The UPS Store, B Street location.

140 B Street #5
(Across from Best Western University Lodge)
M-F: 9:00AM - 6:30 PM
Sat: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Sun: 12 PM-4 PM
(530) 747-0500
Fax=(530) 747-0518 $1.50 per page to receive, held for 30 days.

The Downtown UPS Store location offers UPS shipping services. Each UPS Store is independently owned and operated as a franchise. A local owner owns the store and pays UPS to use the UPS store name. They offer 10% off to whoever mentions Davis Wiki. They can notarize, print, copy and pick up your stuff if you are moving.

UPS specializes in moving students to new schools or homes. They have been in shipping for over 4 years and have moved over 1,000 students. If you are moving they can ship all your moving boxes and they also carry moving boxes. They offer moving boxes at 25% off for students. They will pick up all moving shipments for free. They offer international moving services as well. Call Kip for a quote at 530-747-0500. They claim to be cheaper than U-Haul.

They have a copy machine that charges 10 cents per black-and-white page, as well as a color copier. They offer a deal that works out to 4 cent copies when you buy a 500 pre-paid copy card. Color copies are 39¢, which is one of the better deals in town. To get this deal, just walk in and say "Davis Wiki Copies." They will help you make your copies if you want. Not many people use the copy machine so it can be your own personal work space. You can make copies, copies and more copies without waiting.

They offer Notary services, and Full Service Notary. Notary services are available M-F from 9 am to 5 pm. If you need a Mobile Notary, you can call and ask as well. They have performed the Notary service over 3,000 times. To perform a notary is $10 per signature. Most Notary customers are in and out fast. Notary, Notary, Notary!!!

Rent Mailboxes for $10/month if you're a student. Min. 3 month sign up and one time set up fee. You can get all your UPS, Fedex and postal mail here.

Davis used to have another UPS Store in the Marketplace, but it closed in 2010.

Services offered at this location

Another view of the downtown location

Packaging, Shipping & Receiving Services

  • Full-Service Packaging
  • UPS­® Air & Ground
  • Other Carrier Services
  • Freight Shipments
  • Package Receiving

Packaging & Moving Supplies

  • Boxes, Cushioning, Tape

Mailbox & Postal Services

  • Full-Service Mail & Package Receiving
  • Mail Holding & Forwarding
  • 24-hour Mailbox Access
  • Postage Stamps
  • Metered Mail

Copying, Finishing & Printing Services

  • Black & White Copies - 10 cents per copy or 4 cents when you purchase 500 copy card
  • Color Copies - 39 cents
  • Full-Service Copying
  • Binding, Laminating & Collating

Additional Products & Services

  • Faxing- Sending and Receiving
  • Office Supplies
  • Passport Photos
  • Live scan fingerprinting - $25


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Comments prior to the current management were moved to UPS Store (Downtown)/BeforeMar14-07

2007-03-19 14:15:47   Hi, I'm the new Manager of the Downtown UPS Store. All UPS Stores are individually owned, so we only own this store in Downtown Davis across from Baker's Square, not the Marketplace location. We are fast and friendly and we will help with everything! We now offer quotes over the phone and pick up as well. I am the only employee here so I will help you. We are not here to rip anyone off or give anyone a hard time. We guarantee the best shipping service in Davis. There are no line and no wait. I apolgize for the all of the people who've had bad experiences in the past at certain UPS Stores, but I have taken over and all employees are no longer here at our Downtown Location. I have been in shipping for 5 years. So if you have a question, "can you package this" just call and I will help with no attitude or anything. Just here to help. —KipMeade

2007-03-19 20:20:56   I rent a PMB (private mailbox) at the UPS Store and they forward my mail to me as I travel around. The Post Office will only forward to one address, not multiple different addresses. The people I've dealt with at UPS have been very helpful and accurate in getting my mail forwarded to me while I travel. I can call the UPS store on the phone and they'll tell me how many letters I have and who they're from. The Post Office won't do that. The Downtown UPS store charges less than half what other UPS stores in Sacramento and West Sac charge for a PMB. So I am satisfied. (I haven't tried using the UPS store for package shipping yet.) —SteveGreen

2007-06-04 22:23:36   Kip was very helpful when I went to the store a few weeks ago. Friendly guy and he did all the organizing and copying for me when I came in with a mess of papers that were late for my abroad program and needed to be notarized and shipped overnight. Wasn't any more expensive than the post office for sending it either. —12volts

2007-11-04 17:11:27   Kip and the other employee here are fantastic! We drive from North/West Davis to use this UPS store as opposed to the one in the market place. They are kind and very hard workers. LOVE THEM! Use them! :-) —Idunitt

2007-12-22 08:55:37   The people working at this store are always courteous, fast, and professional. My husband and I had a *very* bad experience with the UPS store in the Marketplace (see comments by VincentFox). We are very happy with the folks of the UPS store downtown, this is where we go for courier shipping -otherwise we would have to drive outside Davis. —valerials

2008-04-14 19:01:37   I've been to this location about 3 times mostly just to drop off a package, so I had no idea how truly helpful Kip was until I needed to have him ship something. I brought in an oversized box being about 40"x24"x24". After quoting me UPS, DHL, and USPS each at around 90-108 for my package, he asked me how large my contents were and if I had any space to cut around the box. I told him I did and he went about cutting it down to probably about 37"x19"x19" with a box cutter. He was able to bring that price down for me to about $60. —at86

2008-04-14 21:04:21   Kip is super kool. —at86

2009-03-13 16:48:22   I had to pack, ship, and ensure a large, fragile, and expensive item cross-country. To give you an idea, after discounts, my bill was $250. Kip did a fabulous job explaining the choices and guarantees to me, disassembled the item to make it more shipping-friendly, packed it well, and insured the packing fee as well as the shipping fee. He invited me to come back before closing to inspect the packing job before the item went out. The recepient was very happy at how well it was packed and how it arrived. I would recommend this place to anyone, and Kip is a truly stand-up guy that gets the job done right and EARNS your hard-earned money. Please don't go to the other UPS store, too many horror stories. This place takes care of you right, and you know you get your money's worth. —xen0cide

2009-07-22 20:01:14   Has the UPS Store on B Street really closed? It's tagged a "Departed Business" on DavisWiki but it's still listed and open on the UPS Store's website. If I was in Davis now I'd walk past and look. —SteveGreen

  • Ghandi. I saw the sign on the door.

————This store is actually open for business. Under new ownership 2009-07-25 21:22:07   It's really closed then. B Street's been deleted from the UPS Store website. The UPS Store on Covell is still open. —SteveGreen ——This store is actually open for business. Under new ownership. 2009-08-24 12:53:44   The irony that this one closed rather than the one filled with negative reviews. —hankim ————This store is actually open for business. Under new ownership 2009-09-04 16:59:18   Hey guys,

I just called the UPS Store and it seems they were just doing some reshuffling with ownership. I think Kip is still there too! —avinashkunnath


2009-12-09 07:09:23   I thought the service here was exceptional when I brought them 4 small nesting tables I needed to have packed/shipped back to a furniture company in October. I helped pack the box myself and watched it get sealed up. Two months later, however, the furniture company tells me there was only one table - not four - in the box they received. They've turned their returns department upside down; the other 3 did not make it to them. There's no UPS damage report indicating anything happened to the box in transit, so I'm left to wonder whether my box was unpacked and repacked after I left, and whether an employee of this store decided to keep three pieces of my shipment for himself. He was the only one working in the store that day, and he did tell me he thought the tables were nice-looking. I don't want to believe that that's true, but at this point have no reason to believe otherwise. In the future, I'll call UPS for direct pickup from my home - I'm out a lot of money from this incident. —calvin2

2010-01-28 16:34:59   I went here yesterday just to drop off a pre-labeled package after a long day working in the lab and the guy was AWESOME! I called before I went over, and not only did he stay open a few extra minutes for me but he also taped up my box at no charge. I really appreciated the friendly service and am glad to have a UPS option near campus. Thanks! I'll be back. —Ratatat

2010-03-10 11:12:11   The store closes at 6pm - not 6:30pm on M-F. I found that out the hard way yesterday. —AaronPM

2010-07-01 09:46:02   One of the few places in Davis to find a notary public (Marketplace UPS is closed, Aggie only has a notary on Fri and Sat, Kinkos doesn't do notarizing anymore). Correy is very helpful. —amclarke

2010-08-02 17:04:13   These guys rock! I brought a giant bag full of Comic Con 2010 swag to ship to my mother and stepdad (they're total geeks) and they had it packed into a (comparably) tiny box and taped up in no time. There were some art prints in there as well that they paid extra attention to protecting, they even grabbed some cardboard pieces to make a little art-holder! According to them, Kip is no longer around, but these two guys rocked it. Not only that, they saved me a bunch of money on shipping by checking what it would have cost me to go to the post office. To get it there in the same amount of time, I'd have paid probably $50 more. Glad I decided to try them out! —Kirrei

2010-08-14 13:47:24   This place is great. The guy who usually works there is very nice and helpful! —Ratatat

2010-09-04 19:34:14   The service was amazing!! I went in on a Saturday when it was 100• outside. The young man working came out to my car when he saw that I was trying to take 2 babies out of their car seats to go inside the store. He took the package from my trunk and processed it so I could leave my little ones in the air conditioning. What great customer service and thoughtfulness!! I will now be a life long customer. Thank you!! —Nicolel

2010-09-28 10:29:43   This store is impressive in the amount of quality and services provided, I've met Corey and I was pleased with his service here so I'm posting this comment as a sign of appreciation. Thanks. —JasonHu

2010-12-15 13:50:25   went the first time today to return a chegg book and the guy was so nice. he told me to remember to save the tracking number because the URL in my email will expire and i won't be able to get the # anymore. what a nice person =) —SallyVo

2011-01-10 12:19:15   i can't recommend this place more highly — the manager saved me a ton of cash on an international shipment (another shipping provider quoted $130, this UPS store got it shipped for $70!!), needless to say, i've been using UPS store on B st for all my shipments ever since (i'd be crazy not to), the manager hustles to get you the most cost efficient deal, which is much appreciated in this tough economy. parking in front of the store also helps (versus having to look for street parking in downtown davis, which can be time-consuming, esp when UCD is in session). the store also opens @ 8:30 am weekdays, a half hour earlier than other providers, lets me get a jump start on my day. bravo to this UPS store and its manager, thx again for the great service and keep up the great work!! —YasminVera

2011-01-15 14:43:58   Corey is amazing. I've been coming to this store for the past few months to receive my mail and packages and I can't be happier. —NavLee

2011-04-22 17:58:28   Corey is a great guy, nice and friendly, and they have great service here. I Highly recommends this UPS store. —PeterWang

2011-09-30 07:38:56   Does anybody know if this UPS store does USAA deposits? —ChristyMarsden

  • The Davis UPS Store does not accept deposits for USAA. —MaxLucas

2011-10-07 16:36:38   The manager incorrectly weighed my package, which lead to it getting stuck in West Sac for days. I had to retrieve the package and scramble to find an expedited air service. Lots of wasted time and money for a package that didn't end up arriving in time. After all of this, the manager refused to take responsibility and would not give me a refund on my original shipping charges - for a shipment that went nowhere! I will never use the Davis UPS store again. —AndrewGray

2012-02-15 22:04:54   Really excellent, personable service. The guy at the counter dealt with my occasionally brainless questions with a smile and a quip, and (a strange thing to say in a postal store but!) there was never a moment where I felt unwelcome. He was super nice and helpful and had Sharpies on hand to make a package more colourful. You made my day, dude. —JaniceW

2012-03-19 08:19:40   The main guy who works here in the morning's is always very nice and extremely helpful! I don't loathe going to the post office anymore, because I just go to UPS! They do USPS services as well here! —waveform


A little more information would be useful, especially since your review is so different from the others here. —DonShor

2012-10-20 15:28:02   I can't say enough about how wonderful Corey and Alicia are. I have recommended this store to everyone. I frequently forget my key and they will be on the phone and helping customers and just put my mail in my hand without my even asking. I don't have a car, so I'll call to see if it's worth a trip to the store to pick up any mail. They are always pleasant and helpful! When I mail out packages, they help me figure out the least expensive way to meet my time deadline, sometimes suggesting ways I would not have even considered. It's wonderful knowing that any packages I receive are accepted and I'm notified when they get there. Again, these guys run the place like a well-oiled machine, but have a lot of fun while doing so. The fact that I know they will always have smiles on their faces is just a sheer bonus! —LadyCooper

2012-10-22 15:01:16   I needed a notary public to witness, sign and stamp my non-CA out-of-state absentee ballot. I called a couple other places here in Davis and they flat out refused to notarize a non-CA absentee ballot. Alicia at the Downtown Davis UPS was very nice, seemed to know her stuff, and most importantly notarized my absentee ballot. If you need this service just go straight to the Downtown Davis UPS. I wasted a lot of time on the phone with Pak Mail and an independent notary, plus the Secretary of State Elections Office and the Yolo County Clerk Recorder Elections Office trying to find someone who is eligible to administer oaths just to witness my ballot! Don't make the same mistake, just go to UPS. —MinelvaRomeliaNanton

2012-10-29 08:38:17   Wow,Went to ups store to buy a shipping box $19. —wkelly

2013-05-14 13:10:13   I sent a package for mother's day four days in advance at the B street store - somehow it got mailed for arrival in TWO WEEKS. The worker didn't apologize or take any responsibility for the mess up at all. Don't go there. Ever. —rblpbl

2013-06-22 11:28:26   Like many of the comments here, I wanted to reiterate how incredible Corey is. Mrs. ProfessorHedgehog refuses to ship packages from anywhere else — Corey is just too good and too competent for us to accept anyone else! He also works extremely hard to ensure your shipment costs as little as possible; on one occasion, he went out of his way to inform my wife that there was a AAA discount, and just today, he volunteered to personally cut down a box to a more appropriate size, saving my wife and I further shipping costs. Corey is a great asset to the community; he should be considered a veritable Davis institution! —ProfessorHedgehog

2014-02-11 13:30:27   The employees here are always incredibly friendly. —JakeNeustadt

2015-01-13 18:37:40    I believe the following to be true:   To Don Shor, They "lost" three packages of mine and the affable guy has some creepy side I do not trust. He's a complete phony. My items were, I believe stolen right out from under me. How and when do three packages just not arrive? PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS place-ANYONE. Read Calvin2's review. Same thing happened to him. —MaryCarroll

2020-04-24 04:19:05   Horrible, horrible, horrible store- they lost my important documents- PLEASE. Do not trust them. —mariawilson125