a fajitas buffet, which included their delicious carnitas, chicken, and a lovely vegetable saute in addition to all the other fixings - perfect for us since the bride and groom are vegetarian, but others enjoyed their meat! Raina and her wait staff kept the food and drinks coming, and were super friendly and attentive. My family raved about the evening, and I came off looking like a amazing hostess without doing any of the work! Oh, the price was extremely reasonable, a heck of a value, especially considering I was given all the leftovers which fed about a third of the group again a few nights later. Love this place! —SarahmDavis