The UCD Auditory Neuroscience and Speech Recognition Lab, also known as Miller Labratory, is a UC Davis laboratory.

They perform various studies relating to hearing loss.

Adult Hearing Loss Study

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Dr. Lee Miller of the Center for Mind and Brain at UC Davis is seeking volunteers for a study on hearing loss and the brain. We use techniques called MRI and EEG to study how people understand speech. MRI and EEG allow us to 'see' what's going on in your brain. You can help out by volunteering to be a subject.

Please read the flier carefully for more information and qualifications It is posted to the right, or you can view the PDF on their website.

Please contact Jess Kerlin, Center for Mind and Brain, Davis by phone (530-927-4426) or e-mail [email protected] with HEARING LOSS in the subject header for additional information.