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The Muslim Student Association at the University of California Davis is a student spiritual organization united for the sake of God. The mission of the MSA is to create an avenue for Muslim students to meet, exchange ideas, debunk misconceptions, and work to understand and disseminate the true message of Islam as in accordance with the Quran and the life of the Prophet Muhammad. The club is open to members of all religions.

The MSA hosts various events throughout the school year including general body meetings, a fast for a day event geared towards the non-Muslim members of the community, lectures by prominent Muslim speakers, and more.

The Muslim Student Association is an active participant in the Interfaith Campus Council

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2006-03-17 20:46:25   Awesome, I was completely unaware that UCD MSA was intune with the wonders of wiki... —AroojAhmad

2007-08-31 11:48:41   I love MSA !!! ~ YOUR SISTER ! —Amna