At her retirement party with Matt Huerta in December of 2004 Known to many on the Third Floor as "Queen Victoria," her role as monarch of ASUCD hasn't been challenged since President Tiqula Bledsoe declared himself "The Black Caesar of ASUCD.

Vicki Swett was the Advisor of the ASUCD until her retirement in 2004. The ASUCD Advisor advises the various government entities that are in the ASUCD, including the different commissions and committees as well as the ASUCD Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches. At first impression she appeared to be a sweet lady, but once you are her bad side she'd give you the icy stare of death and would try to destroy you with it. Her blond stylized hair reminds us of the 1980’s and its wild haircuts of yesteryear. Her office was on the third floor of the MU next the SGAO. She often could be seen with Mark Champagne lunching in the MU Coffee House talking about floss.

She retired in December of 2004 and was replaced by Eric Sanchez. She served the ASUCD for 31 years. This change of regime will allow ASUCD to set a new path in the future, as the student government advisor has a huge amount of influence over their years in the job.

Vicki has many supporters, as exemplified in Senate Resolution #5 (not online yet, passed 12/2/2004), which praised her years of service and passed without objection. She also has quite a few detractors, who call her the "manifestation of all that is evil". And some people even call her an "über troll," while others have been yelled at by her for saying "she doesn't care or understand."

Incidentally, the position of ASUCD Advisor and SGAO of which she was the head, both do not have "Administrative Plans." Administrative Plans describe the function, responsibilities and duties of every unit in ASUCD, and Government Codes Chapter Four is devoted to them. Every ASUCD unit must have one according to the first paragraph of that chapter. This is significant because many claim that Vicki's influence far exceeded the function she was supposed to have, and she would often refuse to have the SGAO do administrative work for people or units she didn't like, notably the judiciary.

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