Sushi Unlimited Review

I stopped by with a friend on opening day. We were disappointed to learn "Sushi Unlimited" did not offer unlimited sushi (no buffet, with a name like that?) but we tried them out anyways. We came at an off hour, and few people were there; maybe something which comes with opening in the summer in Davis, or maybe just because it was 3 pm.

They only offered a limited menu on opening day (no 'kitchen' food, only sushi items.) We ordered rolls: Tuna with Avocado, Salmon with Cucumber, Yellowtail with Avocado? and the Jubilee Rolls. The Jubilee rolls were absolutely delicious! However, I was not impressed with the normal rolls; the fishwas not very good.

Since everyone was sitting at the sushi bar, the waitresses didn't really have anything to do except bring us water. The waitresses and the chefs behind the sushi bar hovered around us a lot, but that's common at grand openings. However, it took almost 5 minutes to bring us the bill! Apparently, the 20% opening discount needs manager approval for each receipt, and they had to find the manager. They ran around for 5 minutes looking for the manager, which seems strange considering that it should be applied to -every- opening day bill.

Somewhat pricy; we spent $20 for two people (after 20% discount) and walked out still hungry. I'm not familiar with non-buffet sushi places, so this may be normal.

Pleasant interior, interesting mix of music (I heard old Britney Spears and some late 90's - early 2000s rap)

I went to 49er Video the night before opening day, and saw they were working on the resturant late (at least until 10 pm), so they might not have everything together yet; see aforementioned sushi-only menu.


Mediocre fish, but great Jubilee rolls! I'll see how they are in a month or two.


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2007-12-10 13:05:32   Speaking as someone who works at a sushi bar (not Sushi Unlimited): working the sushi bar can often be more difficult than working tables. However, Sushi Unlimited does have pretty lousy service. —LizzEhrenpreis