Comic Sans added for emphasis. We have a Seal of the University, which is pretty good. We have a UC Davis Logo, which is passable and does its job well. There's the Aggie Logo which is pretty decent, and the Oldschool Aggie Logo which is sheer awesome. This page is not about any of those.

This page is about the abomination of a new logo that the University of California system created by committee (which is always the optimal way to make art amirite?), and released in December 2012 to give the UC System a new feel. You know, like the University of Phoenix brochures that you get in the mail because the marketers don't realize that you got into an actual school.

The UCOP wanted a logo for the web designers, because apparently they don't realize that everyone will have Retina displays in five years anyway and will actually be able to use the Seal online. But hey, it's a welcome distraction from the UC Budget, right?

It lasted for only days before it was suspended from use. It was simultaneously being defended as being only a monogram and having been developed in house, so there were no heavy expenditures. This defensiveness was largely due to heavy criticism from students and alumni. A petition on collected 54,000 signatures against the new logo. Even Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (and UC Regent) publicly urged the UC to reject the logo.

Things the new logo looks like:

The new UC Logo, as improved by an anonymous artist.

  • A program-loading circle on Windows.
  • A toilet with your student fees swirling down the drain.
  • The quad awash in pepper spray
  • Sort of like the letters U and C if you squint a lot.
  • Incompetence at UCOP
  • A heater shield bearing the arms of the Markgraf of Oakland: azure, charged with annulet d'or, incomplete sinister.

Please wait while your education loads.


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