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Board (2012-2013)
President- Jaki Joanino
Vice President- Andrew Carstens
Public Relations- Matthew Vista
Treasurer- Sam Chau
Secretary- Erica Perez


Unity Clap Theatre is a performance group whose main purpose is to establish a coalition that will allow students to learn more about multi-cultural theatre. Our mission is to use the performing arts as a therapeutic tool to express our struggles, grasp our cultural roots and to promote plays that have been written by UC Davis students and minority playwrights.

Colores De Education, 2011


This inspiration originated from El Teatro Campesino, a theatre founded by Luis Valdez during the Chicano Movement, in which it produced short skits focused on the conditions that the farm workers were placed into. This movement was an enlightenment period for the Chicano theatre in which it influenced different art forms that consist of messages about injustice.

The "Unity Clap" The clap begins slowly, gains momentum, and then becomes more unified. The history of the unity clap dates back to the farm workers movement. It was a way Raza and Philippine farm workers expressed solidarity with each other in the fields. It was also a unifying tool for the United Farm Workers Union. M.E.Ch.A.


Everyone is encouraged to join this new theatre group and no experience in theatre is required! Even if you don’t wish to perform, this is a great opportunity to make friends and to enhance leadership and communication skills. We want to provide everyone the opportunity to participate in theatre and learn more about the cultures and histories that surround us everyday.



These workshops are meant to provide a safe space for all students to critically think, debate, and discuss topics that address the relationship between theatre and society. We also provide more performance-based workshops for students interested in art, dance, or acting.

Some workshops to look forward to include:

  • Acting for Truth- The Principles of Community Reexamined
  • Makeup- An Extension not a Mask
  • Puppetry in Cultures
  • Forum Theatre
  • Theatre as an Educational Tool
  • Contact Improv


Fall 2012

Artists for Diversity *Conrad Pangniban * Will McAdams *Andrew Carstens

Workshops * Articulating Stories Through Movement * Music Videos and Cultural Appropriation

Spring 2012

Esperanza Means Hope

Winter 2011

*Gertrude's Revenge- Improv Group

*Colores De Education


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