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Sterling/University Village is probably one of the worst places to live in Davis. There are a lot of amenities offered, including hot tub, pool, billiards, gym, computer lab, tanning booth. The billiard table is OK, but how much time can you spend doing that? The hot tub is often broken and not much warmer then the pool. I have never actually used the tanning booth, but I stepped inside it once and it was scary. The absolute worst part of U. V. is that they claim to provide internet when in fact they really don't. There is something here they call internet but it doesn't really function. Often you can surf the internet slowly, but you can't get on Aol Instant Messenger. When you can get on AIM, the internet probably won't work. If you do manage to log on succesfully, don't get to happy about it because it will probably only be about ten minutes before the connection logs you off again. Good luck getting back on hah. It is also QUITE expensive, nowhere near worth it. —Sir George Edison Lewis


2005-04-16 08:19:48   Sterling internet seems to have vastly improved lately. I actually left my aim on all last night without getting booted. —KenjiYamada

2005-04-17 15:41:29   We looked at the 4 bedroom units and the rooms were really small. Plus it felt more like a hotel for Greek kids rather than an apartment complex. —TracyPerkins

2005-10-03 14:24:04   The ABSOLUTE WORST POSSIBLE PLACE you can live in at UC Davis. It's like the dorms but w/out RA's and rules. Crappy management. Live here and regret it. —CeanneHa

2006-09-18 15:59:18   Poor to non existant management. No response to complaints (non working toilet, broken appliances). NO ONE receives a penny of deposit back, additional bills are sent. The pool is closed most of the time, there is NO internet access. Carpets are filthy at move-in with a promise to replace, one year later charged for dirty carpets! —JeanneP

2006-09-18 16:20:06   I am surprised there has not been some mass lawsuit. —JamesSchwab

2007-03-12 15:03:48   The internet here never works and the management is seemingly nonexistant —JonMarsh

2007-03-29 18:11:03   Yeah, lots of people complain about management. But considering the problems with residents and their apparent immaturaty, it is fairly apparent that morale of the management would be fairly low. A guy upstairs gets drunk, passes out and lets his washing machine fill until it leaks all over his floor as well as the two apartments below him and across from him. Every time I go outside after a weekend there is garbage and broken glass all over the place. Lights are dismantled, broken, etc. The elevator is often vandalized. People here have no consideration for their fellow residents, and the management, in my opinion, reasonably has no respect for many of the residents. Now this is not to say that it is highly irritating to have repairs neglected, which is illegal. The internet is somewhat unstable, seeming to go down at random times, but 99% of the time it is fine. The hallways are dirty, but like I said, they do get cleaned, but it is just a vain effort. —ColinMcEnroe

2007-06-03 11:04:01   I dont know what this trash talking is about, I currently live here (07) and have had no complaints. I moved out of my old place over winter break and was desperate to find somewhere new. I don't think I couldve found a better place. I don't mean to sound like a kiss ass, but I really love it. My room is ENORMOUS - double a dorm room easy- a mastersuite in a 3/ 2, I pay 600 flat a month, which is ridiculous considering my friends in Adobe pay over 650 for a tiny 10X10 box. The management has always been friendly and helpful, maybe these aren't the same people that were working here 2 years ago, or maybe I havent seen their ugly side. Ive only had 1 bulb go out and our internet works perfectly, its slow between midnight and 3 am or so, but 80% of the residents are online. I havnt ever been unable to log in to AIM, but I think I can live with slow internet for a few hours out of the day, considering its FREE. Maybe I just got realllly lucky, or maybe this place is getting a bad rep that it doesnt deserve. —Alicia

2007-08-22 20:24:36   So I am coming up on my 1 year in UVD and I thought I would post a summary of everything.

I hate living here. The room mate matching program is a joke, all they take into consideration is the fact that two people are homeless. I ended up getting stuck with two automotive school students and it feels like I am back in the dorms. I guess it would be ok if you had 3 other people moving in with you that you knew.

The management is very nice, and thats about it. They are the most incompetent group of people I have ever come across. When you ask them to do something it probably won't get done. Having applications and paperwork with Social Security Numbers being lost is commonplace. Yet when they ask for money from you, it happens within 12 hours.

There is a significant number of car school students here, and they are the ones who commit most of the vandalism, yet the management is reluctant to kick them out. My room mate flooded our apartment and the two below us, spray painted the entire patio and has caused other damage to the apartment on top of stealing complex property—all of this is known to the management yet they refuse to kick him out. If you are looking for a place where you won't get kicked out then UVD is the place for you.

Additionally, the place is located on Cantrill Drive, if you go look at the Davis PD crime logs, chances are you will see incidents for Cantrill Drive, and given that the only residential complexes are this one and a retirement home, I strongly doubt that much activity goes on there. Also, the cops are always here talking to people. Not a very safe place in my opinion.

The internet has gotten better, but not by much.

I feel taken advantage of for living here, I would avoid the UVD at all costs. —BrandonMinow

2007-09-02 11:31:34   I apologize ahead of time for the length of this comment, but I hope that it will be helpful along with the shorter postings above.

I previously wrote:

Yeah, lots of people complain about management. But considering the problems with residents and their apparent immaturaty, it is fairly apparent that morale of the management would be fairly low. A guy upstairs gets drunk, passes out and lets his washing machine fill until it leaks all over his floor as well as the two apartments below him and across from him. Every time I go outside after a weekend there is garbage and broken glass all over the place. Lights are dismantled, broken, etc. The elevator is often vandalized. People here have no consideration for their fellow residents, and the management, in my opinion, reasonably has no respect for many of the residents. Now this is not to say that it is highly irritating to have repairs neglected, which is illegal. The internet is somewhat unstable, seeming to go down at random times, but 99% of the time it is fine. The hallways are dirty, but like I said, they do get cleaned, but it is just a vain effort.

Now I have been here for a while and am dealing with the renewal.

As wikizen Brandon Minow noted, the roommate-matching program is not all they make it out to be. My girlfriend was moved in with a girl with some severe desire to control everyone in the apartment, all the way through not allowing her to buy a dish rack and pounding on her door like a maniac. Not only did she drive my girlfriend out, but also her friend by threatening her and screaming in her face, calling her horribly vulgar names all the while. Management of course never kicked her out but just refused to let her renew which she probably wasn't going to do anyway. I got pretty lucky with my roommate matching. But of course, there is more to the story.

I moved in and they put me in a room that was filthy, as if someone had died in there from not cleaning. It smelled like every bad thing you can think of. There were flies, garbage, cups of beer, and filth everywhere. Apparently the then maintenence staff told the office that the apartment was clean. Oh well, they moved me and it was fine, but I was without a room for three nights.

Now I originally wrote that there is a problem with vandalism here. Someone even attempted to break into my girlfriend’s apartment one evening at around 3AM after a wild party next door. Everyone living here knows exactly who is destroying the complex. We have all seen it and the office knows who it is, but for them it is all about the bottom line and staying in the black. You see, they were at somewhere around 80% capacity for the last year according to Marie in the office, so they can’t afford to kick anyone out.

Now of course, the management is overall very unresponsive. For at least a month the maintenance was nearly non-existent because Marie fired them (probably rightly so). Someone was sent out from another Sequoia property in order to take care of things, but there was too much to take care of. Luckily we have a new maintenance person here named Scott who is extremely helpful and seems to be the one person on the management team genuinely concerned with customer service and he even actually enjoys his job.

Of course the unresponsiveness ends as soon as your money moving to their account concerns, but Sequoia Equities seems so tied up in bureaucracy that can’t disperse checks faster than 6-8 weeks.

This of course leads me to re-evaluate my previous assessment of low morale on the part of the complex. First of all, when you drive in you are greeted by a sign that say “ROCKIN’ THE HOUSE” and “LIVE THE LIFESTYLE YOU DESERVE.” I have been waiting for Clint Eastwood to ride up with cigar in mouth, dismount his horse, paint the place red and write “WELCOME TO HELL,” but I digress. In a way, I don’t blame people for destroying the place, after all management is advertising it as a party complex, and their unresponsiveness and passive aggressiveness would spark discontent in anyone.

Speaking of passive aggressiveness, let’s talk about this weekend. My girlfriend and I went home for the Labor Day weekend, and when we returned her lock had been changed. Now somehow she was not aware of this, and of course none of her roommates either. It also happened to be 1:00 AM, so there were no signs of life around the place. Now there were scheduled lock changes, but no way for her to get a key. They even have an emergency maintenance number, but it is disconnected.

Fast-forward to this morning, Marie in the office has another side besides sweet. Maybe this has to do with the seeming revolving door of staff in the front office, though it does seem to have stabilized a bit recently. When my reasonably irritated girlfriend asked why she hadn’t been notified of her new key being made, how she was supposed to get it, and all the questions you might consider asking after being locked out of the apartment you pay rent for overnight, Marie simply says that there was a notice on the door of the office (not of the apartment) to call Katie, who would then come and unlock the door. But of course, it wouldn’t matter if Katie had come to the door because the keys were never made- not until this morning when my girlfriend needed them. Marie’s attitude seemed passive aggressive, and the apology offered was not sincere but rather “I am sorry that you made a mistake and locked yourself out,” nor was any compensation for her night locked out of her own apartment offered. There were at least two other enraged residents at the time we went into the office this morning. This is the first day of my renewal period, and I am beginning to regret ever moving here in the first place.

Of course now they are moving up to 90% capacity and getting very strict on a lot of things because they are now going further to the green. Parking is no longer free; each apartment of four rooms is assigned two spaces, which are of course tandem spaces (meaning that if I am parked in the front, I have to find my roommate to back out from behind me in order to leave). In order to get more parking, I have to pay an extra $40 a month. It used to be that the tandem spots were for rental at $20 a month, and the covered spots were $25 a month, and that any spot not covered nor tandem was free to park in. Of course Holly in the office says, “It sucks all around.” This of course leads me to wonder that if it sucks so badly, why are the parking rates being raised? Well of course, to make up for losses cause by giving away the tandem spaces. I am not sure how many people actually rented tandem parking over the last year, but none of my roommates did.

BTW, to the poster who mentioned a lawsuit, it looks like someone might be taking them to small claims court, go look at and be delighted. There are some major changes that need to happen here in order for this to be a place worth living, and if you are happy living here I am happy for you.

I would say to seriously reconsider moving into this apartment complex. In some sense I hope that this review turns away a few people thinking about living here. The problem with the complex is not the “stigma” associated with the riot here a few years back as Marie says, the problem is the few people in the office carrying out the will of Sequoia Equities in a completely unrelenting manner. I would be glad to be evicted so that I could consider the multitude of better places to live here in Davis. I could write volumes more, so if you are interested or have any questions feel free to contact me. —ColinMcEnroe

2007-09-02 14:40:35   This is probably the WORST place in davis to live. I tell everyone i know to stay away from this place. i even met a girl who was looking to talk to management about moving in and told her NO WAY would she be happy here. She got in her car and drove away. They offer money to you if you refer someone but that would be unethical. I would feel terrible if i did that. I have been living here since DEC 06 and REALLY don't like it at all. first of all the room mate matching system is aweful, they really don't care. I had a terrible experience with one of my roommates and had to find a new apt which management did very little about. It took them 2 weeks for them to write out a list for me of other available rooms even though they said one would be ready the next day. They didn't even try to find people i was compatible with. I had to go door to door. Fortunatly i did find some nice people to live with.

My apt got flooded because a guy's washing machine overflowed upstairs. we had dehumidifiers in out apt. for 4 days and the place was really unliveable. part of the ceiling was destroyed and there were holes. the carpet was soaked. The management did absolutely nothing to compensate us for the condition of the apt. they didn't even give us a break on rent or anything. it was probably because i didn't demand it, but that's not the kind of person i am. i guess that's what you get for being "understanding." Also, the maintenence didn't even have the decency to finish fixing up our place. They cleaned the carpets and patched up but didn't ever repaint. our apt. looked horrible.

There is always something wrong with something in the apt. but you can request to have it fixed but chances are it will never happen. The appliances are no good. oh, but if you miss a rent payment or go over on your bill, you will get a notice the next day...amazing where their priorities are.

Late one night I got locked out of my apt. after i renewed (yeah, i'll NEVER do that again). I guess they change the locks every year for security reasons. it's really stupid because they change the locks in the morning but won't allow you to pick up the key until 3 pm in the afternoon so you're basically stuck in or out of YOUR apt. anyway, management tried to tell me it was my responsibility and that the keys were in my mail box. well, they weren't and neither was a flier on my door saying the locks had been changed like they said there would be. They told me i should've called their after hours number and someone would've come into the office and given me my keys. Well, there were no keys because no one took the time to make them when they were supposed to.... when i finally did get a key it didn't work becasue it was made incorrectly. i had to go get another. despite THEIR error it was still somehow my responsibility. Their apologies were so insincer it was humerous. Marie was rude to me and made no attempt to better the situaltion. Personally i find people in the office rude. There are new people working in the office every other week called "temps" and that's really what they are. They don't know anything ever and are always gone in about 2 weeks. I think i have seen about 20 new people working in there in the last few months. i don't know what it is....but is seems like no one can stay hired for more than 14 days. As of now there is only 1 maintenence guy to keep together 400 something apts. not possible. he is very nice, but overworked. i blame management! HIRE more people!! Also, they are supposed to be open form 10 am to 5 or 5:30 but they close at random hrs. and are always late getting back. I even had one temp walk past me, unlock the door to let herself in and the promptly lock the door after herself preventing me and several others from entering even though the sign said they should've been open. She didn't say anything. RUDE!!

My favorite is the way they advertise. "Rockin the house, live the life you deserve." ummmm, ok. whatever that means. There is a picture of a guitar suggesting a really fun laid back atmosphere. They post fliers on campus with pictures of people "rockin out" and having "loud fun." oh no. people here are destructive, and don't care one bit about their neighbors. There is 3 day old vomit in the halls and broken bottles and trash everywhere. The elevator is typically destroyed and i have heard there has been broken glass in the pool. (which i will not go in). They allow pets but the lawn typically has poop on it. Management always acts over worked and tired and i'm sure they are....but what do you expect when you have a slogan and fliers like that????

Overall, i think this place is aweful. The rent is WAY to much for what you have to put up with. I will never rent here again and don't recommend anyone should. Yeah, it seems great at first and that was what i though....but once you've been here a while you'll realize it's really terrible. Management doesn't care and they will walk all over you if you let them. Don't expect to be compensated for anything. All this place wants is your rent check.....that is NO joke. I'm serious. They don't care about the resident at all. If i had to rate it i would give it 1 star. At least i have a roof over my head but that is about all.

Oh, yeah, They say they are woking on imporving this place but i can see absolutely NO evidence of that. If anything I feel like i am being treated worse than when i got here! —AnneKabala

2007-09-03 22:12:09   Hello again,

In the continuing move-in/out debacle going on over here, apparently 24-hour notice to enter is on notice. They sent a flyer out two weeks ago stating that residents should expect vendors and maintenance staff to enter their apartments anytime from 9AM until 10PM from September 1st through September 28th. This obviously does not constitute 24 hours notice, but whatever.

Apparently someone was gone for the day, and a vendor entered the apartment to replace the carpets. In order to do so, the furniture had to be moved off of the carpet. The workers put the residents sofas and TV table with the TV still on top of it outside. The sofas and his TV were both stolen when he returned home. This all occurred completely without the resident's knowledge; he had no idea the staff was even going to be entering. The only reason he is going to be able to get new stuff is because he had an upgraded renter's insurance policy.

EDIT: I should add that this is hearsay. There is a possibility that the renter was aware that his apartment was going to be entered. There definitely was a theft of his sofa and television.

Very shady dealings have been occurring lately. —ColinMcEnroe

2007-09-12 00:35:50   Whenever I drove into the complex I saw the aforementioned "Live Life Like You Deserve" banner and thought to myself EVERYTIME: I must really be a bad person to live this horribly. Avoid. I do not doubt the move out fiasco. This place doesn't care about anything except trying to stay in the Black.

They did tell me that they are in the process of getting rid of the non University students, ie. the ones who are causing the problems. —BrandonMinow

2007-09-12 13:46:13   Ok so my experience when i lived there: OMG worse place ever to live! The staff at the main office is never around, even tho the office is open, it's hard to find someone actually inside working during normal business hours, they tend to avoid the tenants. They lost my records during move out time, so they didn't even know i was a resident there.... they thought i was someone else.... tried to charge me for like 4 months back rent (based off someone else's records) i didnt get my deposit back until six months later.... the management is a mess.... and if they want you to come into the office for some reason... they pull stupid stunts like cut off your internet until you come in and talk to them. I seriously don't recommend this place. —WeMo

2007-09-14 17:31:34   If you thought "Live the life you deserve" and "Rockin' the House" were bad, wait until you see next years theme: "What Happens In Davis Stays In Davis." This info is coming from a staff member. —ColinMcEnroe

Here is the BBB site to make a new complaint against Sequoia:

Here is Sequoia's website to complain straight to the managing company:

Sequoia's Number (you have to ask to be put through to the people who handle complaints about UV) 925.945.0900


2007-09-26 13:41:11   Also, Brandon Minnow said they told us they were getting rid of non University students. They lied. Anytime anyone says anything they hide behind "fair housing" (Which makes no sense because they use it for EVERYTHING) —qwerty

2007-09-27 07:49:11   qwerty, perhaps lose the anonymity and you will have the opportunity to move :)

About the fair housing, they really can't kick people out that aren't university students, and I don't think they should. They have a funny way of offering different deals to different people, and it is solely dependant upon whether or not you are a wyotech student or a UCD student. In fact, their files in the office have UCD or WT written in the top right corner next to each person's name. One time a WT studnet called looking for housing and was denied, a few minutes later his girlfriend called and said she was a UCD student and they said they had plenty of vacancies. Discrimination, anyone? —ColinMcEnroe

2007-09-27 11:22:39   I have been meaning to leave a comment on here for a long time. This is now my third year living here and I thought I would comment on everything I have been through with this complex. I was going to move out but life sometimes sucks and I thought it would be too stressful to move out. Anyways, I'll start with the first year when they lost my rent checks three times and tried to charge me late fees for their error even though I had my copies of the checks. Then they sold me a covered parking space but I quickly realized that it was stupid to buy a space since there was plenty of parking. I wrote them a letter saying that I didn't want the parking space anymore. They of coarse lost this letter and months later decided to send me a bill for hundreds of dollars for a parking space that I never used. When I moved in, I was told that only the covered spaces were purchased and that you could park anywhere else. wrong, and I found that out when I went to the parking lot and found my car gone. I was then crying in the office thinking that my car was stolen but no it was towed. The only nice thing that they have done was not make me pay to pick up my car in the scariest tow place in dixon. Fast forward to my dryer breaking and them taking three months to fix it or when my bathroom door randomly fell out of its hinges and it took them 2 weeks. By the way, why does a door fall off its hinges when no one had slammed it, weird. None of this is against the maitenance people, I usually feel sorry for them. It is the management that doesn't relay anything to them. Ok, now I'm in this year. It's saturday night and only one of my roommates is home. Its 4am and someone decides to come through our second floor kitchen window and proceed to try to kick down my roommates bedroom door, thankfully the police are right around the corner. Not only did this perv try to kick down a door, he had turned on a stereo in another room. what the hell, why can't people steal things. Fine, we were dumb for leaving a window open but when we went to tell the management only Maurice was there. I recommend not talking to Maurice about any problems if you actually want them fixed. Anyways, we wanted all of the locks changed out and obviously the door frames fixed. I didn't have any confidence in Maurice, so I called that monday morning to find out that Maurice hadn't told anyone else in the office about the break in and that there was no maintenance order for anything. Nice. It took 3 days for the door frame to be fixed. On top of this, no one believed us that someone had scaled the wall and gotten in through our window besides there being an obvious broken screen. I had to re-tell the break in story multiple times and they told is that it must have been one of our previous roommates. Yeah b/c our hundred pound ex roommate who we still hang out with decided to kick in a door at 4am. Thanks for the help and I feel really secure knowing that a security guard drives by maybe twice a night.

I wouldn't be as angry if anyone in that office knew anything about customer service, like when clients walk in, you shouldn't look away and ignore them. You should also apologize profusely for wrongs. I have heard sorry maybe once and that was from Maurice, so i know how genuine that was. And yes, that vomit stayed on the stairs for a week before anyone hosed it down. It's very true that they only want their rent check. If you are late on rent, that is the only time that you can get management to pay attention to you in any prompt manner and I mean next day they will send you a 3 day notice. I'm very tired of dealing with these people, i cringe going into the office or calling them. —MaijaMangrum

2007-09-28 00:49:37   I should probably clarify what I meant about them getting rid of the non-University students. From what I was told, they are going to let them ride out their lease and then deny them the right to renew, not straight up kick them out.

The staff does want them out because, as they told me numerous times, they are losing money from all the vandalism that goes on in the apartment complex. —BrandonMinow

2007-09-30 10:46:13

I could probably think of other complaints every day but here's one that I forgot. They gave us a wonderful 2 weeks notice that there would be repair happening in our apartment. What they failed to tell us was that painters would come in and move all of our furniture and then leave paint on my couch and then carpet cleaners would come in and clean the carpet around our furniture and then come into my room and scare the crap out of my cat just to clean the area right in front of my bed. What happened to 24 hour notice and why did the have to come into my room at all. It would have been really nice if they had told us any of this was happening so I could have locked my door and moved my firniture so that they could have done an actual thorough job of cleaning and painting. They painted around hung up pictures. My roommate read my previous comment and said that I was being too nice. And the parking, once in the entire time that I lived here have I not been able to find a parking space. Stop scamming us into more money UNLESS you actually hire more competent staff. —MaijaMangrum

2007-10-06 13:59:49   Currently there are roughly 15 unrserved parking spots at UVD. All of the covered spots have been bought up. For anyone who doesn't live here considering it, this is the parking situation. Each apartment gets two uncovered parking spots. There are four people living in my room. We each have cars (for any University Village management, that is four cars total if you didn't count before assigning spots). One of us bought a covered spot, the others didn't. One of my roommates risked parking in a reserved parking space, and he was towed by the owner. We have a tandem parking spot, which is wonderful if you are best friends with your roommate or want to store your car, because the way it works is that one car is in front of the other and locked in place.

Anyway, there are a few visitor spots available if you are lucky, and if not I don't know what you should be doing, and neither does management. They told my roommate when he asked why he had to risk being towed every day that "YOU shouldn't have to risk it every day!" Of course they tell anyone who has there spot blocked to tow immediately. This costs $190 and a drive to the worst place in Dixon: Jed's Towing Yard. I am seriously wondering whether UVD gets some sort of commission for towing, because when you move in they give you a little card from Jed's with their phone number on it.

I also seriously recommend that everyone who is dissatisfied with their experience to closely and carefully examine their leases, their is a chance that it was never signed in the first place and you are on month to month. Of course Marie did not sign any of them on the same date as we did, so if you look at her signatures there is probably no date next to it. I don't know what this all means, but I am certainly going to seek advice from someone who does know. —ColinMcEnroe

2007-10-15 21:15:51   Of course the management gets a commission from Jed's. Oh and that emergency number that they claim to have is constantly busy at all hours of the day, every day. It's really effective when the fire alarm is going off at 2am or when you get locked out of your room and have to call a locksmith. —MaijaMangrum

2007-10-19 16:53:43   this is for sure the worst place to live, the office is not just unorganized and careless about fixing things, or the concerns of the residents, but they're a bunch of thieves who will charge you money for everything, they don't even care if it's illegal. they will probably and hopefully get sued soon. the place is filthy and their so called "roomate matching program" is a complete joke. basically, don't bother living here, it's overpriced and the management is terrible and there are tons of other better options here in davis. —danoub

2007-10-25 11:24:54   this is the most horrible, disturbing place i have ever lived. I felt duped and dumb for having been suckered into living here. I would rather be living in a hotel room. I cannot wait until this year is over, please, no one should ever live here —adamc328

2007-11-04 13:24:48   seems to have a lot of crime and destructive behavior. the most recent news letter says they are having problems with vandalism, noise complaints, police being called, and more. it is definitely annoying to hear people shouting angrily at each other calling each other out at 4 in the morning after they have had way to much to drink, but i don't know how the management thinks it is legal to start fines. now if there is a noise complaint your apartment gets fined 250 or so. it seems like they keep making up random rules and random fees and fines and always change their minds about stuff. like the pet messiness. people leave pet waste all over the complex and so it is pretty dirty. managements response is to threaten a 'pet rent' of 25 a month for all pet owners instead of just the ones that are making the messes. also, the fines for anyone who gets a noise complaint on them- neighbors that don't like each other are just going to start calling up the security people (they are an off site agency I think) to get their enemies fined. on the upside, it seems like the management might be TRYING to do stuff, even though they are just making up totally random rules that have no basis in our lease or anything. there is nothing that says they can make up random fees and fines. the parking also really sucks. i have been towed twice because even if i wanted to park in a covered spot, they are all taken and would cost 40 a month if they were available. i would suggest allegre. people seem to like allegre enough, and it isn't as dingy as other davis places. it is probably as nice as this place only better because you don't have to deal with the car mechanic students breaking into things, breaking beer bottles, sifting through the dumpsters, and revving their engines all the time. My rating: decent, but i have liked other places in davis better. i particularly like adobe but they charge a lot for security deposit stuff if you dont fill your form out well. —SaraS

2007-11-07 04:08:57   Its funny because I don't even live at the university village. When I look at this place, I think of it as a really nice place to live, only if all the troubles were removed. So I went ahead and e-mailed the corporate office with a long letter about how many things at the university village should be changed. If they send me an email back, i would definitely post in on here for everyone to read. Hopefully if they straighten out all the problems, i might be a perspective tenant all over again. Good luck to everyone that lives here. —heyitsvu

2007-11-10 15:58:31   I recently moved in and I can honestly say that things are getting better. The manager that was rude to everyone doesnt work here anymore. The girls in the office are hella nice to me. I use the tanning bed all the time. Someone said that it isn't really a tanning bed, but obviously you dont know what a tanning bed looks like. Someone else is complaining about the newletter, but you make no sense... you are mad about things that happen here, but you are also ragging on the solution they create! make up your mind. it is getting better, and the girls in the office are trying. Give them a break. If anyone of you had a solid job where you had to use customer service you would know it's hard. We had to deal with a horrible property manager and they had to WORK with her EVERYDAY!!! —Ktbard

2007-11-14 23:30:03   "ktbard", you are a hella dedicated UVD employee! I mean, do you seriously expect people to believe you live here when you say random things that make no sense and try to cut out EVERY slightly negative thing on the site? fair enough that you want the site to make the complex look good, but from the history of the page you go on here and edit everything out on a daily basis. it is like fashism. ten bucks says you're the blonde person in the office. I am going to try to post up a summary of the stuff thats got erased since you started messing with the page underneath this comment. And by the way, I am sure like all the people on this and that live here have had customer service jobs and done really good at them. Most of the office girls aren't that BAD but they don't know what the hell they are doing and f*ck stuff up a lot. Probably as dumb as fish. (srry fishies) When did the manager quit? (It wasn't before I got the pleasre of meeting her cheery face- gag) But for reals, is the new one changing stuff? —SaraS

2007-11-20 10:34:29   I have lived here for 2 years and I think this place is what you make of it, and most of you just make it seem bad. There are people here who like this place and actually really like the office staff who bend over backwards to help you out. Most of the people on here seem like whinny little bitches who have nothing better to do than sit on the computer and cry about how bad it is to live here. I say you should get your fat ass off the computer and stop eating your sorrows away and worry about something else. I would have to say don’t live here if you hate it so bad, get out of your lease and move on. This is my home and I really love it and I am happy to fork over the money to live here, trust me I have lived in worse places. On thing I find so petty is the girl who says she did not get enough oatmeal, is there nothing else she could cry about??? Fat girls and nerdy web geeks move on and stop bitching about how bad it is to live here, no one forced you to move in. It would be funny if they had a gun held to your head and said you had to though, maybe you would have the right to gripe. All in all I am happy here and glad this is my home! —Purduerunner82

- Interesting comment, especially when trying to reconcile this note's agitated tone with your final declaration of happiness. —ColinMcEnroe