UC Davis Administrative Officers


Linda Katehi

Ralph Hexter

  • Associate Executive Vice Chancellor of Campus-Community Relations

Associate Executive Vice Chancellor Rahim Reed

  • Senior Staff

Steven Drown, Campus Counsel

Leslye J. Hays, Executive Officer

Rober Loessberg-Zahl, Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor

Rahim Reed, Associate Executive Vice Chancellor-Campus Community Relations

Maril Revette Stratton, Associate Chancellor

  • Academic Personnel

Vice Provost Maureen Stanton

Vice Chancellor John Meyer

Interim Vice Provost Prasant Mohapatra

Vice Chancellor Barry Klein

  • Resource Management and Planning (Merged with Office of Administration in October 2009 to form the Administrative and Resource Management division.)
  • Student Affairs

Vice Chancellor Fred Wood

Vice Provost Patricia Turner

  • University Outreach and International Programs

Vice Provost William Lacy

  • University Relations

Vice Chancellor Beverly "Babs" Sandeen

Also see the list of Deans for the various professional schools, colleges and divisions. There are also student assistants to the Chancellor.