GEL 110 is the Summer Field course for UC Davis students. This course is required for geology students pursuing a BS and is optional for those working towards a BA.

The following hints and tips about Summer Field was written by Adam Asquith, a UC Davis Geology alum (with permission to repost). He wrote this because students have a ton of questions about the course, and they may not be easily answered. Without further ado...

For the classes

  • You'll be with the people there for 6 weeks, so try to get along.
  • bring lots of sunblock and BUG SPRAY! there are TONS of mosquitoes there
  • get a good wide-brimmed hat (like this)
  • get some good ink pens and large tracing paper (11x17) 8.5x11 will work but poleta will be difficult (cross-section)
  • a good eraser (not just the one on the back of a pencil)
  • start the assignments AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! this will save you time on the last day so you won't need to rush at the end.
  • try to get feed back on your stuff whenever possible from the teacher heading up the section. also, the TA's provide helpful advice, be nice to them (i.e. share your "beverages", they'll appreciate it and so will you)
  • Be warry of leaving any "beverages" in the research kitchen, they have a way of disappearing.

For the river/fun

  • bring a good inner tube. the water is a little cold at first, but it feels good
  • don't wear flip flops down the river, most likely you'll lose one. bring sandals if you have them, otherwise i would suggest investing in a cheaper pair of water shoes.
  • Franzia tastes just as good as the bottled stuff and it won't spill as you go down the river
  • Know where you are going to get out of the river before you get in, it will be a lot easier that way

In General

  • be nice to the cook (our main cook was Lisa and she was great)
    • ask for her scones for breakfast
    • her chocolate chip cookies are really REALLY good too
    • her berry cobbler is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
  • there is another cook there sometimes (Shadow for us)
    • his brownies are soooooo good
    • he makes great eggs for breakfast
  • If you really want to go to a "bar" type place, there is one in town, Rusty's. It's a little small, but good, pool tables in the back and nice bartenders in the front. Just don't step on anyone of the local peoples toes (be friendly and they will be too). Guys watch out for the bar fly.
  • Explore the town, it has more to offer than you might think.
  • Go to some of the lakes in the area and don't just stay at the camp... you will get bored.

...other than that, just have fun, drink some beer, and enjoy the scenery