'Poor puppy, you look so sad, I guess you think that no one ever felt so bad before' — James Taylor, Everybody Gets the Blues

All creatures great and small need special care now and then. Davis has human medical services, and also provides some of the best animal care research in the world through the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, often appearing in the national news.

Of course, sometimes you don't need cutting edge research. When your pooch is under the weather, or your kitten ate a mitten, there are some fantastic veterinarians in town to help you out. Here are some of the local places you can take your beloved family animal or critter in need to:


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2012-06-10 14:09:58   I called all the veterinary clinics in Davis, trying to find one that would give my dog the required rabies vaccination. They all told me that California state law requires them to examine the dog first. So I took my dog to the Petco vaccination clinic on Sunday where they vaccinated him without an exam. So what's the deal? If the Davis vets want to have an office policy requiring an exam before vaccination, well, that's their privilege. On the other hand, they should not be saying it's a state law if Petco can do it without an exam. —JimStewart

  • Vaccines aren't recommended for sick animals, and can interfere with either vaccine efficacy or the animals pre-existing condition. My understanding is that it's universal practice (well, almost universal) to require an examination prior to vaccination, just in case. I know the rabies vaccination is legally mandated for dogs (unless sick in which you can get a medical exemption to delay/withhold the rabies vaccine). Without looking for it, I don't know of any law that specifically requires an exam, in regards to rabies. Perhaps its veterinarians wanting to do due diligence? Or worried about liability? I suppose you could all back and ask for the law/statute specifically, or whether it's just standard practice. -ES

2012-10-13 14:33:01   I just moved to the Davis area a month or two ago and visited one of the local vet office today to take my dog in for a check-up/vaccines/nail trim/etc. The service was great, however upon leaving I was surprised with an extra large bill. When I looked over the receipt I noticed that they charged $31 for a nail trim and another $30 to have my dogs anal sacs expressed. This is outrageous to me; where I came from did each of these services for free or at most $8 for a nail trim (anal sac expression has always been free)!! Is this a common price for these in the Davis area? Or did I just get ripped off? —SC33

  • Sometimes vet offices charge around $30 the first time they trim your pet's nails and then the subsequent trimmings are only around $15 unless your pet is particularly difficult to handle. You could call them and ask if that is their policy. —LoriOrf