A play structure in the southern area of the park

Park Location

2700 Lillard Drive (Main Park Area)

2250 Barony Place (Offleash Dog Area)

3.5 acres
Exercise Course
• Off Leash Dog Area
• Picnic Area with BBQs
• Restrooms''
Tennis Courts
• Tot Play Area
Volleyball Posts

• Fitness Stretch Bars

."Tree shaped" kids playground

.Drinking founatain

.Climbing equipment ( at southern playground)

.Rock climbing wall ( at northern playground)

.Connection to the Davis Bike Loop

Area may be subject to advanced registration - call City of Davis Community Services Department at (530) 757-5626 for information

Walnut Park is immediately adjacent to Merryhill School and offers children's play areas (the northernmost has a climbing wall but very little shade, the southern one has a larger sand area and two separate structures), tennis courts, large grassy spaces, a fitness trail, paved bike path and an off-leash dog area. Dog owners should be aware that this signed dog exercise area is not fenced and may be occupied by AYSO on weekends.

The City of Davis did consider putting in an 'Aquatics Facility', with a recreational pool, spray part, possible water slide, and two lap lanes. However, on April 17, 2012, the City Council approved building permanent restrooms in the park partially funded by money that was set aside for the pool. Currently, the restroom facilities are a Building in the parking lot on Lillard drive,Add a caption
porta-potties: one next to the tennis courts and one next to the southern playground area.

Also see Parks for info on other local parks


northern play structure, near Lillard Drive



Exercise Course

The fitness trail starts at the southwest corner of the dog park, close to Barony Pl. The next closest station is past the sand volleyball court on the path to the left. The rest of the stations are back to the southwest.
















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2008-01-22 19:08:37   Awesome place to meet nice people and their equally awesome dogs :) It's not fenced, but good place to practice obedience training with your dog :) —Misty

2008-09-04 20:16:41   Does anyone know how late the lights stay on? —MischaGushiken

2010-08-20 10:21:36   Hi! Does anyone play some good pick-up sand volleyball here?

Gail —gail.dasilva

2010-12-13 12:51:47   My dogs enjoy this off-leash area. Occasionally there are issues with all the dogs walking on the nearby path but usually it's a matter of calling the dog to you and the walking people wave and continue on their way. The dog owners here are very friendly to one another and let the dogs be dogs! Just be aware that it is not fenced. —themichelle