There is no such thing as "Unethical Editing"... there are some things that are found rude here that you may not want to do:

  • Attributing text
    • If a person wanted to put their name to something, they would have. If they didn't, it is their right. If they added text to an entry that uses first person, it's a better idea to take what they are saying, remove the first person and change it to a more general statement. If that statement is a strong opinion, you might try using the starting words "Some feel...".

For more information and discussion on this topic, see Wiki Ethics. For more information on editing, check out Help with Editing.

This page seems really un-needed. wiki ethics already covers it.

If you are going to delete a page it is worth taking the time to check how many links there are to it. When this one was deleted it broke links on several pages. If there are links, turn it into a redirect rather than deleting it. Keeping this page also allows one to differ between calling something unethical, and providing a pointer to the ethics.JasonAller