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Airport, Rail, Bus Conection Service Specializing in Reserved Transport
(530) 753-TAXI (530) 753-8294
Toll free: 877-758-8294
[email protected]
[email protected]
Payment Methods
Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express

Village Cab is one of the modes of transportation in town for those who may find themselves out in the Davis Downtown scene at night without a designated driver, or just in need of a quick run to the market. Village Cab takes reservations for rides to Amtrak & even for a ride to and from a doctor's appointment. They offer rides to airports and casinos in the area. They also offer discounts to students, members of the military, AAA members, and AARP members. Their blue and orange vans, and a Prius Hybrid, zip hither and fro, whisking people (and pets?) to various destinations in and around Davis. Village Cab also gladly transports your pets as long as they are protected within a pet carrier! Reservations are recommended if your pet has an appointment with a vet or pet groomer. Village Cab leases its cabs to folks who know their way around the Davis Area; more than half of their cab leases are made with drivers who grew up in Davis, or have lived within the Davis City Limits for 20 years or more. Village Cab of Davis offers coverage on its cabs to provide taxi transport within a radius of up to 200 miles.

Between the hours of 6am and 10pm: Standard Rate (as of March 3, 2012) is: $4 flag drop $3.00 per mile thereafter; 5$ minimum applies. Students, military and seniors are eligible for 10% discount with up-to-date I.D. Between the hours of 10pm and 6am: Standard Rate (as of March 3, 2012) is: $4 flag drop and $3.00 per mile thereafter; 5$ minimum applies.

Village Cab of Davis is licensed and insured to transport passengers via taxicab. City of Davis Business Lic. # 0030050/12-00032962 Village Cab of Davis charges primarily by taximeter.

They do, however offer Flat Rates that provide a savings of 10% to 25% to travelers who find themselves needing to go outside the city to some of the surrounding locales & cities along the HWY 80, BUS 80 & HWY 50 corridors such as: Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Lincoln, Arden Fair, Sacramento, Dixon, Vacaville and its Outlet Stores as well as Fairfield and the Solano Mall. Call ahead for a quote at 530-753-8294.


CAB 107 says: "(530) 753-TAXI 24hour service CAB 103 says: "We Drive So You Don't Have To." sm CAB 111 says: "Look for us at

  • Davis Business License- on file.

  • Sacramento Airport Permits - License # 629928 County of Sacramento Special Business License

    • (Department of Finance)

  • Sacramento County Airport System - Registered as : Village Cab of Davis

  • Yolo County Business License- As of Mar. 31, 2010 No License on record with Yolo County, possibly restricting transportation outside of Davis, if not within the Davis city Limits. Update:: as of September 19, 2011, today, by making a single call to the Yolo County Clerk-Recorder's Office to request info regarding

the necessity of obtaining a Yolo County Business License, one would discover that businesses are not in need of this license if they already have a business license on file for the incorporated City in which they are based. Business that have no base in an incorporated city within the County & who routinely do business in or solicit business in the Unincorporated Areas of the County need to obtain this Yolo County Business License from the Planning & Public Works Office.

****However, without trying to make it seem as if this business is inadequately licensed, no ordinance has been pointed out that restricts a properly licensed transportation business from picking up customers within its base of operations (Davis) and dropping them off in areas of Yolo County. Neither has an ordinance or law been pointed out that requires any transportation company from picking up in Yolo County and returning back to the City where its license is in effect. It's actually a fact that Village Cab drivers and patrons drive out to Pacific Star Gardens on County Road 99 & Capay Valley Organic Farms on Highway 16 in Capay Valley and purchase Wonderful Heirloom Tomatoes and even BRING them BACK into the City of Davis for consumption!! The idea of loving local products and services and patronizing them as much as possible is imbued in Village Cab which is properly licensed and insured to drop off within 200 miles of Davis, its base of operations. Cheers !!

Certificate of Registration for Authorized Devices : ID # 186 : 3 Devices Registered Authorizing Agency for Devices (Taximeters/Odometers) is Yolo County Dept. of Agriculture Division of Weights & Measures ( Same agency that oversees everything used to measure or weigh what you buy. From gas station pumps to scales at the meat/fish/produce market. Always accompanied by the County Seal with current year imprinted on it, as well as the name of current Weights & Measures Director. In 2011, the director is John Young. These seals are only given by a County Official after field testing your device ( taximeter, odometer ) on an actual road test. This test is performed to demonstrate the accuracy of your particular device. There is a fee for each device.

Village Cabs 107 (2008 Toyota Sienna) & 103 (2000 Toyota Sienna) have authorized taximeters with Seal below meter. Village Cab 111 (2011 Toyota Prius) has an authorized odometer with Seal on Dashboard.

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2005-12-03 16:51:59   the guy who runs village cab is super nice, and they give student discounts —JennSuzuki

2006-02-09 18:49:29   Village Cab is amazing! I was running completely late for my train out of town for the weekend and I was freaking out. I called several other cab companies, and none of them could pick me up or take a credit card, and Village Cab completely saved me. Even though the driver was already taking people down to the train station during peak Davis traffic, he came all the way back and got me to the train station just in time for me to get on my train. Without him, I would've missed my train and completely thrown off all my plans. From now on, Village Cab will be the first taxi service I call, every time! —HannahReff

2006-06-19 01:53:32   Village Cab is awesome! Like Hannah, I was also running late. I had to catch the plane in an hour, and I just missed the bus because of heavy luggage. I told Village Cab it was an emergency and the driver got here in record time. He helped carry my luggage and got to the terminal as soon as possible. If it weren't for Village Cab I would need to find an inn to stay. If anyone asks, I will most definitely recommend Village Cab. Thanks for the great service! —WengFF

2007-01-10 12:50:34   Village Cab welcomes your Questions, Comments & Suggestions. Please e-mail us at [email protected]. We thank you for your business in 2006 & we look forward to serving you in 2007! —DavidPlacencia

2007-02-23 12:25:15   YEAH VILLAGE CABS!!!!! (if hear that shouted out when you see a village cab, thats me) I know the folks there, they run a good ship. —StevenDaubert

2007-11-01 04:31:00   Thank You SOOOOO much Village Cab patrons! Your great costumes & festive spirit made the night really fun! We enjoyed serving you during Halloween 2007 ! Your patience and understanding through the busier times made our night. See you next Halloween ! —DavidPlacencia

2008-05-18 00:30:35   OVERCHARGES. As in, I hand him a 10 for a 6 dollar ride (from the Segundo Dorms to the Amtrak station), and he does not give me change unless I ask for it. —eda

    It is customary when presenting a ten dollar bill to pay for a ride (that's for less than the ten dollars) to say how much you would like back as change - Usually as you are handing the bill to the driver. However, sometimes communication gets crossed, missed, or not sent or received at all. It is unfortunate, EDA, that the exchange with the driver didn't go smoothly. Village Cab does thank you for your openness and your frankness. We also appreciate you calling our taxi service and hope we can meet your transportation needs in the future. —DavidPlacencia

  • It is customary for the driver to return the change to the customer unless instructed otherwise. This was not a case of poor communication, it was a case of the driver acting very poorly. The driver should be instructed on how to correctly conduct a transaction. marty

    • Are you at all familiar with a process called "tipping"? As in waiters, pizza delivery people, and taxi drivers customarily recieve tips. If you overpay slightly and do not request change, it is reasonable for a taxi driver to assume you are providing a small gratuity. —JodyNorthup

2008-05-21 20:05:26   since when does village cab rock a camry? —StevenDaubert

  • Where are you seeing a Camry? I see a Mercury Sable. —BrandonBarrette

    • they have the sable, as well as a taurus, I saw the camry headed Northbound on B st yesterday around 18:20

2008-05-22 15:10:44   ...It seems what 'eda' and 'marty' are hitting on falls within the subject of driver etiquette. Yes, it is fair to say that in a transaction of this kind change should be presented to the payer as swiftly as possible to avoid the appearance of dishonesty. I would ask if 'marty' was actually there when this exchange took place, and if not, why so harsh a judgment? Is it at all possible there was a simple misunderstanding? How do you know the driver acted 'very poorly?'...I definitely agree that absolutely noone should ever be short-changed. But I also believe you can short-change someone's credibility by assigning pre-mature judgement when they their performance falls short in an isolated instance. I stand firmly behind the honesty of Village Cab drivers as well as for the fairness and kindness of those thousands of customers we have served and hope to serve. We will make every effort to insure all of our patrons are served as safely and in as timely a manner as is expected. Please feel free to ask for me, David Placencia, if there is ever a comment of praise or comment of instruction or advice you would like to give. You can reach me at 530.753.8294. I will personally work to address any question of honesty or integrity that arises. It helps sometimes to first air these points out person to person rather than on an open stage; there can be details about an exchange that go unrevealed when there is no room allowed for personal dialog and understanding. Eda, we are sorry that your change was not given before you asked and we hope you can feel assured that this incident will make us a better business. Thank You again for your openness without which we could not improve.

2008-05-28 17:16:39   I called the night before to arrange for an early morning pickup. The driver was right on time, and cheerfully helped me with my very heavy luggage. Clean car, nice driver, and on time. Can't ask for more than that! —mphpnj

2008-06-02 17:51:04   Village Cab is the best! I have always had amazing service with very courteous drivers- I will continue to use you and recommend you guy's to all my friends- p.s. I usually tell them (the driver) to keep the change - especially on a short ride :) —marabella

2008-08-27 12:02:40   I've been calling Village Cab for three years and they've always been prompt, professional and helpful. They have taken me to work, to run errands, to Sac, the airport, to the doctor, to the vet, to Dixon, Woodland, etc. They know the area inside out, the rates are fair, and it's comforting to know they are metered and insured (I ASKED!). —missfoyle

2009-02-24 01:52:16   In the past two weeks, I called Village Cab twice and asked them to pick-up a family member in a nearby town and take that person to another area town. Both times they were very courteous and understanding of the situation; I was called when they picked up the person and again when they arrived at the destination. I live over 150 miles away and was able to use my credit card for the fare. Village Cab is the best and I certainly recommend them to anyone who wants superior service in and around Davis. Thank you Village Cab for your kindness.

2009-06-05 09:53:00   I've been calling Village Cab for almost a year now, and they've never failed me once. From reservations to last-minute rides they've always been extremely reliable, helpful, and courteous. What's more, their excellent service remains consistent among the several drivers that they have. Village Cab definite gets my vote for the best cab service in town, and I'll be recommending it to anyone who asks about it in the future. —AnthonyLam

2009-11-26 23:46:19   To All Of Our Drivers, Customers, and Friends: Thank You! YOU ALL MAKE VILLAGE CAB! Happy Thanksgiving & Happy 5th Anniversary 2009!!!! —DavidPlacencia

2010-04-29 15:13:51   Max is rude, unprofessional, and on a power trip (no clue why). All the other drivers at Village are friendly and provide really good service. —JCL95616

2010-04-29 15:46:16   I called them to order a cab for someone who had flown in to University Airport last weekend. The driver (over the phone) asked where the person needed to go, so I told him, and he said he would be here in 15 minutes. I hung up and the person went out to wait for the cab. Five minutes later the driver called me back and asked if the person still needed a ride. I found this extremely odd seeing as I had just talked to him 5 minutes prior, asking for him to come. —JenniferCook

2010-04-30 05:00:33   Hi Jennifer, sorry for the confusion. That day during your Cal Aggie Flyer's Open House we had 2 drivers on schedule. After taking a reservation, I noticed your call (shows up as 'CalAggieFlyers' on our call list) showed up as a missed call on my cellphone (our taxi-line was forwarded to the cell phone system at the time since we were out on the road). I called my backup real quick to check if he answered your call, but I got his voicemail. So I called you back just to make sure you were being served not realizing the other driver had answered your forwarded call, quoted you an ETA and was quickly on his way! ...turned out my call back to you was unnecessary...forgive me for being overzealous. Jennifer thank you for calling us from the University Airport, we always appreciate the chance to serve you! —DavidPlacencia

2010-04-30 13:48:47   Thanks for the explanation, David. Not having that information at the time, I found it quite weird to get a call back just a few minutes later with a confirmation. Now I see the confusion on your end and understand that you were just being thorough. Thanks! —JenniferCook

2010-05-09 14:50:46   ...ive seen max go out of his way to help people get in and around davis even if they werent getting a cab (ie finding the right train or bus connection someplace)...and witnessed flashes of frustration get the best of him...pretty sure honestly he needs more time off...the village cab driver corps is more than capable of taking good care of customers while he takes a break...ummm think these guys deserve to be in the spotlight: Reinhard & Kiel & the newer ones Aaron, (Travis?)and long-time cabbie Josh...just a suggestion:) max! —verileemerchant95618

2010-05-14 12:04:01   Just a note of information: Village Cab has several new 1$ off coupons available; ask your driver for one today! Also, we neglected to print that coupons are only good 1 AT A TIME, not stackable. Sorry for any confusion! We Thank You For Your Business! ( you can contact us now at [email protected]) —DavidPlacencia

2010-08-16 10:26:45   Their service was great. My train was delayed, so they were able to track our progress and pick us up at a reasonable time. The driver was also very nice —Htom

2010-09-23 13:45:37   The guy I called from New York for an airport return was friendly but never called me back, although he said he would. I waited 18 hours and then called Checker. What a difference!!! —thelmaleegross

2010-09-23 15:12:52   Dear Ms. Gross, we always strive to return each and every phone call for service, but in your case we dropped the ball. I apologize for this lapse in our attention to your call. We are glad that you were able to reach Checker Cab for service; it is a daily reality that both our companies refer to one another to help cover demands for service; believe me, none of us are perfect. One of the central reasons I choose to do business in Davis is that when it comes right down to it, we all lean on each other when time and business demands require us to and back each other to help provide transportation for those who live in and visit our community. We are very hard working and earnest in this endeavor. As manager and operator of Village Cab I have personally, over the past 5-6 years, covered calls for EVERY cab company in Davis, and will continue to do so. I have made some mistakes and have helped cover others mistakes. We are all indepedent cab companies but are united in our basic sense of goodwill and determination to serve. Some of us do some things much better than others on any given day. So, I am still very proud to work for Village Cab and at the same time I apologize for not getting back to you in regards to your trip back from the Big Apple. I am hopeful that time & circumstance will allow us the opportunity to serve you in the future and give us the chance to show you our true willingness to provide the absolute best transportation experience. I would like to say in closing, that it is quite unfortunate that so much of the commentary in this wiki-type medium can tend to lend itself toward polarizing one service against or for another; I say this in response to your comment, Ms. Gross, on the Checker wiki regarding the fact that Davis Cab referred you to us when you called; as mentioned above, it is important that folks who read these comments in relation to using local cab services in our wonderful city of Davis, realize that we in reality work very much in TANDEM to help each other fulfill our promises to customers. Beleive it or not, many good things we all do never make it to these pages, and it may go against the idea of competitive advantage to also admit that we local cabs co-operate much more than many might want to beleive or expect, but it is above all important to have a realistic point of view before casting dispersion. Sincerely Yours, David 'Max' Placencia

we can.

2010-09-23 17:42:30   We can be contacted by email at [email protected] & [email protected] Our toll free # is : 877-530-8294. Thank You for reading & using this information to help us better serve you:) ! —DavidPlacencia

2011-03-15 21:09:33   Got an accurate time estimate for pickup, great conversation, nice, clean car. Thumbs up. —KevinW

2011-03-17 02:02:39   Does the Village Cab take plastic? I had a good experience but the guy said if we didn't have any cash on us he'd have to take us to the ATM? Just curious if they're cash only or if the guy was being an ass. —rrenati

  • Some their cabs are able to accept debit and/or charge cards, but to my knowledge it has not been installed in all their vehicles. A good way to avoid this problem with any cab is to mention your payment method in advance. Most will not have any problems with you using your card since they automatically get a gratuity when you use it from what I have heard. — Wes-P

2011-03-17 05:51:20   Dear RRenati, we do take plastic. Sorry for the misconception. There's been a small but gradual increase in declined or max-out credit cards, and we drivers have started offering more often to stop at an ATM but in most cases only if it is not more than a few blocks out of the way. We drivers will stop the meter while you get your cash. We are most definitely however most keen on having you be satisfied about your entire taxicab experience. We will also double our efforts to ensure we carry extra paper-rolls and battery supplies for our wireless terminals to help make sure they are always capable of completing a desired transaction. We hope that your experience will not prevent you from travelling across Davis in one of our taxicabs in the future. —DavidPlacencia

2011-03-22 12:04:06   Within the past week, Village Cab has received a letter from an observer who reports that she saw 2 things. First, at about midnight 3 weeks ago while a fare was being dropped off outside her window, a couple of people talking loudly passed her window and attracted her attention. She looked out and watched as a cab driver and a woman were talking. The woman was fumbling through her open purse (she appeared to the observer to be drunk) and they were seemingly discussing payment for the ride. She says she heard part but not all of their conversation. A comment from the lady was heard, what amounted to ' go ahead and do whatever you want ! ' Subsequently a cabin light went dark, seemingly turned out by the driver. Second, the observer states she saw the cab driver touch the woman's chest. After a moment the woman turned the light on, smiled, gathered her purse and left the cab. Finally, the observer believed she saw that the driver looked like he felt guilty about what just transpired. No specific day or place of occurrence was given for this story, and Village Cab is inquiring into the matter. Village Cab believes its crucial the public knows Village Cab does not condone any kind of inappropriate touch-for-fare or any other payment/trade for fare except cash or credit card (credit card for payments at $7 or greater) and takes an observation like this seriously. Although the entire truth isn't known about the exchange, Village Cab is sensitive to making sure our female ridership, as well as male ridership, is transported safely. Village Cab is taking preemptive steps to place cameras in our cabs before the fiscal year is out to help aid in security for our ridership as well as our drivers. We appreciate you taking the time to read this. Any comments or questions in regard to this or any other topic of concern please feel free to email [email protected] 24 hours a day. We do not have all the specifics at this time and our observer has not as yet furnished them, but we appreciate that she had taken the time to tell us what she observed, and are most urgently concerned and conducting an inquiry. Sincerely, —DavidPlacencia

If anyone ever needs a ride, remember that Village cab always accepts reservations, 24 hours a day. There a a few ways to make a reservation as well:

1) E-mail either [email protected] or if your reservation is an airport drop off or pick up, [email protected] If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please feel free to the business line.

2) a direct call to the business line for a reservation.


2011-04-22 09:38:25   To all taxicab patrons if ever your ride is far less than what you expected from our service, or if it even exceeds your expectations, we would appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns privately. We will take care to respond to your observations in a timely and efficient fashion. We welcome your positive comments privately as well. If it turns out there is something that has not met your expectations through our service, and you can find a moment to email us or call toll free @ 877-530-8294 from any phone, please provide the cab number or date & time of your experience, a way to contact you back, and we would be grateful if you could allow us 10 business days to address your issue in a confidential fashion. We are committed to improving our service for you, and we do appreciate the power and generosity of your discretion. We do most earnestly want your cab experience to be a good one! [email protected]

2011-04-27 04:32:27   Great service! The driver was very professional and nice. definitely would recommend using their service. —bumblebee

2011-08-12 17:29:17   I was just visiting Davis the past couple weeks and Village Cab was reliable for me & went above and beyond to make sure that I found the places I needed to get to on time and at extremely fair prices. I would definitely refer these guys to anyone who is visiting Davis for the first time; I found them to be trustworthy and straightforward with their quote times & the estimates for what the rides would cost me. Sincerely, —kimberlydaugherty

2012-03-28 01:37:31   our new toll free number is 877-758-8294 —DavidPlacencia

2012-09-13 22:58:08   Max is wonderful, and is genuinely passionate about what he does. I met him through a fellow bartender (and long-time VC patron), and he has never let me down! —BombayCollins

2012-12-13 22:03:18   Village Cab is super courteous! Unfortunately, I was looking for a last-minute reservation during a busy time (right before Winter Break) so it was understandable that they were all booked. But I did find everyone I talked to from Village Cab really friendly. And I want to apologize to the guy who called me back. I was unintentionally interrupting you, and that was really rude of me. I really appreciate your courtesy and everyone's friendliness at Village Cab. And I will definitely be sure to call Village Cab in the future (earlier rather than later!). —ISeeNargles

2015-07-13 00:47:47   Village Cab is wonderful! They often give a courteous text or call to confirm scheduled pick-up times and, by doing so, have even saved me from missing a flight! When they are booked, Village Cab has even helped to schedule me with another reliable taxi service. They are my "go to" taxi and a great business in Davis! —mariam