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Questions by Phone: 10am - 4pm M-F
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The UC Davis Office of Undergraduate Admissions, a department of Student Affairs evaluates freshmen and transfer student applications for admission to UC Davis. Additionally, the department provides outreach and recruiting services to high schools and community colleges around the state of California.

Undergraduate Admissions offers a new service on facebook. Admission questions can be posted on the wall of their facebook page, and these questions are answered by Admissions Officers.


  • UC Davis selection criteria for freshmen can be found here.
  • Admission requirements can be found here.


  • UC Davis selection criteria for transfers can be found here.
  • Admission requirements can be found here.

Students applying as Juniors from California Community Colleges receive priority consideration. A comprehensive list of articulation agreements between all California Community Colleges and UC Davis can be found here

Filing Deadlines

All are the year prior to matriculation

Fall Quarter: November 1 - 30 Winter Quarter: July 1 - 31 Spring Quarter: October 1 - 31

Apply to UC Davis online here


Comprehensive Admission statistics for Fall 2006 freshmen and transfers can be found here. Systemwide Admissions statistics for Fall 2007 freshmen can be found here. UC Davis News & Information Service wrote an article analyzing the Fall 2007 numbers here.

Selected Fall 2007 Stats

Freshmen and Transfer Totals
  • Applications: 34,854
  • Admits: 20,473
  • Admission Rate: 58.7%
Average Entering Freshmen GPA
  • 3.89
Admission Offers by Ethnicity (Freshmen)
  • Total Freshmen Admitted: 19,268
    • American Indian: 122 or 0.63%
    • African American: 567 or 2.9%
    • Asian American: 7,546 or 39.2%
    • Chicano/Latino: 2,792 or 14.5%
    • Caucasian: 6,921 or 35.9%
    • Decline to State: 1,022 or 5.3%
    • Other: 298 or 1.5%


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