Organized in 1914, University Farm Circle (UFC) is a philanthropic organization that provides educational and social programs to its members and awards scholarships to UC Davis students. The group maintains a sabbatical housing listing, the receipts of which support the scholarship program.

The organization originally consisted of wives of faculty, who worked together to alleviate some of the isolation and boredom of living on what was then the agricultural division of UC Berkeley—the University Farm. Today, membership is open to anyone interested in participating in an organization that is both social in nature and supportive of UC Davis. You do not have to be associated with the University to be a member. All are welcome.

UFC’s website lists their mission as:

1. Welcomes newcomers to the University campus and community. 2. Assists students through scholarships. 3. Provides programs and activities to meet the needs and interests of its members.

UFC aims "to promote and maintain the traditional friendly spirit associated with the University of California, Davis." To this day, UFC still organizes events such as a Fall  Kickoff, a Candlelight Dinner, and an Annual Luncheon, as well as many other events for its members. Members also form over 70 sections, such as book clubs, cooking groups, yoga, and more.

Membership is $30/year and runs from September through August. Contact [email protected].

2016-2017 scholarship winners