Wing Chun Kung Fu Club in Davis

Logo created by Ben Hu

Contact Email
[email protected]
Founding President/Leadership
Courtney Korff
Lou Man
President - Kevin Butler
Vice President - Kevin Kemmerrer
Treasurer, Webmaster, Graphics Design Chair - Ben Hu
Executive Officer - David Lee
Public Affairs Officer - Chris Gilliam
Club Office Location
ARC Pavilion
Meeting Times
Mon 5-6:30pm (Pavillion or front of ARC)

Tues 6:30pm (Pavillion or front of ARC)

Thurs 6-8pm (Pavillion or front of ARC)

Fri 5-6:30pm (Martial Arts Room)
Sat 5-6:30pm (Pavillion or front of ARC)
Sun 5-6:30pm (Martial Arts Room)
Meeting Location
ARC Pavilion Upper Level Courts
If the Pavilion is closed for an event, we will be meeting
on the grass outside the ARC or somewhere else in the ARC
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Welcome to the Wing Chun Kung Fu Club, UC Davis's newest and largest professional organization with highly-experienced members and professionals!
Mission //
Our mission is simple: Introduce and educate individuals to the Wing Chun Kung Fu system to make them more experienced for self-defense. When you join the Wing Chun Kung Fu Club, you get access to people, tips, classes, updates, and insights that help you become stronger and faster.
Club Information //
Wing Chun Kung Fu Club started out at UC Davis and officially launched in 2012. We now offer classes in the ARC to prepare students in self-defense combat and training. Lou man is the instructor, and the organization's management team is made up of experienced members from different martial art field like Hapkido, Jeet Kune Do, Jiu jitsu, Muy Thai, Boxing, and much more.
History of Wing Chun //
Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art system for self-defense. It was made popular by Bruce Lee and more recently, the Ip Man movies. It emphasizes relaxation, sensitivity, structure, and speed rather than strength. Legend has it that Wing Chun Kung Fu was created by a Shaolin nun named Ng Mui and was first taught to a young woman named Yim Wing Chun who used the style to defend herself against a local warlord.











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