It's Friday, but you're not up for a movie theater. What to do? Rent (or buy) a video from one of these places:


  • Four Star Movies is located in the back of Bizarro World. Now the only full service video store in Davis.
  • Stonegate Video — [Closed] Was one of only two video rental stores remaining in Davis.
  • DVD2NITE has a DVD/Blu-ray rental machine at each of the two Davis Nugget locations.
  • Redbox has DVD rental machines at Save Mart (near the bakery section), both Safeways, both CVS locations, 7-Eleven, and at Circle K. Cost is around $1.50 per day! It's hard to beat that. Redbox also offers BluRay movies for a higher pirce. (Discs can be returned to any Red Box machine) Free codes: breakroom, dvdonme. You can use each code once per credit card and once per email address. Use different cards and you can get more free rentals. You must use a different email for each free rental code. link You can also rent video games from Redbox.
  • Netflix has a shipping center in West Sacramento which results in fast shipping for Davis residents.




  • 49er Video Departed Business. Closed 3/31/2011.
  • Alternative Universe Departed Business
  • Blockbuster Departed Business. Marketplace location closed 4/2009. Downtown location stopped renting 2/23/2011. Closed 04/2011.
  • Video City Departed Business
  • Videos To Go Departed Business
  • The Wherehouse Departed Business. Closed in 2000.
  • Blockbuster Express had DVD rental kiosks at the West Covell and South Davis Safeway locations. $3 for the first night and $1 for each additional night for new releases. After 28 days of the DVD release, it will be $2 for the first night. For DVDs older than 90 days, it will be $1 per night. Blockbuster Express was a DVD rental kiosk service that was owned by NCR corporation. The rental kiosks were sold to Redbox. Redbox replaced all of the Blockbuster Express kiosks with Redbox machines.


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does either Longs have a video rental program? also, some Supermarkets & Grocery Stores sell videos, but i don't know which ones. —ArlenAbraham

  • I know that Nugget, Albertsons and Safeway sell videos, but should they go here? They aren't video stores. But, then, neither are Wal-mart, Target, Costco, the Bookstore, etc....What do you think? —ss
  • Hmmm.... I guess as long as we're listing places one can purchase videos, any store that sells videos should be on the list. After all, the person who visits this page will most likely want a fairly complete listing of places they can buy/rent videos. I agree though, that just about every little hole in the wall sells some sort of videos anymore, which could lead to a long list of seemingly unrelated businesses. Maybe changing the page title and/or adding subcategories of video stores v. stores selling videos would clear up any confusion. I rather like including Mom/Pop stores like International Food Market, because I doubt that most of the other places carry Bollywood vids. —AlphaDog