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Gloria Lozano Widner

Vista Spanish Davis Tutoring focuses on students starting out at the junior high level, high school students, UCDavis undergrads and grads all the way to working professionals. With over 12 years as a private Spanish language instructor/tutor, a longtime resident of Davis, and a native Spanish speaker, Gloria Lozano Widner loves sharing her knowledge with the students in her community. In addition to working with students on their language skills, Gloria also loves working on translations and helping students polish their Spanish term papers.

"I enjoy teaching my students to be outstanding with their grammar and to know the verb conjugations, but I also expect them to put their new language into practice – to communicate – that is the fun part! I get such joy and I am constantly amazed when my students start communicating in Spanish – I love to hear them even if they stumble to get a message across in Spanish, but they do it…beautiful! I would love to meet you and see how we can work together! Let’s get started!"


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