Every winter quarter, the College of Ag & Environmental Sciences hosts their annual Field Day.

  • 2008 Friday February 29 and Saturday March 1
  • 2007 Friday and Saturday March 2nd & 3rd (Aggie article)
  • 2006 Friday and Saturday March 3rd & 4th

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences will be holding its annual Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Field Day on Friday, March 7th and Saturday, March 8th, 2014. This field day is open to FFA and 4-H high school students from California and surrounding states. This is a great opportunity for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences to showcase the college to potential prospective students. Approximately 3,000 high school students come to UC Davis to compete in the 24 contests listed below.

1.Agricultural Mechanics

2.Agricultural Sales

3.Agriscience Fair


5.Best Informed Greenhand

6.Computer Applications

7.Creed Recitation **

8.Dairy Cattle Judging

9.Farm Business Management

10.Farm Power and Machinery

11.Farm Record Book



14.Job Interview**

15.Light Horse Judging

16.Livestock Judging

17.Meats Judging

18.Milk Quality and Dairy Foods

19.Nursery Landscape

20.Parliamentary Procedure and Debate**

21.Poultry Judging

22.Small Engines

23.Specialty Animal Judging

24.Vegetable Crops

** = Public Speaking Contest

Field Day is entirely run by UCD students with faculty and staff advisors. They have to arrange to get flowers, cattle, judges, animal carcasses, bug samples, dairy samples, engines, horses and more. They have to dig holes for Land Judging, set up science displays from Agriscience Fair, and make and grade tests for almost every contest. They will have to grade quickly, as tests and results are turned in to get scores tabulated in time for the contest critiques immediately afterward and the award ceremony a few hours later.

It's harder for the UCD coordinators since they generally have the earliest contest on the circuit, and therefore the least amount of time to prepare for it. As most of the contests start around 8 am on Saturday, it makes for a very long day for the coordinators. Nonetheless, they try to put on the best competition they can to put up a good face for UC Davis, since this is the only time a lot of these prospective students see the campus.

For ag teachers looking to register, click the following link: http://calaged.csuchico.edu/registration/SelectContestReg.asp?FieldDayID=398

Interested in coordinating a contest or volunteering? Contact the head field day coordinator at [email protected] or call at (530)-752-0922. Volunteers are always much appreciated!


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