According to this rather fanciful Wikipedia Article, Wayne is awesome.

He was just appointed as a Senior Fellow in mathematics and physical sciences here at UCD in May of 2005. The first one ever, in fact. We made a fellowship just for him, that's how awesome he is.

You can find more about his nebulous accomplishments in this Aggie article.

Apparently he will be working on the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, which has a rather puny sounding name when compared to something like the Overwhelmingly Large Telescope. However, the telescope promises to generate an obscene amount of data. Fortunately for us, Wayne "will be crucial to 'management of data management,'"

Things Wayne has done that make him a bad-ass: (subject to verification)

  • Headed the team that invented Java
  • Helped develop the Apple Lisa
  • Former VP of Google
  • Developed the ability to shoot laser beams out of his eyes