There used to be an IRC server set up on . It really only had one public channel, #ucd, and its primary users some people who worked in the Campus Data Center. They've moved their chatty talk elsewhere, because it shut down in the beginning of 2004.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Good evening,

This afternoon, a private server ( that was providing
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) service as was taken out
of service by its owner and is no longer available. If any IRC user
believes that there are compelling business reasons for IET to provide
this service to the campus, please contact me at ([email protected]).

Morna Mellor

Morna Mellor
Director of Data Center and Client Services
Information and Educational Technology

It should be noted that as of late May, 2005, does not resolve to an address.

DavisWiki has an IRC channel on Freenode, and although it is in no way affiliated with the university, it does have several students on at any given time, and welcomes anybody from the Davis community.

I like how they specify "compelling business reasons". Providing free services to the public should be a priority of the University.PhilipNeustrom