This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


The Marketplace location

1411 W Covell Blvd. #106
(In The Marketplace)
M-F: 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Sat: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sun: Closed
(530) 756-0311

Incredibly, the UPS Store offers UPS shipping services. They ship USPS as well. A standard 37c stamp costs 60c here (they just lowered their prices for all USPS). The Marketplace location is currently offering a couple coupons that can be found here.

This business might be one of the most negatively rated ones on the wiki. Over several years, despite a change in management (circa April 2007) and a friendly message from owner in May of 2008 (located immediately below), the marketplace location has been critiqued time and time again for their services, with very few (if any) positive reviews.

Right out of a The UPS Store pamphlet:

Whatever you need in shipping, postal, document and business services, you'll find it conveniently around the corner at The UPS Store™.

Packaging, Shipping & Receiving Services

Full-Service Packaging

UPS­® Air & Ground

Other Carrier Services

Freight Shipments

Package Receiving

Packaging & Moving Supplies

Boxes, Cushioning, Tape

Mailbox & Postal Services

Full-Service Mail & Package Receiving

Mail Holding & Forwarding

24-hour Mailbox Access*

Postage Stamps

Metered Mail

Copying, Finishing & Printing Services

Black & White Copies

Color Copies

Full-Service Copying

Binding, Laminating & Collating

Custom Printing Services

Business Cards, Stationary

Rubber Stamps, Name Plates

Additional Products & Services

Faxing- Sending and Receiving

Notary Services

Office Supplies

Computer Services*

Greeting Cards

Passport Photos*

Money Orders/Transfers*

*Available at participating locations.


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2005-12-30 02:34:41   I've been to the Marketplace location three times now. Each time, I've found that the older man who works there was pleasant and professional while the older woman (his wife?) was rude and unprofessional. Each time I shipped a package, I was first quoted one price and then actually charged a significantly higher price to my credit card. I won't go back. —GrahamFreeman

2006-07-07 10:38:10   I want to like the Marketplace location. I want to like the couple that runs it. I keep going back wanting to like it. But everytime I get charged more than what I was quoted on the UPS website. The last time I was charged $2.50 for them to tape closed a 12 inch box. Probably 15-18 inches of tape. I could buy a whole roll of tape for $2.50 at the Safeway next door. It's close to my house and I would come back all the time, but their effort to get another dollar or two on every transaction has driven me elsewhere. They would have made more money off me in the long run had they not nickel and dimed me on little stuff. —SteveLambert

2006-08-08 11:32:18   At the Marketplace: $6 for a realatively small box, wanted to charge me to tape it together, said boxes were non refundable. They gave the customer in front of me a hard time because they wanted the label reprinted because the clerk made a typo, eventually they reprinted it. I wont go back. —AdamMoerschell

2006-08-29 17:56:49   The Marketplace location is a joke... they too wanted to charge me to tape up a small box. I went back to my car and put masking tape around it and took it back. —PatrickFish

2007-01-14 19:36:05   (Marketplace location) This place is a serious ripoff! After standing in line for 10 minutes watching everyone else have problems with the staff and storm off in a bad mood, I should have left (alas I was desperate to get my packages sent off). Long story short it cost me over $40 to send two packages that would have definitely cost less than $10 at the post office. I dealt with the old man whose English was unintelligible, who was rude and incompetent, and who overmeasured the dimensions of my packages by several inches. NEVER EVER GO HERE! —AlexPerkins

2007-01-31 16:00:11   DO NOT EVER GO TO THE MARKETPLACE LOCATION!! I will never go there again. I told the manager I didn't want my item double boxed, because it wasn't fragile and it was already in a box. He tried to tell me, "He has to double box it or else it won't go out." BS. So, to send out a pair of shoes it cost me $35. Can you believe that? I'm never going there again. —LenaLim

2007-02-10 12:35:45   The people at the marketplace are still terrible. I went there and asked for copy prices, they gave me one price and then proceeded to copy my pictures on picture paper (not what they had quoted me for). I had to YELL at them to stop and they still charged me. I ended up paying $30 for 100 copies, because they made me purchase their mistake. —NatFin

2007-03-12 10:59:45   I was at the Marketplace store today. I recieved a coupon on my doorstep for $3 off air shipping....The lady behind the counter (i believe one of the managers) was very helpful. she not only honored my coupon for $3 off air shipping (as i sent something overnight) but told me next time I come she'd honor the same price for me even if i didn't have a coupon!...I also mailed out my taxes....and it seems that their US Postal service rates were alot lower than what they used to be......If this is a sign of things to come then i'm definetly going back to this store. It is within walking distance to my place and very convenient. Beats having to go downtown! -ShaDesai (note: from the same ip as "BobJones" who tried to delete negative reviews).

2007-03-14 17:05:42   The statement that the ups store does package recieving is misleading. Yeah you can pick up a package there, but only for a large fee (something in the neighborhood of 5-20 dollars depending on certain factors). Thus i always tell people to send packages Fedex so i can pick it up at the downtown kinkos for free instead of going to sac or wasting 5-20 bucks. this comment reffers specifically to the downtown location, however, i was made to believe it is store policy for both locations. —MattHh

The fee is $2 per package if you would like to receive packages at the store.

2007-03-19 15:46:00   I went to this store today to have some official papers notarized. I was charged $10 for the whole process (bookkeeping, stamping and signing my paper). I don't know if there is a set price for the notary service, but $10 seems reasonable. The man who notarized the document was very professional and expeditious in his service. —LeonardMarque

2007-03-26 19:05:10   I went to the UPS Store in the Marketplace last week and was surprised by the friendly service I received from the older woman that helped me and I saved money…. I think they lowered their prices. I didn’t have to wait in line for 45 minutes to mail a letter. I will definitely be back..…. :) —KimberlyClark

2007-04-09 10:05:10  I started going back to the UPS Store on Covell Blvd recently. I stopped going for a while because their prices had gotten a bit high. I heard from my neighbors that they lowered their prices so I went back in and figured I would give it another try. I was pleasantly surprised with the lower prices for packing services as well as their USPS Rates. I also opened up a mailbox for my home based business, and as a mailbox holder I recieve 15% off all the services they offer except for shipping I believe. I originally stopped going there because I was disappointed in the service and the higher prices, but it seems like they have improved both of those. This store is convenient for me as I live only 2 blocks away. I'm glad they improved their pricing strategy and customer service! I'd definetly recommend going to this store! - JohnSmithwick

2007-04-17 20:36:53   I was just accosted by the wife that owns the store.It's funny this happens to me a week later after the owner writes an apology letter.I went in to ship a box. I heard it was expensive, but not sure how much. So I went in and asked them to let me know the prices. The husband checked the prices for me and told me it would cost $20 to ship a box of shoes for 9 days.No way.So I picked up my box off the weigh station and said no thank you. He was nice enough about it. This is when the wife steps up and blocks me from leaving the store and asks me why not? I tell her that I can ship it at the post office for about $5, which is more reasonable. She then tells me why even come in? Why waste her time. She starts yelling at me.I smile at her and say well I don't think I wasted any time, because now I know I will never give them my business and I leave the place.I am highly disappointed. Worst customer service ever. —MelissaChordas

2007-06-02 20:17:53   HORRIBLE!!! We went to laminate something. We had called before to make sure they could laminate things they said they could so we went. When we got there he said the machine had top warm up. So we come back in 15 minutes and starts to laminate the things. We were watching him and he looked as if he were struggling. Then he said "I am doing something, but you can wait for her". (his wife???) Then we were getting pretty fed up and took the things and left. We went to Kinko's and did it oursefl's. It was so easy. —Hailey

2007-06-20 09:38:57   This place is just awful. The owners are rude and 'nickel and dime' you to death. I HATE going in there and have had several unpleasant experiences here. The latest one occurred today when I needed to send a box UPS - already labeled and ready to go. Just needed a 16-inch piece of tape to seal it up. First they tried to make me buy a whole roll of tape. When I refused, they said there would be a 'small charge' to tape it closed for me. Again, I refused and left the premises. If they had just taped it for me (at a cost of just a few cents to them), they COULD have had a customer for life. But due to the repeated incidences of deplorable service, I will NEVER return to this business and I will be informing my friends, colleagues and acquaintances that this business should be avoided. There are several perfectly lovely establishments in Davis which offer the same service and an infinitely more pleasant shipping experience. I highly recommend the Pak Mail in the Nugget shopping center at Poleline and Covell. —Tamara

2007-06-25 This is the worst serviced place I've been to in Davis. These people are rude and not willing to be helpful. They seem to think that customer service is beneath them. Why bother opening a service store? I've been frustrated many times going to this place. One time that I was there, a man was screaming at the top of his lungs to the owners because they were so insolent and rude to him. I felt sympathy for the man because he had a mailbox there and had to get regular box deliveries for his business. I had no choice in shipping my large ebay items at the time. But I think I will drive to Woodland from now on. - Betty

2007-08-14 21:39:23   I am going to add my complaint about this business too.

I had ordered and received a laptop backpack from an online merchant who used UPS shipping. The laptop did not fit in it despite the claims, so the merchant sent me a printable prepaid label for UPS shipping return in what they call their "no-hassle return policy." So I go in with the item in the merchant's original packaging taped up—the very adhesive packaging tape is stronger than the package, mind you!—-but the man and woman in the UPS store say it won't do, and try to get me to buy a $5 bubble pack that is far more than what the merchant thought to ship it in. I point to them the quality of the bag in which it was shipped, and tell UPS store operators that the cost of that bubble pack is actually more than 10% of the cost of the item it holds. They then claim not to have another larger bag of this type (which means they can be faulted for having a poor selection of package types they SHOULD have in stock!). Their efforts at nickel-and-diming me were all too transparent. As it is clear I am leaving the store, the guy rudely wonders out loud why I am making a big deal over $5, and I wonder out loudly that if $5 is not such a big deal, why doesn't he let me put the item in the bubble pack without charging me for it!?

These UPS store operators—who may be culturally out of sync here—violate the first rule of business: don't insult or make snide comments to the customers! And especially when the customers are right, or at least not wrong in their thinking. (By the way, this is no reflection on the online merchant, who has been bending over backwards to ensure a no-hassle return policy; even took 20% off my order for the backpack that eventually did fit my laptop.) —MaviGozler

8/22/2007 DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE WITH YOUR MAIL!!! Wow. I thought I was going to come on to Davis Wiki and ruin these people's reputation, but... I guess I don't have to waste my time! I suggest everyone go to and leave a complaint so we can get these incompetent fools out of this very convenient location. Today, after my 6th visit, I got fed up and walked out for good. I went out of my way to go to the UPS store on B street. I talked to Kip, the manager, and he was awesome! He REALLY knew his stuff. His first question was a concerned, "Did they over charge you?" Not only did they over charge me for stamps (I don't know why they thought they could get away with charging me more than the face value), not only were they extremely rude, not only are they the most incompetent people I've ever seen run a business, not only is the lady illiterate (I was going to have them make me an address stamp, but she couldn't read the form back to me correctly no matter how slow she read each VERY legible letter), Not only are they SO slow and lazy that each visit takes an extra five to ten minutes, but.... HERE'S THE CLINCHER... they let their evil dog hang out during business hours! I love dogs, and I would be understanding if their stupid mutt didn't bark and growl at me as I stood at the counter. They didn't even care enough to tell it to stop or move it into the back! These people are worthless! Ben

2007-10-08 11:07:13   These people are rip off artists. And they are incompetent.

First, they massively overcharged. They apparently think ripping you off as much as possible is the way to make a profit running a business. What they do not realize is that after they rip you off once, you are not going to come back.

Second, they are incompetent. I brought in normal mail and they said I needed two stamps per envelop. I took the same envelope to the post office, and they said I only needed one first class stamp.

Third, on top of this, they were inefficient and very slow at getting anything done.

Seriously, Davis will be better off if this place goes out of business.

This is my first negative comment about any business in Davis, but this place was so bad, I had to say something. —dwelker

2007-10-10 00:47:50   I shipped a package in FEBRUARY 2007 that was damaged. After many months of arguing with the owner he finally files the claim paperwork. In OCTOBER I find out from UPS National, that the claim was paid off 2 months earlier. Of course I haven't seen this money yet, and attempts to contact the manager of the store by phone are never returned no matter how many messages I leave. Unprofessional and slow in all my dealings with them.

UPDATED 2007-10-11   So today I received a check in the mail settling the claim. Perhaps they read DavisWiki? Anyhow at least my 8 month struggle is finally over. However I conclude that buying shipping insurance is a bad deal, if it takes so much arguing and effort to settle claims. —VincentFox

2007-10-12 14:58:29   Wow. This place is probably the most worthless, inefficient "service" that I have ever tried to use. All I wanted to do was mail back some return merchandise I had purchased online. They recommended sending by UPS so I went here. After waiting in line for 30 minutes while the store owner took an inordinate amount of time with each of 2 other customers, he told me it would be $13 to send my small package by UPS and also $13 to send it via US Postal Service... (It later ended up costing a little over $4 to send it via USPS at the post office). When I expressed that I couldn't pay $13 to send back something that cost $20 in the first place, he told me "well maybe you'd be better off at the post office." He was absolutely right! It'll be good old US Postal Service for me from now on. —GSB

2007-12-10 21:46:00   Terrible Service! Wow they really ripped me off last week! Paid over $50 for packaging and shipping! They charged me $25 to pack 2 things! I did the rest of my shipping at the Downtown UPS Store and for the same amount of stuff to same place was charged $20 less!!!! Don't do your holiday shipping here! —jonpeters

2008-01-18 16:21:51   My wife had a very bad experience at this store. They totally overcharged her credit card for a shipment, and when she went back to let them know (she thought it was a mistake), the female owner told her to leave. She complained to the UPS corporation about them, and they were shocked. We now send everything through Pak Mail next to Nugget Market on Covell, and they are great there. —DavisMan56

2008-04-30 17:09:00   So, I went to the UPS Store at Marketplace Center in Davis to send my Mom in Athens, Greece, a memorial plaque that was awarded to her for the passing of my father last year. I was not in a hurry to send it. It weighed 10 ounces. I bought a bubble wrap envelope (Cost $2.20) and went to the counter to buy “US Postal Air Mail” postage to send it to Europe.

After waiting for a very long time for the counter person to take care of 3 customers, (I was waiting for 30 minutes minimum) and in total silence (no music playing, no words spoken, no greeting when I came in, no cell phone usage allowed because you cannot use your cell phone in the store!) I got to the counter. He measured the envelope, his own store’s envelope because I bought it there; he measured it to be 13x9x1 inch thick! He then told me it would cost a minimum, cheapest air-snail mail to Europe for 10 ounces … $33.00!!!!! I told him to check that number and that I suspected it should cost about $12 with the envelope. He insisted and showed me the computer screen to prove he was not lying. I told him that he must be doing something wrong and that the envelope is not an inch thick. He insisted he was right.

I told him I wanted to buy the envelope, only because I had already written on it, and asked what that would cost. He took my envelope and went to the back counter, did something else back there that I could not see and came back and said, “OK $22.00!!!!”. I said I only want to pay for the envelope and go. He was exasperated!!! I was the one who waited and stood in silence as if I was in a cathedral during high mass for over a half hour and he’s bent out of shape?! It was the weirdest thing.

I took my plaque to the Post Office downtown. Again I waited in relative silence but the people In front of me were allowed to speak. A very kind and quickly working lady checked my small package and said, “That will be $8.80 and it will be there in 5 to 7 days”. I went back to the UPS store, waited in line and while I waited told a college student in front of me what I had just experienced. She went to the post office directly. When my turn came back up I showed him my receipt. He said it is what UPS charges. I don’t believe that for a moment. I have used other UPS stores before and they charge a little something for the service, as they should, but this store is a scam, or completely inept as to how they should charge and serve their customers. I took all this time today to save, primarily, college students from being ripped off. Older adults who have too much money to care about being overcharged should care. It is bad business like this that can end up hurting many others including other businesses in Davis. So few businesses exist and are able to make it in this town. We don’t need stores like this. AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE!!


2008-05-21 10:18:35   Hello All,

I would like to take a few moments to reach out to the people of Davis, regarding the negative comments on this page.

This has been going on for a few yrs. We have finally managed to buy out the main Partner (the older lady) that most of these complaints are about.

I am not trying to justify or defend the negative experiences that all of you (as well as others not listed here) have witnessed at the store.

Going forward, I have created a discussion page, (please click on the link below to access it) I have created this page in hopes of reaching out to the community and to let you know that we are here to serve the people of Davis. When you come back you will see some of the changes that we have recently made. Our goal is to provide our customers with best in class customer service, along with the most competitive pricing around.

We have lowered our prices on packaging and shipping recently. We will soon be offering DHL as well as UPS Shipping.

Also, please download and print this coupon and bring it in next time you need anything shipped/packed or any of our other services. This coupon does not have an expiration date and is valid forever.


Please feel free to leave us your constructive feedback, on our discussion page, as we are striving to provide the best possible customer service to the community.

Once again I do apologize for the negative experience everyone has had at the store. I have provided my cell phone # so that I can be reached directly with any comments or concerns.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at The UPS Store.

-Shailen Patel


2008-06-02 11:40:59   They are soooo rude here. I went in to mail a UPS package and they told me (in a really mean horrible tone) to put my package on the floor and they pointed to the high traffic area where it could get stepped on and told me to put it there like some sort of dog. Why couldn't they just take it from me say 'thank you' and place it in some sort of box somewhere where people don't step on it? They walked right to that area and pointed to it, as if my package was leaking contaminated fish stew.

I really don't know. I think this place charges wayyyy to much, the stamps cost me wayyyyy more than at the post office (which is free shipping if you order it through one of their pamphlets every time you're out of stamps). You'll see the pamphlet on the counter at the USPO (it's blue) and basically it will cost you maybe $4 less to buy the same amount of stamps.

I only shipped one item from here because I was in such a rush and by the time I got to the front of the line I just gave in and paid anyways because I already wasted a lot of time. I thought this place would be awesome since it was close to my house. But I can go to the post office and back about 50 times to equal the same amount of gas money it would take me to match the rates in this place


2008-08-16 01:04:52   I just had a bad experience with them yesterday. NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN!!! The male owner "scared away" a customer ahead of me, because the store owner did not provide tape. The lady owner that helped me was EVEN WORSE; it took her 5 min to type a 2 sentences address!!! How can someone who cannot read and type work in a UPS store?? I walked away because I am afraid she might get the address wrong. Her manner was very unprofessional too. :( —brintionMC

2008-10-08 20:37:21   I've given this place chance after chance, but every time they've let me down and tried to rip me off with shipping charges. I tried printing out that coupon offered by Shailen Patel and asked them to pack it for me, but they refused to honor the packing coupon and I had to haggle to get the $1 for shipping. I mean, seriously, if you're gonna offer a coupon to MAKE UP for the bad service you already have, don't give me even MORE reasons not to come back. If you want to ship something, to go USPS and avoid these guys. There's flies everywhere, the service sucks, and they will try to charge you for EVERYTHING! —AtyNguyen

2008-12-02 13:30:54   As an avid eBay seller, I have to recommend strongly against using the UPS Store (Marketplace only, the Downtown location is fine). I've shipped using every shipping service imaginable multiple times, and time and time again I've found the marketplace UPS Store to be more expensive and most importantly slower than all other shipping services offered in Davis.

The marketplace UPS Store will overcharge you. Don't even think about buying any packaging at the store because a small box no bigger than a cubic foot will cost you at least 5 dollars. Shipping will be even worse—I've found my shipments to cost about 5 dollars more for the same size and weight specifications vs USPS and the downtown UPS Store. Even regular mail costs 60c, vs the 42c you'd have to pay at the post office.

The marketplace UPS Store will take longer to ship your items. Usually reliable shipping options such as UPS Ground will take longer than the 1-5 days advertised by UPS. This is not UPS's fault either, as any other UPS Store I've been to has honored the 1-5 days with flying colors. UPS Ground with the marketplace UPS Store does not guarantee 1-5 day shipping, even 1 week shipping is not guaranteed. This combines roughly with the extra price you already pay for shipping.

The marketplace UPS Store has questionable service. Management has shady practices to extract the extra dollar from you. They will often charge you extra for trivial expenses, and they will not recommend you the best shipping options. For example, a "fragile materials pack" premium may be charged when you are simply purchasing a small box to ship a durable item. Best shipment options will not be given to you, management takes extra precaution not to tell you all the shipping options and their estimated delivery times. If you must use the marketplace UPS Store, make you are extremely rigorous about all available shipping options and their estimated delivery times. I also highly recommend against telling them how fast you'd like to ship your package (this is like telling a car salesman your budget). Post offices never ask you that question.

It is very unfortunate that the marketplace UPS Store is so unreliable. Again, I recommend USPS and the downtown UPS Store. They charge very reasonable prices but more importantly my package is in much better hands there. Also, USPS has flat rate first class priority packaging that will save you a killing on your shipments. The management at the downtown UPS Store (and even Kip, the worker there) are good people. Workers at the marketplace UPS Store are also friendly people—however the questionable management ultimately cripples their reliability.


2008-12-13 00:52:35   I just hate joining the chorus of naysayers here, especially as it seems the owner so very much wants to repair his reputation & mend fences, but I'm afraid I, too, will be taking my business elsewhere. I went in recently to give this place one more chance after feeling again & again that I had been overcharged. I don't know that I was overcharged today, but I did see them overcharge someone else for photocopies. The customer was in a huge rush & was willing to just leave the cash & run without getting her change. But then she came marching right back in & said, "Wait — surely that can't be right," and it turned out the guy had charged her double! Now, in his defense, he was busy getting another person's order completed at the same time, so he might have been distracted, but still....And the service was SO SLOW! No one else was in front of me in line, yet it took about 25 minutes to process two overnight letters—very straightforward, no packing or any of that required. Meanwhile, the woman behind the counter had so much trouble inputting the destination address for another customer that the customer had to go behind the counter & type it in for her. And then the dog! At first the dog was just curled up in the back, but at one point he or she was apparently startled by an animated conversation two women began having in the store, and started barking up a storm. The owners did nothing. Like other people on this page, I have wanted to like this place and the couple who run it, but it's just too demoralizing, time-consuming, and expensive to go there. The owner has posted several times to this page, each time declaring that the problem people have been bought out & things are going to be different. But I've been there off & on for years, and the personnel has changed very little. It did strike me on this last visit that the place was not bustling nearly as much as it should be two weeks before Christmas. I guess people are taking their business elsewhere. Regretfully, so will I. —PrimulaBaggins

2009-04-07 15:47:51   This UPS store is the most horrible ups store I have ever been to, the old indian guy working there is sooo unprofessional and rude. I bought in a backpack i wanted to send and he quoted me at like 30 some dollars I knew this was way too high so I went home and printed out my own UPS label on their website for 20 some dollars for the SAME EXACT service....then when I bought the package in to send, he was very rude to me I was scared he was going to damage my package after I dropped it off, so I decided to go to the other UPS store in downtown. The other UPS store was super friendly and nice. To the marketplace UPS: I HOPE YOU GO OUT OF BUSINESS and go BANKRUPT!!!! —pharmD

2009-04-14 14:40:55   UPS Corporate sets all the prices for shipping, not The UPS Store. The prices quoted on are exactly the same as the price you will be in the UPS Store, excluding packaging materials. That is if you accurately enter the correct dimensions and weight of the package. —UPSstore1131

2009-05-08 13:12:00   I had a very good experience here. The man who helped me was very nice, and the price was completely fair. I'm surprised to see so many negative comments, because the only thing that brought me to look at this wiki was my positive experience. I even wanted to tip the man, but since he couldn't accept it i decided to leave a positive remark here. Don't be deterred by the negative comments, this place will certainly have my business in the future. —marshvz

2009-06-11 09:33:14   Just don't go here. Slow and if you ask a question be ready for a verbal escalation war. Go somewhere else! —dpmou

2009-08-01 22:02:26   I was surprised to see the numerous and lengthy negative comments here because, just like marshvz, I came to the wiki page because of my positive experiences at the store. I've been going to this UPS store for almost a year to ship packages. I probably average at least once a month and either pay to ship a package via UPS or drop off a package with a pre-paid UPS label. I have only ever had a positive experience. I have always found that shipping UPS is more expensive than the US Post Office. (I haven't ever purchased shipping materials or stamps at this store; I always bring in boxes ready to ship because usually at these types of stores, materials are more expensive than at the grocery store or than just reusing an old box.) I think the older couple that seems to own the place are very, very nice and their daughter is also nice and perfectly competent. I like that it's a family-run business and they sometimes have their grandson or their dog spending time in the back of the store. I have never been yelled at, mistreated, or overcharged. I find that my packages arrive where they need to be in a reasonable amount of time. I have also rarely waited in line here, and while the service is not lightning-quick, I find that it's much, much faster than waiting in line at the USPS on 3rd Street. It sounds like management has changed since some of these comments were posted and the current owners are really trying. Based on my multiple experiences there, I would recommend going there, and I will continue to do so. —Ratatat

2009-08-06 17:47:13   VERY VERY poor service. After a long wait, I was served by the owner, an elderly Indian gentleman who turned out to be totally incompetent. It took him over 30 minutes to fill-in a simple form and still managed to get the shipping details wrong. I will never go back again. Meanwhile, I left detailed feedback on the UPS site but I doubt that they'd care too much. This place is owner operated (franchise) and so long as he keeps paying his dues, UPS wont give a sh1t what he does, or how he messes up their customers. —pergamon

2009-08-08 02:12:53   The service here is not that great. You can tell they're trying, but even with the new management, it's still sub-par. I tried using the coupon that they posted on here earlier, it seems that they do not know how to input the coupon into the machine. I had to literally barter for the coupon.

I came here because I had heard the management changed, but the truth is, the service still hasn't changed from before. I will not be coming here again. This place needs to improve before it's going to get any business. It's the sad truth. —IdealParadigm

2009-09-23 23:00:39   I have come here for a long time now to ship things. And the service is somewhat slow, which I didn't mind. But recently personally and through my work I have noticed that they ship things later than they say. For example they say UPS picks up at 4 or 5 pm and so I dropped something off at 12pm. It didn't get scanned into the system until 9pm that night for a departure scan. SO it you want something shipped on time DON'T GO HERE. —JessicaAdams


2009-12-14 17:50:09   DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!! Horrible people! He actually threw my box (a DVR) on the ground and then said I should have been holding onto it because he was giving me a "free" strip of tape. AND THEN, HE DID IT AGAIN, on purpose. So you know they do it when you're not around. That's when I got mad and left to go downtown where the UPS has decent people not crazy angry Hindus. If you don't like it here, ship yourself back home! —slappy

2009-12-22 04:03:00   The folks are very nice, but the pricing is LUDICROUS. It cost me about $30 to send a fax today. INsane! Also, the service is incredibly slow. The owners are SO warm and personable, it's a real shame, but there's no way I can afford to pay that much. Also, they have a dog who is very cute, but whom they allow to bark loudly at customers. Not pleasant. You can't even hear what the people are saying because the dog is so loud. —tierramor

—Credit unions and some banks often let you fax for free. You just have to ask.

2009-12-29 07:33:27   I despise this place. I've lived a block or two from it for close to 7 years now and have used it a number of times just for the convenience. A couple weeks before Christmas, I was running some errands in Dixon and stumbled upon Parcels & Things in the corner of the WalMart shopping center, and went ahead and did some shipping there. The couple that owns the place is absolutely fantastic. Friendly, helpful, professional, and efficient. They do UPS and FedEx (and probably USPS?). They also gave me a free pen :) —TomGarberson

2010-01-04 16:25:11   Sure wish I checked out the reviews before I went here. time and cost calculator? $9. This place? $16. USPS Priority Mail FLAT-RATE envelope? $8.37. Postal service charges $4.90. Absolute rip-off. Be prepared to pay 100% over market rate to ship anything from this store. Never again. —knownick

2010-05-26 10:45:57   tried to ship my phone off here, but the were closed due to death in family, apparently this death was the husband who owned the place and they have posted a new sign now that signals intent to terminate lease immediately —StevenDaubert